Terrell Suggs is a game-time decision again


Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is trying to play through a torn biceps he suffered a couple of weeks ago, but he wasn’t able to answer the bell for last Sunday’s game against the Redskins.

It’s unclear whether he’ll be on the field against the Broncos this weekend. Suggs said Thursday that he’s feeling better this week and he’s been a full participant in practice, but the decision about whether or not he’ll play in Week 15 should go down to the last minute one again.

“It was a must-win game [and] I thought I’d hinder the team by playing last week. But I feel good this week and we’ll just have to see come Sunday,” Suggs said, via the Baltimore Sun. “If I’m able to play, I’ll be pretty anxious. But it all comes down to how it feels on Sunday.”

The Ravens are going to have plenty of decisions to make on the defensive side of the ball before kickoff. Linebacker Ray Lewis is eligible to come off of injured reserve, although the Ravens haven’t given any indication about whether that will happen for the Denver game. Linebacker Dannell Ellerbee, defensive end Pernell McPhee, defensive end Arthur Jones and safety Bernard Pollard are also dealing with injuries this week, which isn’t exactly where you want to find yourself with Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense looming on the horizon.

15 responses to “Terrell Suggs is a game-time decision again

  1. Just pack it in ratbirds! Only the Steelers can overcome injuries to key players. 1 and done in playoffs. Own it for it is your destiny!!!

  2. Overcome injuries like when Ben lost to the raiders titans and chargers? Steelers are frauds. They wont even make the playoffs. They take a backseat to the ravens and bengals, fact!

  3. Steelers fans once again pinning their hopes on the Ravens to lose so they can have a shot at the playoffs.

    We deal with injuries all the time brah (what is the singular form of yinz?)! The thing we do differently is not make a big deal out them like the STEELERS. You guys make the biggest deal out of an uinjury, then when the players do play it was “a miracle” and “an amazing feat” “unpreceedented effort” that they played. STEELERS=OVERHYPED.

  4. Funny how the steelers are dependent on the ravens. Definition of playing second fiddle. You should feel proud Pittsburgh.

  5. Steelers control their own destiny..”
    For those in Balt that can’t read the standings.

    Balt aiming for playoffs, steelers aiming for Super Bowl … The usual Afc north trend.

  6. I could see Suggs playing this week. He won’t have as much concern about being able to contain Manning as he did keeping contain on RG3. I’m not sure that Manning wouldn’t keep audibling to the run on his side if he shows any weakness, though.

  7. I don’t know what’s worse for our defense, all these injuries or Dean Pees. Years of losing all our great defensive coordinators may have finally caught up to us. Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Rex Ryan, Chuck Pagano (not sure I’d count Greg Mattison since he was only above average) all in the past decade. To me that just shows how great our defense has been, especially compared to pittsburgh who has had the same DC since 2004. We are changing coaches every couple of years.

    Hard to evaluate Pees since we’ve been without a lot of defensive talent (Suggs and Webb especially) but I’d be surprised if he’s back next season.

  8. I don’t believe steeler fans are on here talking smack. Especially after seeing their “elite” QB (only to them, not the rest of the NFL) throwing screen passes into his own lineman’s backs and getting destroyed by the Chargers AT HOME. Oh, sure Ben had his garbage time stats but that game was no where near as close as the score indicated.

  9. Oh he’ll play. He can’t resist. He struggled just to keep a straight face during the questioning from the reporters. Which brings up another point. Pretty soon teams will be hiring acting consultants since tipping one’s hand via-a-vis injuries anything prior to game-time is becomng more and more of a strategic concession.

  10. All those”Great” coaches and defenses and only ONE SuperBowl appearance in 17 looong years. Damn that must be frustrating! Lmmfaoooo!

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