No fine for Reggie Nelson’s hit on Dez Bryant


In the aftermath of the Bengals’ 20-19 loss to the Cowboys, Bengals safety Reggie Nelson was furious about being penalized for a hit that dislodged the ball from Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s hands.

Nelson complained that he delivered a textbook hit without leading with his head or hitting Bryant in the helmet and a review of the play makes it hard to disagree with that opinion. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis had a hard time understanding what Nelson did wrong and said after the game that he thought the league should teach people to hit the way Nelson hit Bryant.

“I thought it was a great target and probably one that will be on their teaching reel of how to do it,” Lewis said. “Reggie’s done a good job with those things. He was on their teaching reel last year, and I thought that one was picture perfect.”

We’re not sure if the league will put the hit on their training reel, but we do know they won’t be taking any money out of Nelson’s pocket. Nelson wasn’t fined by the league this week as a result of the hit, which is a good thing since he never should have been penalized in the first place.

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  1. There was no fine because it was a picture perfect legal hit that got flagged. That’s how you teach it.

    Unfortunately for the Bengals, it got flagged on a 3rd and 20 which sparked the Cowbows comeback last week.

  2. bballpat07:

    I agree it was a bad call but, Romo followed it up with 2 incomplete passes and Nelson sacked Romo on third down. Don’t think it “sparked” anything.

    I think dropped INT’s by the Bengals is what sparked the boys win.

    That is what Terrance Newman has done his whole career, get used to it.

  3. I’m a Cowboys fan and I’ll be the first to tell someone it was a textbook hit. I couldn’t believe they called it the way they did. This is exactly how you are supposed to hit in today’s NFL. And, while it may have helped spark the comeback, one penalty can’t be attributed to a team winning or losing. It ultimately falls on the defense/offense of a team to execute in order to win. Did it help? Without a doubt, but it’s not an excuse, and it happens all of the time to various teams.

  4. “Unfortunately for the Bengals, it got flagged on a 3rd and 20 which sparked the Cowbows comeback last week.”

    They would actually later punt on that drive so there was no points gained out of it.

  5. “Unfortunately for the Bengals, it got flagged on a 3rd and 20 which sparked the Cowbows comeback last week.”

    Funny, according to the play-by-play on, the Cows punted to end that drive (only went 27 yards) and the Bengals got the ball on their own 34 yard line. So you are contending that a bad call setup a terrible punt by the cows and sparked their comeback?? Ummmmmmm….Okay.

  6. makes perfect sense BECAUSE HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! Lets see if you are flagged during the game you usually don’t get fined once they actually look at the replay. Then there are other times when there isn’t a flag called on the actual play and then they realize it was an illegal hit….all the sense in the world.

  7. The refs make it hard to watch football. Actually, the Owner and Goodell make it hard to watch football too. Come to think of it, EVERYONE but the football players and Coaches make it hard to watch football.

  8. Bitter Bengals Fans,

    The Cowboy’s did not get any points and punted after that bad call.

    Also, nobody is talking about the illegal hit that was called against the Cowboys which did lead to Bengal’s points.

  9. Not being fined is NO suprise at all..We all knew it was a clean hit..I guess the Refs are gonna throw a flag whenever they see a Wr/Te get hit hard_even if its a clean shot..Please NFL, don’t take the fun out of our number 1 sport

  10. The ref who threw the flag was away from the play. It appears he saw the players head jerk back and reacted with the flag. The speed of the game is a problem for the refs on the field, especially without High-Def instant replay. Remember how bad it was with the replacement refs who could not keep up with the pace of the game.

  11. This is why these types of penalties, along with pass interference, must be reviewable. They can have such a huge impact on a game, and the reason given for why they’re not reviewable makes no sense. The league always says you can’t review penalties because those are judgment calls by the officials … but so is whether a WR got both feet in bounds with control of the ball in his hands, so I’ve never understood the league’s argument. Replay is either a part of the sport or it is not … if it is, then a coach should be able to challenge a personal foul or pass interference call on 3rd-and-20.

  12. I just don’t know why the ref standing right in front of it who had a clean view and didn’t throw a flag didn’t try talkin to the other ref. I mean he obviously seen it was clean.

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