Rob Parker thinks his critics are “uneducated” and “silly”

ESPN has admitted that commentator Rob Parker crossed the line when he questioned whether Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is not really black because he has a white fiancee. But Parker doesn’t seem to think he did anything wrong.

After making those comments on Thursday morning, Parker was inundated with criticism on Twitter, and in his responses on Thursday afternoon, he generally acted as though he was the one who was owed an apology for anyone daring to question what he’d said. Parker called his critics, among other things, “uneducated” and “silly.”

But Parker suddenly stopped tweeting on Thursday, presumably because his bosses at ESPN told him to knock it off. After all, if the critics who were going after Parker on Twitter are uneducated and silly, doesn’t that mean the bosses at ESPN who said Parker’s comments were inappropriate are also uneducated and silly?

Before he went silent on Twitter, Parker also told critics to tune in to Friday’s First Take for more discussion of the matter. That’s right out of the First Take playbook: The show thrives on provoking controversy. But Friday’s First Take didn’t open with Parker or with any discussion of Griffin. Instead, the show simply ignored Parker’s comments and launched into an argument between panelists Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith about Sunday’s Steelers-Cowboys game.

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  1. And I hope he will soon be “unemployed”.

    His comments where pitiful. I am a white male, and I was offended by these comments. No place for that in sports journalism

  2. Seriously, how has ESPN not suspended or fired him yet? Someone who lacks this much common sense should NOT be giving their own “uneducated” and “silly” opinions to a national audience.

  3. After his comments, it takes a big pair to call anyone uneducated. I can’t find anyone to say a single redeming thing about this show, yet it continues to be a mainstay. Who watches this junk?

  4. I don’t care what this guy says, or anyone else for that matter. RGIII is letting his game do the talking and dude can straight up ball. Skins fans have a lot to look forward to.

  5. I have been reading PFT comments for many years now and I have never seen a topic where ALL of the readers are in agreement. Who knew all it took was a racist idiot on the most annoying network in television to unify PFT readers across America??

  6. We’ve come a long way in civil rights and we still have a long way to go. Allowing these types of comments doesn’t help anyone. Those comments aren’t sports related and have no place in the media.

  7. His comments and suggestions are as offensive as saying black kids who study hard are “acting white” and implying they are betraying their race.

  8. This guy just keeps digging the hole deeper. If ANYONE is uneducated and silly (and racist) it’s Parker. What is the “cause” and why should it matter in today’s world what color anyone is? It’s about being a good person, trying to get an education and doing things the right way (right is right regardless of color). It’s attitudes like Parker’s that hold us back as a society and keep racism going.

  9. Rob Parker and Jamie Foxx need to host their own show where they can gripe about everything that is wrong in this world from their perspective.

  10. This just made it worse, your the uneducated one Mr.Parker, not to mention a racist. They should fire Parker, and keep Regis on there, a lot better then a stereotyping moron.

  11. It doesn’t take an education to recognize a fool, and an education does not prevent you from being a fool.

  12. Mr. Parker, I do believe you need to take a quick look in the mirror to see who’s “uneducated” and “silly”. How RG3 – or anyone, for that matter – composes themselves, how they wear their hair, who they choose to date, etc., is not really anyone’s business.

    Thanks very much for setting civil rights back about 20 years with your enlightened analysis.

    – A White Male

  13. It seems that he thinks those of us who are not.. I repeat not racist are uneducated and silly….. I think we can rest our case.

  14. His critics are uneducated and silly? I guess 99% of the population is uneducated and silly.

    Thank you Mr Parker!

  15. Rob Parker is just really immature. I actually feel sorry for him. He has always been this way.

    And why hasn’t he been terminated by ESPN yet?

  16. As dumb as Parkers comment was. This is America. Men have died to give us the right to have free speech. So deal with it.

  17. Some of you may recall that the late Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder summarily fired for merely describing actual practices that were factually known to have taken place in this country during the 18th and 19th century.

    His comments did not reflect his own views about right or wrong — the comments merely spoke to events that happened years ago by other people to other people. He did not pass any personal judgment, he was neutral in tone and just spoke of history.

    But the Greek and his career were immediately and permanently cast aside, with the vast majority applauding the action.

    File that one under knuckling under to P.C. hysteria.

    It also speaks to how racially inflammatory comments are evidently more excusable depending on the color of the skin who made them.

  18. Espn should definitely fire this guy. And first take should go away as well. Unfortunate how when a young brotha is trying to do things the right way he gets called out by one of his own. So sick and tired of these older folks continuing such bigotry. If they would just die off already the America could move forward to a better place.

  19. Rob Parker is a racist. He has been for most of his sports journo and broadcasting life. And I choose not to expose myself to any of his distorted lens through which he views the world if I can avoid it.

