Rib injury signals quiet end to Jets’ Tebow-wildcat package


The wildcat that so many roared so much about is going out with a whimper.

Jets coach Rex Ryan has essentially shelved the wildcat portion of the offense, with Tim Tebow’s rib injury leaving him unable to run it.

It’s not something we practice doing a lot of the other stuff,” Tebow said, via Jane McManus of ESPNNewYork. “We just try to run the offense.”

The fact it never became part of the offense, despite all the talk about it, is almost a letdown. A healthy Tebow could have added something to the run game, but the Jets haven’t seemed all that inclined to use him.

Ryan has taken Tebow out of his old special teams role, and said Tebow would still be the team’s backup quarterback (rather than Greg McElroy) but that if Tebow played he’d be running the regular offense.

“I don’t really see him in that [punt team] role,” Ryan said. “As far as the wildcat obviously [not] with the ribs the way they are. Hopefully once we get the OK with those ribs we can expand that but that’s probably not necessarily going to be a big factor in our game plan.”

Tebow has handled this whole mess with grace, but didn’t seem to agree with the notion he couldn’t be a conventional quarterback.

“Everyone thinks the whole time in Denver we had this read triple option,” Tebow said. “I mean, it started with no read plays, a few weeks later it was one, maybe two, maybe three, then you have a few option plays — but that was five, 10 percent of our game max. So we did a lot of other plays from under center, shotgun — just normal football plays. So it wasn’t just the read-option.

“I can do other things other things than just read a defensive end.”


But it seems clear now that as long as Ryan’s coaching the Jets and Mark Sanchez is still standing, that’s a chance he’s going to have to get somewhere else.

10 responses to “Rib injury signals quiet end to Jets’ Tebow-wildcat package

  1. hm. I loved last season and the excitement tebow brought back to the broncos so I like the guy. But I didn’t think about it till now how much more his game is hindered by an injury compared to other players.

    Roethlisburger can get by hurt because he does other stuff well, tebow’s game is so dependent on being physical that he can’t really afford to be hurt..which is impossible. kind of a sad realization

  2. The only reason Tebow had some success throwing the ball was that his running ability had an effect on the opposing defenses. Tim Tebow running the Jets normal offense sounds about as smart as having Peyton Manning run Tebow’s Florida Gator offense.

  3. Tebow’s had a chance to prove himself with two teams now. I like the guy, but I don’t feel sorry for him. Most college qb’s never get one real shot, much less two. If he can’t make it on the field over Mark Sanchez, that tells me all I’ve got to know about him at this point in his career.

  4. Sorry, Tim but three different NFL coaching staffs (McDaniels, Fox, Ryan) disagree that you can do “normal football plays”.

    Also, how come when the media reports on EVERYTHING that Timmy does, no one knows how his ribs got injured in the first place. Did it happen in the weight room? the practice field? Was he bowling with Andrew Bynum? Seriously, how come none of his adoring media flock knows what happened?

  5. Quiet End ? When did this begin?

    Was I the only one who missed all the yards and TD’s from the Tebow wildcat package?

  6. And RG3, Cam Newton, and Russel Wilson would be just as effective if they didn’t run? When RG3 returns without the ability to run, do you really believe he is so good at reading defenses as a rookie that his performance will not suffer? Yes, Tebow depends on his ability to run to open up passing, but so do everyone of the above mentioned quarterbacks.

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