Wide receiver on Buddy Nix’s Christmas list as well


After some hemming and hawing on the question of whether Buffalo needs a new quarterback, Bills General Manager Buddy Nix said Friday that now is the time to trade up in the draft for a quarterback.

That’s not the only offensive addition on his wish list for the offseason. During the same interview on WGR, Nix said that he wants to add a “big-time” wide receiver to play on the outside of the offense. That would free Stevie Johnson to play more in the slot in the coming years, something Nix thinks would be a benefit for the offense.

If that seems like a lot of changes for the offense all at once, Nix would like you to look at another team that did something similar in the recent past. He spoke about the Bengals as a blueprint for what he’d like to see happen on the offensive side of the ball in Buffalo.

“I look at Cincinnati last night,” Nix said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “There’s Marvin Lewis. He’s been 10 years … I don’t know what their record was for the first six or seven years. Then they take A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. That duo has really turned them around and made them a playoff contender.”

The Bills spent heavily on their defense before this season. It looks like this offseason is going to be spent trying to upgrade on the other side.

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  1. This wouldn’t be a bad season to strike given some of the potential FA options (Welker, Jennings, Bowe, Amendola, Wallace). Still, I don’t think they’re going to find themselves an AJ Green.

  2. Doesn’t matter who is catching the ball if Fitz is still in the picture. Dink and dunks don’t open up the run game enough for Spiller or so Chan thinks.

  3. I would be a bit nervous as a Buffalo fan with all of this talk of “trading up” to get a QB. If you look at next year’s class, there isn’t an RGIII or Andrew Luck. Those types of draft classes don’t come around very often. If they were going to do it, they should have done it last year. But as Nix ages and becomes more desparate to make that last hurrah, he’s going to through caution to the wind, even if that means mortgaging the future by spending future picks to trade up and spending tons of money to lure overpriced free agents.

  4. Buddy thinks that building a team around wide receivers is a good plan. This is fantastic news to the Jets, Pats and Phins’. Who needs a coach or QB anyway?

  5. Chan is clueless. It is that simple. He can not run a offense one iota. The first priority is to fired him. I am afraid with this guy coming back ticket sales will go down fast. I have never seen so much apathy in buffalo. It is bad. He must go or fans will tune out Bills

  6. Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey will keep their jobs for the time being. I believe that they will be given one more year to improve with a playoff showing. No playoffs, no job. That is how it will be next season. Ralph Wilson will give them another chance considering the fact that the Defensive side of the ball was just upgraded and fixed. Now the Offensive side of the team will undergo a big transition starting with the QB, a second top Receiver, a better Right Tackle and one more pass catching TE to go along with Scott Chandler. They will also either eliminate and replace Fred Jackson or keep him and relegate him to backup duty as a sub when CJ Spiller needs a breather. Either way, Spiller will be given the official “Starter” role. I hate to see him go but, I think that the team will get rid of Ryan Lindell and replace him with a younger Kicker with a more powerful leg. Considering the fact that Lindell can not regularly hit touchbacks on kickoffs and doesn’t have the leg to boot anything over 52-53 yards. The Bills were forced to punt in several situations this year because of Lindell’s low range. Yes, he is pretty accurate with kicks below 50 yards, but a game winning Kicker needs to be able to sometimes hit that big kick. Also, the team can not afford to have a second kicker on the Roster used exclusively for kickoffs like they did earlier this year. That extra Roster spot can be used for a rotating DE or extra receiver.
    I am pretty sure if Buffalo doesn’t taste the Playoffs next season, then we will see a whole new coaching staff and G.M. Good luck Chix! (Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix)

  7. No need to reach for a qb in the first. Priorities for the bills should be to get levitre and byrd signed. Then depending on the cap space go after bowe who already expressed interest in playing for gailey again(had his best season under gailey in kc). Manti te’o should be the bills first pick if hes there or trade up and get him, we have been lacking a playmaker at mlb for years. With our 2 and 3rd picks look for that value at qb and maybe get lucky and get a dalton or wilson. This qb class doesnt have that special player, no need to waste a 1st on one. Hopefully gailey learns to hand off the ball to spilller more then 8 times a game, thats problem #1.

  8. Ahh, why are people throwing out names like Dwayne Bowe and Teo? No thanks. Look at Bowes game logs, garbage time stats, . It could be that a change of scenary and a team with a better direction could change his attitude, but he’s going to ask top-dollar and could become cancerous if things go south, Greg Jennings would be a better choice. I have been high on the 2 WO’s from Tenn. Cordarrelle Patterson would be a better option over Bowe, and adds an explosive ST’s value that Brad Smith really hasn’t. If trades are going to happen, it’s going to be a skill guy on offense. I like Aaron Murray, or even Tyler Bray, these guys are mid-round picks with a decent ceiling. It’s been said 1,000 times, this isn’t the year for QB’s, but if you play it smart, you can get yourself somebody who may just need some coaching and NFL talent to succeed. The keys, though, are re-signing Byrd and Levitre, they are both top-7 players at their positions. LB help will need to come from FA or late rounds, it’s not that our ‘backers are flat out terrible (some may disagree) but outside of Barnett, they are still very green. All in all, this is the draft that puts the Bills over the hump, or puts them back on the bottom of the pile.

  9. @ Billsyanks

    You are so very wrong about Bowe, 2010 was Bowes best season as a pro, Gailey was fired the year prior, after 3 pre-season games. I am glad none of these posts have any real pull with our GM’s…

  10. Danario Alexander worked out for the Bills in October. They decided not to give him a shot, and instead stick with the Donald Jones, TJ Graham, Brad Smith and Ruvell Martin’s of the world. Yeah….

  11. They drafted TJ Graham 6 spots ahead of Russell Wilson in last years draft. How has that worked out? Is there anyone in the world who would trade Wilson for Graham right now?
    You say that the draft is a guessing game? How come other teams keep guessing better that the Bills brain trust?

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