    His perspective here on RG3 is, sadly, a perspective held by many black racists.

    I doubt he will be fired as Rush Limbaugh was, because as most of us are aware, there is a double standard when applying the “racist” moniker and we all know that black people can not be racists .

    ESPN can have him. I stopped watching them a while back with the increase of people like Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith and the general tone of their shows which are increasingly like “Crossfire” was on CNN. Not even sure who enjoys that kind of programming.

  20. I’m just surprised he didn’t go all the way and just call the Redskins’ Quarterback an “Uncle Tom.” That’s pretty much what he was saying anyway.

    His critics are only uneducated and silly if they were actually watching “First Take.” It shouldn’t take too many viewings of this piece of rubbish to know that there are about 291 better things to watch, even on daytime TV.

    (Though I kind of like watching Steven A. Smith from time to time… he can be entertaining.)

  21. Who ever runs Rob Parker’s Wiki page is on it. Looks like this guy has made a living being a professional troll. A dude with an Ivy League education acts and thinks like this?

    You might be educated, but that don’t make you smart or a good guy.

  22. Parker is an idiot. I agree with Steven A Smith in this one. Just because RGIII has a white girlfriend, it doesn’t make him any less black. And what exactly is rob Parker’s cause the RGIII is not down with. Then has the nerve to call people uneducated an silly, that was one of the most racist things I have ever heard, and this is black on black. I mean come on Rob, think before u speak, or not either way your a dumbass.

  23. What a pathetic individual. If this were a white guy’s comment, he would be fired on the spot

  24. I do disagree with his comments about RGIII. However he is partially right.
    I also think that viewers of First Take are “uneducated” and “silly”
    Worst show ever

  25. I like Rob Parker and believe he’s a great writer for ESPN. However, I am baffled why he would question RGIII’s personal life and suggest he’s not black enough for the African American community. To me, RGIII is a great athlete without a shady past or shady people around him. That’s the kind of thing you would hope for with a franchise player. Plus, ESPN and its producers would be wise to stay away from topics like that (along with their obsession of Tim Tebow), as it hurts the company’s brand. As for possible punishments, I definitely believe a suspension should be considered.

  26. At what point did skin color define racial differences exactly? Better yet, why hasn’t society realized that skin color DOESN’T define racial differences? We’re all one race – the HUMAN race. We have different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but that doesn’t make us different races.

    Rob Parker needs to understand that concept. It’s deeply disheartening and upsetting to think that he finds Robert Griffin III to be a fraud for planning on marrying a white woman and being a Republican.

  27. Parker is a disgrace and a hack and an embarrassment to sports. He has been on an anti-Patriots crusade for years because he’s a Jets fan. I hope the Pats win it all and shove it in his face.

  28. He’s obviously extremely jealous of RG3. Jealous of RG3 being a MAN, while Parker is a child. AND, since Parker categorizes people by the color of their skin as to what kind of person they are, he is indeed racist.

  29. Wow. Actually it is Parker who comes off like an uneducated “Brotha from the Hood”. The unmitigated audacity of this African American Racist is astounding!What arrogance! I would fire him so fast. This is why I don’t normally even listen to these clowns,this is truly the pot calling the kettle black.

  30. Very stupid cards. It’s amazing how these people still have jobs.
    I say we blast ESPN with complaints and get this clown fired. There is no place for racial division anywhere and especially television.
    Now if we could only get Costas and Jason Whitlock what they deserve too..

  31. Let’s see now, by Mr Parker’s reasoning RGIII is not black because he dates a white girl. We take this a little further, the girl can’t be white because she dates RGIII. Anyone know what they are then? Parker doesn’t belong on national tv where young people can listen to his drivel!

  32. Well, even if ESPN doesn’t think his comments yesterday were a firing offense, I bet that calling their customers “uneducated” certainly is.

  33. How does ESPN do their hiring? Where do they find these nozzles? This is right up there with the Jeremy Lin comment. That nozzle was gone the next day, why is this taking so long?

  34. Anyone that has read his garbage in Detroit over the years knows that Parker has a knack for turning everything into a racist issue. Now he has finally gone overboard. I hope that ESPN fires him. I hope that WDIV fires him. I hope that Parker is forced to choose what he wants to be – a sports writer, or some conspiracy theory racist blogger. Either way, he’s not very good at either.

  35. His comments about the how color of a persons skin should reflect the way one acts, suggests a strong racial bias in the way he thinks.

  36. This is just one more reason why I quit watching ESPN nearly ten years ago. The fact that Parker is still employed there only further illustrates the fact that ESPN is a joke.

