Report: RG3 hasn’t taken first team reps this week


Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Friday that quarterback Robert Griffin III has progressed all week and that he was “much better” on Friday, leaving him to be listed as questionable on the final injury report of the week.

“We’ll get a chance to evaluate him [Saturday] and talk to the doctors tomorrow and make a decision,” Shanahan said, via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times.

Shanahan has made sure that he’s covered in the event that Griffin’s sprained right knee doesn’t allow him to go. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Redskins players have told him that Griffin only did individual drills in practice this week. Kirk Cousins has gotten all of the first team reps this week to prepare him in the event he starts against the Browns.

That said, Glazer also reports that Griffin “truly” will be a game-time decision on Sunday. Cousins needs the reps with the starters more than Griffin at this point in the season and Griffin was going to be limited anyway because of the knee injury.

And so the waiting game continues in Washington.

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  1. Santana Moss was on a local Cleveland radio station and told them that RG3 did not practice with the first team all week.

  2. Don’t let the lack of practice throw you, Redskins fans. RGIII has already proven he shares that same rare toughness gene that our own beloved Steve McNair had. And as you may recall, McNair repeatedly went several weeks in a row without practicing (at all!) while manning up on Sundays to turn in all-pro performances.

    -Titans Fan

  3. I live in the area and everything I here is its all shanahanagans and that Rg3 is gonna play. Report said if you watched him running at practice you wouldn’t even kno he was injured. Plus jay cutler has a sprained mcl and he is playing.

  4. ok game here’s the game plan. Cousin will start and if it’s gonna a blow out good.If it’s a close game second half the The Redskins will unleash RGIII and win the game.

  5. RGIII is useless if he can’t run. The entire offense is predicated on play action and the option. If he can’t run, defenses won’t respect either and RG will have to actually read defenses and throw to someone other than his first read. Until he is 100%, Skins will be better off with Grossman. Cousins is too green. The end of the Ravens game was a fluke.

  6. As a fan of a team with a top QB I know how much the fun and interest increases vs. a mediocre one. You look forward to every week because your team has a shot at beating anyone. Guys like RG III do not appear very often and when they do you must protect them always. The future should not be traded away for short term gain. The team needs to teach him how to survive.

  7. Im getting sick of hearing about RGIII also, even though I like him. But i can tell you one thing, its a lot better than hearing about Cam Newton. At least RGIII takes his job seriously and doesnt act like the NFL is one big party like Newton does.

  8. Not surprising, given the deep existential funk RGIII must be in following Robert Parker’s tongue lashing. Haha, just kidding, RGIII is living the dream as an already beloved millionaire NFL QB with a lovely fiancee and family while Mr. Parker tries to figure out how much office junk fits in a single cardboard box.

  9. It’s just the Brown’s…Start Cousins it’s just the Browns…We can beat the Browns with Grossman..

    All you Redskins fans be careful what you wish for. It may be the Browns, but this is not just a push over team. It doesn’t matter who is back there for you as a QB, this team is alot different than you think.

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  10. larrydavid7000 says:
    Dec 14, 2012 3:54 PM
    ok game here’s the game plan. Cousin will start and if it’s gonna a blow out good.If it’s a close game second half the The Redskins will unleash RGIII and win the game.
    Jim Zorn… is that you? Worst coaching strategy ever. So Washington should not only seriously risk a Griffin injury and a big loss, but also destroy a rookie backup’s confidence in the process.

    Also, when I post about how it’s foolish to think America is the only country in which racism is still alive, it’s deleted immediately, but peytosneck can talk about “house” and “field” with absolutely no repercussions? Seriously?

  11. The Browns will be tougher than most realize but this might be a real good opportunity to showcase Kirk Cousins for a possible trade or atleast keep him ready should we need him later in the year.

  12. DONT feel bad.. any time I comment negatively on the Ravens my post get deleted..totally clean no foul language. this post will probably vanish too.

  13. Of course I’d rather have RG3, but will leave that up to docs, coach & RG3. I do think Cousins is a real-deal QB, so perhaps I actually would start him, even if RG’s ready to go, and then only put RG3 in if it looks like we’ll lose sticking with Kirk. It sounds corse, but this is a must-win game. It’s win, or playoffs? Forget about the playoffs… The way RG3’s been talkin, I’d put more creedence with his docs and trainers as to whether he can go or not, cuz w/RG3, he’s ready 2 go baby.

  14. “RGIII hasn’t taken first team snaps this week.”

    LOL, smokescreen much?

    The Browns are preparing as if RGIII is playing and, trust me, that’s who’s playing. But if they do prepare for RGIII and Cousins winds up playing instead, big deal- a less mobile QB with far less playing time for the Browns D to go after. So if it’s RGIII, the Browns are prepared. If it’s Cousins, they’re probably even more prepared by default because Cousins isn’t the threat Griffin is.

  15. RG3 is a major talent and also a major investment for the Skins….

    he can’t pay that investment back from IR…. and that is ALWAYS where scramblers end up….

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