Von Miller says multiple fines won’t change the way he plays


The good news for Broncos linebacker Von Miller is that he wasn’t fined this week. The bad news is that the NFL has fined him so many times already in his two-year career that he could be close to getting suspended if he picks up any more roughing the passer penalties.

But Miller says that it doesn’t matter if the NFL wants him to change his ways. He plans to keep going after quarterbacks the way he always has.

“I don’t think I’ll change anything,” Miller told the Denver Post. “When you’re playing fast, stuff like that happens. None of my (fined) hits were intentional. You try to go out there and play with a fanatical effort and a relentless pursuit to the ball, sometimes things just happen.”

Regarding his $25,000 fine for a low hit on Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman two weeks ago, Miller said he was blocked into Freeman.

“I was thrown into the quarterback, it wasn’t me actually aiming in those areas. I was actually thrown by offensive linemen down toward the quarterback’s leg area,” Miller said.

Miller’s fine demonstrates that the NFL didn’t accept that explanation. And his refusal to change his ways even after repeated fines will likely not be warmly received in the league office.

25 responses to “Von Miller says multiple fines won’t change the way he plays

  1. Go back and look at every one of his roughing the passer penalties.

    Von Miller is as far from a dirty player as they come.

    The amount he’s been fined is crazy, and I seriously doubt the NFL will ever suspend the guy.

  2. Who cares what the league thinks. He plays football the right way 100% to the whistle and if he picks up a penalty here and there so what. Every team in the NFL wants a Von Miller and I wish there were more like him.

  3. good. the guy just plays with pure heart every single play. when a guy his size is moving as quick as he moves against 300lb o-linemen, uncontrollable things happen

  4. Good. These fines are nonsense. If you’ve watched any of the hits you know they were accidental and that von had no intention of hurting anybody.

  5. Yeah you right! Wish my team had a Von Miller or at least someone with a Von Miller attitude. Too bad about the stupid fines.

    Does anyone know if whoever reviews the fines is a single person or a panel? and if it’s a single person is it the same person doing the reviewing from week to week? The fines wouldn’t be so bad if there was some kind of standard about them. They’re all over the road and out of hand.

  6. For how good he is and how much he means to that team, the broncos should gladly pick up the tab on any and all fines or loss of pay

  7. genericscreenname says:
    Dec 14, 2012 8:27 PM
    The NFL doesn’t have a Von Miller problem. It has a Roger Goodell problem.
    Wrong. The league has a retired players suing the league for not protecting them problem. Doesn’t matter who runs the league it has to look like they care about player safety.

  8. The comments on here are laughable. This guy plays the right way but when Suh plays like this he’s the dirtiest player of all time and everybody wants him suspended. Nice double standard

  9. Think about the amount of personal fouls get called and which side of the ball they get called against. It’s a little annoying to me that the league thinks it’s okay to suspend and disproportionate amount of defensive players on the basis of penalties. I can only imagine how the league’s defensive players feel.

  10. Mr. Miller,

    Don’t change a thing and keep playing like the Defensive Player of the Year you are.

    When all is said and done that Super Bowl ring is going to look good on your finger.

  11. miller plays the game the way its meant to be played. i understand the nfl wants safety. but they want safety so bad its ruining the game. they need to get goodell out of office!!!!!!

  12. I’m a die hard Chiefs fan and always welcome Denver’s adversities. However, Miller is not a dirty player and he shouldn’t change how he plays the game of football. So many good things in our culture are being watered-down and dismantled before our eyes……..our sacred game of football is another. The game is meant to be played how Miller plays the game. It’s sickening to see this type of young incredible talent and representative of pro football get fined.

  13. I’m glad he’s not going to change his way, I watched Ed Reed last week clearly change how he was tackle a guy last week, because he’s already had the threat of a suspension.

  14. I’m not calling him a dirty player…but I do remember when the Broncos played the Patriots in the playoffs last year and on a punt Miller walked up to one of the Patriots players and shoved him for no reason. Pointless to say but he was swarmed by Pats players..

  15. Von gets fined a lot because he gets to the QB a lot. Guys like Suh and Harrison are out to hurt someone. Von his out to make a play.

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