    How about this: If we get 25 members of Congress to call ESPN and demand Parker be fired, then maybe the network will do the right thing. There are precedents.

    I have to admit one thing, so far RGIII has got a lot more class than some of the bozos in the media commenting on him.

  37. I respect Parker’s freedom of speech, regardless of how ridiculous his views are. I don’t want him fired for these comments. I want him fired because he is just not good on TV. He brings nothing to the table.

  38. What really strikes me about Parker is how clueless he is. I mean everyone on that show is a bit of a sociopath, but Parker is clueless in thinking that “I’m just being honest” excuses whatever he says. There are a lot of honest things you can say that will lose you your job.

    Truth is that ESPN has encouraged this environment and Stephen A. and Skip routinely get off the subject of sports and into race. They are both smart enough to know where the line is and dance away from it right at the last minute. Rob Parker doesn’t get it at all.

    He basically called Griffin and Uncle Tom and strongly implied that being friends with white people is to be frowned on… and we’re wondering IF he should be fired?? The question is WHEN. The answer is NOW…

  39. Questioning if someone is “black” or “cornball black” is uneducated and silly. Questioning how black someone is because of the color of their girlfriend’s skin and their political preference is just straight up racist. If he doesn’t understand that, then I think Mr. Parker may have some sort of trouble comprehending reality.

  40. I guess because Griff is halfway through his masters degree means he’s not “down for the cause”…idiot

    Can I get a hot tub time machine…This Parker guy obviously belongs with the dinosaurs.

  41. So determining a person’s cultural awareness based on how they wear their hair isn’t uneducated and silly? Hey Rob…here’s your sign.

  42. Mr. Parker, since you’ll soon be taking your world-class education to the back of the unemployment line, it’s my understanding Mr. Griffin III is willing to hire a shower attendant during the week, and a caddy in the offseason. So you’ve got THAT going for you.

  43. Rob, before you call someone uneducated, maybe you should stop worrying about trivial matters like hair and skin color and start worrying about things that actually matter.

    If I were RG3, I would discontinue all interviews with ESPN until he was gone. I wouldn’t put up with someone making ignorant statements about me when I am a multi-million dollar man. Idiots like him could harm his advertising contracts, because there are people that watch ESPN and actually believe what they say.

  44. The guy has always been a racist he turns everything into a black vs white issue. Anyone who watches him regularly already knows. I guess he finally crossed the line so now everybody knows. I like skip and steve but I tune out when he is on.

  45. Uneducated and silly? Well I happen to think Rob Parker is both educated and racist. He is a smart guy but he has some out there conclusions. RG3 is a bigger victim of media racism than Micheal Vick could ever claim.

  46. I am not a fan of Rob Parker at all. But something tells me someone at ESPN had something to do with those comments to add drama. Just saying. Which would make Rob and ESPN produces ignorant.

  47. I love Rob Parker. I think everyone is overreacting to what he said. No one gets his sense of humor. Most of the time he goes on the show and acts like a clown. You can’t seriously take what he says. It’s why I like him because he’s always saying dumb things but I find it entertaining.

  48. See, he is classic hate-filled racist black guy who thinks anyone that doesn’t go with him is ‘uneducated’. See, he sees ppl as educated/uneducated and black/white.

  49. I actually really enjoy ESPN First Take. I also enjoy sports talk radio, so the connection between off the cuff, “unscripted” conversation about sports is certainly there. Stephen A. Smith is fun to listen to and Skip ain’t so bad either. They are also joined by some big name and lesser known, insightful people.

    Don’t blame First Take for Rob Parker’s actions. I watch as much SportsCenter as everyone else, but I grow tired of the formal reporting of sports information day in and day out. That’s why First Take is a great show. While they may edge over the line every now and then, you can’t argue it makes for great TV. Watch that Chad Johnson interview on First Take and tell me you weren’t entertained.

    Great show, terrible commentator. Get rid of Parker, keep the show.

  50. The sad thing here, is that Parker had a chance to safe face if he had just been honest and humble. If he had said,

    “I apologize, in retrospect, I agree that my comments were inflammatory and offensive. In my job, I try to push limits of arguments to inspire thought and conversation, but I crossed the line. I hope that I can be given a chance to redeem myself in the future, even though I don’t deserve it.”

    Too late now. He’s actually trying to argue that he’s right.

    Goodbye Mr. Parker, whoever you are.

  51. I was born on an Air Force Base overseas
    And RG 3 is a typical 18 to 25 yr old adult American
    In case Parker doesn’t listen to young adults , he needs to start .
    Stereotyping doesn’t help , talk with everybody.
    Find common interests and quit being anti social.
    It helps no one.

