Urlacher says Packers were better without Finley, too


I see what he did there.

Linebacker Brian Urlacher has responded to Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, who said that the Bears are better off with the long-time anchor of their defense.

“Just like a couple of years ago, I think, he tore his ACL and the Packers were actually better without him,” Urlacher told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday, via the Chicago Sun-Times.  “You know, they won the Super Bowl.  I hope we can duplicate that as well because it won’t hurt my feelings if we go on and win the Super Bowl without me like they did without him.”

Urlacher said he’s not troubled by the criticism.  “People can say what they want,” said Urlacher, who is out with a hamstring injury.  “It feels like I deal with something like this every year.  Someone’s always saying something about me.”

Finley should be glad that he took aim at Urlacher and not another member of the Bears team.

“That pisses me off,” Urlacher said.  “It’s like your kids.  It’s OK to be talking about me or whatever but don’t talk about my kids or my family.”

Here’s hoping Finley responds by talking about Urlacher’s teammates.  Or his kids.  Or his family.

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  1. As a bears fan, all this trash talk would be awesome…except for the fact that Green Bay is going to walk onto Soldier Field and mudstomp Chicago. This is going to be a demoralizing beatdown, and probably one that ends Lovie Smith’s tenure as head coach.

  2. I’m a Packer fan / stockholder / etc. I hate the Bears, but have a ton of respect for many of their players & organization, and most Packer fans know the Packers would not still exist if it were not for George Halas campaigning on behalf of the Packers for City Stadium, now Lambeau Field.

    So, with that said, let me just say that I, too, wish Jermichael Finley (and his agent) would just shut the hell up and play. That guy has more potential than any player on either team, and has realized about 5% of it. With the way he’s played the last two years, GB is better without him.

  3. That was a real good comeback by Urlacher. It probably will be appreciated by Packer fans as much as Bear fans. Most Packer fans would prefer Jermichael just shut up and try to fulfill his alleged vast potential. And maybe throw a block once or twice a game.

  4. Urlacker has done much more for the Bears than Finley has for the Pack. As much as I hate the Bears, he is right. All I heard in ’10 season is just wait till Finely gets back. I’m still waiting. Maybe this week I get see if Finely is as great as he thinks.

  5. I’m a Packer fan but Urlacher has been a class act and an awesome player his whole career. I’ve enjoyed watching him play and hope he isn’t done. As for Finley…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy drop as many balls as he does and still have a place on a roster. Finley needs to shut up and focus on himself, not on a future hall of famer who can play circles around him.

  6. packer fan here…… lets see, future hall of famer urlacher vs. future unemployed packer who may end up signing with the bears next year ( i would love to watch that match-up in training camp next year ) i’ll go with the HOFer.

  7. I love it. The Packers-Bears rivalry needs a little trash talk…it’s been weak the past number of years.

  8. That is awesome! For the first time in the Lovie-era it seems like the Bears are circling the wagons and might “play-angry” like a certain team did in a certain year named 1985.

    Da Bearssss!

  9. I remember when Urlacher was getting pro-bowl nods next to Lavar Arrington, who has been retired for years now. Brian has nothing to be ashamed of.

  10. “Just like a couple of years ago, I think, he tore his ACL and the Packers were actually better without him,” “You know, they won the Super Bowl.

    Ouch. Owned.

  11. As a Bears fan this game is win-win.

    The Bears win and well we’re in the play offs.

    The Bears lose and it’s finally the end for Lovie. Lovie is a good coach but he’s had 9 years to get it done and hasn’t finished the job. Time to bring in someone who knows what an offense is.

  12. As a Bears fan I was worried about this game and didn’t give us much hope. Now with all the smack talk I am hype and expecting a close smash mouth game! Bear Down!

  13. Finley has actually strung together a couple good games in a row… It would be nice if he would keep it up and not have to eat crow on Sunday

  14. For once, I agree what the Bears player have to say…

    Regardless, I think this game is going to be one for the ages… Bears are fighting for the playoffs and the packers are fighting for the divison title, again…. may the best team win!!! Go PACK Go

  15. a lot of roar coming from the aging and reeling Bears. True professionals do their jobs, don’t strut around and keep their mouths shut.

  16. Hey Finley. Keep your mouth shut, unless you use it to catch passes.
    Your hands sure do not seem to work.

  17. I love the trash talk, but I wonder if urlacher remembers Finley’s 3 TD game against the bears last year.

  18. Can’t argue with Urlachler on this one – hopefully the Packers will deal Finley and we’ll get to find out.

    Hey Teddy T. give Joe Philbin a call – a 3rd & 4th for a “quality” TE.

  19. The guy once voted the most overrated player in the game just owned the truly most overrated player in the game, verbally. Now Finley is going to do like he always does and catch 2 passes for 15 yards and make us all wonder why he is making top 10 TE money.

  20. Loving all the trash talk this week. Bout time we injected some bad blood between these two teams again. Packers vs. Bears is the greatest rivalry in football – but in recent years it hasn’t seemed all that intense. Oh, and I will go ahead and agree with most of my fellow Packer fans in this thread: Urlacher is right.

  21. goodellsadouche says:
    Dec 14, 2012 10:14 AM

    what makes Urlacher Hall of Fame worthy?? Any Defensive MVP’s???? Any rings???? Oh yeah, he played in a SB and NFC Championship.


    Next time do some fact checking before you try and prove a point.

  22. Finley needs to take lessons from the humble Donald Driver, who, despite his age and diminished playing time, has actually outperformed Finley in a few games this season…

  23. I’m a Packers fan and I love Urlacher. As a football fan, how could you not? I, for one, am happy as hell he’s not playing and yeah, he’s right. Finley has not been the same kind of pass catcher since he came back from injury.
    Hope Finley can take it like he dishes.

  24. I like the vikings because they choked on Favre. That being said- I was born a Packer fan… and as a Packer fan- I hate the friggen Bears. Urlacher can kiss it. I hope Finley tears Chicago a new one and does his “Shark” celebration 10 times. Have a good day.

  25. I’ve been saying that for two years now. Once the packers dump finely, I think they have an unstoppable offense.

  26. The players in Chicago wants Lovie
    to be they Coach.. and they are going to play like it. I think Chicago will beat greenbay on Sunday. But that will have a price because they will lose the chance to get a offensive minded Head Coach I want Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman of the 49ers or Pete Carmichael from the Saints

  27. Mr. Finley…. watch out who you get into a war of words with. Mr. Urlacher is much sharper then you and can make you look like a fool….

  28. Both these players may not be on their team next year. The Bears will suffer without Urlacher, and he will always be beloved by the fans in Chicago. Finley, on the other hand will just fade away, and not worth the money to keep him.

  29. As a long time Bears fan, I gotta say I am loving all the Packer fan’s respect for Urlacher. This may be the olderst rivalry in football but it’s good to see fans on both sides still respect what each team brings to the table.

  30. What is Urlacher? 7? He’s slow and washed up now. The Bears are better off from an athleticism standpoint, but he knows the defense inside and out. But for him to say that about Finley, who is integral to the Packers’ passing attack, is downright childish.

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