  52. It’s self perpetuating — you have to act (walk, talk, vote, etc…) like everyone else or you are a “Cornball brother” or Uncle Tom” – so one generation after another keeps the next down. It’s a wonder anyone ever leaves the projects, hood, ghetto or whatever you want to call it with that much peer pressure.

  53. shieldsisland37 says:Dec 14, 2012 10:59 AM

    As dumb as Parkers comment was. This is America. Men have died to give us the right to have free speech. So deal with it.

    Please learn what the 1st Amendment means before you bring it up.

  54. The real mystery concerns how Rob Parker ascended to such a prominent position in the first place. His inarticulate, insightless and immature act once played on the pages and airwaves of Detroit media and routinely brought embarrassment to his various employers. Parker aspires to the role of edgy provocateur but doesn’t have the talent to get any further than clueless boor. Maybe this latest episode will finally bring burial to a career that began a slow rot soon after it hatched.

  55. I agree that his statement was ridiculous, but I also disagree with the other commentator (Smith?). I also believe that a witch hunt on someone’s livelihood being brought into the “discussion” is wrong, and a slippery slope. The guy obviously needs to take a deep look into critical thinking if he wants to continue to contribute to discussion and bring up talking points. I’m not willing bring out the pitchforks and take the stance of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, if he had a job as a commentator and people enjoyed it before maybe he’s good at it and just needs to improve on his perspective. Let’s be careful about going after what people ‘say’.

  56. As dumb as Parkers comment was. This is America. Men have died to give us the right to have free speech. So deal with it.
    Fundamentally I totally agree, but there is a difference between legal consequences and social consequences. While Parker has every legal right to believe what he believes and say what he wants, ESPN also has a legal right and social responsibility to fire him for making those comments while on the job. Similarly, I have every legal right to walk into my boss’ office right now and tell him to go jump in a lake. While the constitution firmly protects my right to say that, it also firmly protects my boss’ right to fire me on the spot.

  57. It’s sad to think that a black journalist is going to call out a black athlete for not being “one of them” because he is intelligent, wears his hair a certain way, and dates a white woman. He is just slapping a negative stereotype on the black man by defining him as an unintelligent man that has to date black women. Rob Parker is a sports journalist for ESPN. He isn’t any more “hood” than RGIII. What is he even saying?

  58. Parker’s defense of his perniciously racist remarks is more inexcusable than the remarks, which could be dismissed and forgotten as the uninspired rantings of an ignorant jock. But defending the unacceptable is indictable. That “blackness” attitude has spawned a vicious racism in African Americans that I have noticed more frequently lately. It needs no reinforcement from mass media. Parker should be held accountable for this.

  59. It’s crazy that he says this and ESPN only takes offense to it after a big reaction.

    I dont think the dude was trying to insult everyone, but in this day and age people are way to easily offended by everything, so of course they will take it the wrong way.

    ESPN is a joke, and they shouldn’t have a situation where an insensitive comment even comes up, or can be in discussion.

    Funny thing is, you hear this on Family Guy everyone hear it here…someone gets fired. Gotta love modern society.

  60. If a white commentator had made those comments he would have had the earth the moon and the stars going after him. That said I am pretty sure he made the comments in jest and people do take these things far too literally. Racial tensions will always remain high and sensitive as long as people are unwilling to laugh about them.

  61. I understand Parker is being interviewed for the communication director’s position for the new black panther party. His qualifications included not being married to a white woman.

  62. Parker’s punishment should be that he has to sign a waiver and then lay out his arguments for which black people aren’t black to UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones, who has some of the qualities Parker described about RGIII. Then he can hang out with James Andrews and question himself.

  63. For those of you saying freedom of speech should give him a pass on these comments don’t understand the essence of free speech.

    He can say what he wants and has to deal with the backlash. Whether that’s public criticism or his employer firing him, he was free to make those statements. He will not be going to prison for them.

  64. All ESPN had to do was simply not air the program AGAIN.

    They knew exactly what they were doing. Airing a controversial comment so people would flip out.

    And people bit on it.

  65. Apparently, ESPN feels it is only appropriate to fire an employee for saying something ignorant & racist if that person is a white republican.

    Hey ESPN, how about a little consistency???

  66. shackdelrio says: Dec 14, 2012 10:51 AM

    Parker’s comments were “barber shop talk”. I can almsot guarantee you not that many black people were offended by what he said.
    Among those African Americans who do not fit your statement, Arian Foster, Toure, Tony Dungy.

  67. Context people. I don’t agree with Rob on this issue but I understand why he said it. ESPN is the height of hypocrisy. They knew he was going to bring this up in the pre show meeting and then repeated the segment on “Best of First Take” to get ratings. Is he a “cornball brotha” ala OJ,Tiger and MJ is definitely brought up in the barber shops.

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