Andy Reid says many of the Eagles’ miscues are just rookie mistakes


Youth is to blame for some of the Eagles’ big problems, coach Andy Reid says.

Asked about a blocked punt against the Bengals on Thursday night, Reid said that the problem was rookie receiver Marvin McNutt getting beaten by his man so badly that he was pushed into the path of punter Mat McBriar, who ended up punting the ball into McNutt’s butt. Reid also said that a rookie was to blame for the Eagles’ punt team not having the correct personnel on the field on that play: Ryan Rau, a rookie linebacker, wasn’t on the field because he was with the defense on the sideline instead of being with the punt team.

Rookie mistake,” Reid said about Rau, via the Courier-Post.

Reid also said inexperience is to blame for fumbles. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles and rookie running back Bryce Brown had a misconnection on a handoff, and Brown has had a number of problems with fumbles, losing three in his first two NFL games. Reid said that’s just a matter of inexperience on the part of Brown, who is not only in his first NFL season but doesn’t even have much college experience, with just 104 carries in his entire college career.

“He needs to play,” Reid said of Brown. “That’s why I haven’t sat him down because of the fumbles.”

The Eagles have a lot of rookies getting a lot of playing time, and so it’s not surprising that Reid would cite that fact in explaining his team’s struggles. Unfortunately for Reid, he won’t be around to develop those rookies beyond the next three weeks.

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  1. The problem with Brown is he isn’t learning from those fumbles and is doing the same things he did before. Mayock pointed out during the broadcast multiple times how he holds the ball poorly and in the wrong arm before he finally coughed it up on that handoff.

  2. A flurry of “rookie mistakes” shouldn’t be sinking your team at the *end* of the season, Coach. You’ve had a season to teach them how to do things correctly. I’d argue that blaming failures on “rookie mistakes” is inappropriate in mid-December.

  3. So what was the problem when the team was 3-1 and lost 8 straight? Pretty sure all these rookies weren’t playing then. Must of been Juan Castillo and his 7th ranked Defense, fire him. Or it must of been Jim Washburn and his Wide-9, fire him. (Which to be honest was a good move cause he sucked) So another embarassing loss with fewer and fewer coaches to fire, so lets blame rookie mistakes? Whos supposed to coach up those rookies? Whos responsible for the personnel on the roster? Everybody but you Andy huh? Sometimes I wish he’d just run in hiding like the owner and just let this thing run its course

  4. whats funny is shady mccoy carries the ball so bad but never fumbles. shady runs with the thing basiclly in his out stretched hand like “heres the ball try to get it if you can” and no one can lmfao not a good example for the younger guys tho.

  5. The worst thing the Eagles can do is fall in love with Foles and roll with him as their starter in 2013. Could be a solid backup but that’s what he is. Ya, he had a great game against the Bucs but their pass defense is one of the league’s worst.

  6. The only possible scenario in which I can see Reid returning to Philly – Foles shows enough to the point where Reid gets to stick around and develop him for another year.

    A) Foles hasn’t shown enough if you ask me and B) It’s still a stretch

    Reid will almost certainly be coaching elsewhere. My money’s on the Chargers

    I’m sure he’ll enjoy San Diego. The twenty or so fans the Chargers have will be happy to see Norv regime out of town.

  7. Excuse the triple post, but imagine going from such a high pressure environment in Philly to the coolness of San Diego.

    You go from one of the most passionate fanbase to one of the league’s most apathetic. With Eagles fans it’s somewhat understandable – they live in Philadelphia, after all. The limited number of Chargers fans might boo you on game day, but they’re all too busy chilling at the beach or cruising in their Maseratis and Corvettes to care any other day.

    Heck, does Reid even want to be back in Philly if they’d take him?

  8. What about all of the mistakes in the other 13 games…you know, before all the rookies were playing?

  9. except he will be, and I can’t wait for everyone in the media who was so sure he’s a goner to have to explain why lurie decided to keep him around

  10. Andy can’t stay. He is too predictable on game day, he tries too hard to be the smartest guy in the world on draft day and he has lost his organizational skills as the botched hiring of a line coach that would dictate to the Defensive coordinator how the defense would be built around a gimmick proves.
    Nope…no way Andy can stay unless it was Lurie that dictated to him that he hire Washburn before a DC.

  11. I don’t know man, how does someone make it to the NFL not knowing he shouldn’t fumble or which arm to carry the ball in.

    It’s not like the NFL just has open try-outs on the first Saturday in June.

    Also by week 15, you’re really not much of a rookie anymore.

  12. Hard for me to believe these kids were this ‘football brainless’ in college… or is Reid saying they just got ‘football stupid’ after joining the Eagles?

    News flash… plenty of other rookies throughout the league aren’t making such gaping gaffs.

    Tough year for Andy on all fronts, but it’s gotten to the point of inexcusable to remain. His team is sooooo painful to watch – you just KNOW that the ‘other shoe’ will drop at any moment.

  13. It’s not about whether I WANT Andy to stay, it’s that Lurie’s gonna look at how much money he’s going to be eating anyway next year from players who gotta go and decide there’s no reason for him to eat Andy’s salary too if he only has one year left on the contract.

  14. The problem with Brown is he isn’t learning from those fumbles and is doing the same things he did before. Mayock pointed out during the broadcast multiple times how he holds the ball poorly and in the wrong arm before he finally coughed it up on that handoff.
    It’s tough to change that, it’s called muscle memory if you don’t know he hasn’t started a game since high school and has never learned the right way in college. It will take more than a couple of weeks.

  15. So at the beginning of the season, the team looks good on paper. Now, they just look like rookies?

    I think there’s something missing in the Eagles franchise’s culture. They’re not gelling in the locker room.

    Don’t know if it’s the coaching staff or players’ attitude but I think Andy will take the fall. All that talent and they’re not gelling as a team.

  16. At this point in the season, they are not rookies. Like Andy but I think it is best for all tpo move on. He started cleaning house too late. Team stopped listening.

  17. Reid is one of the best Head Coaches in the NFL. That man has been making fire out of sticks for the past 10+ years. He’s been to the NFC championship game multiple times with garbage offensive personnel. If he had a hall of fame QB like Tom Brady he’ll have 5 Lombardis right now. He’s a good teacher he can put any QB,RB, or WR in his system and make it go.

    All that man needs is a good D Coordinator.

  18. Guys, I am with the “KEEP ANDY” movement. There is great potential within that team, and Andy has the ability to bring it out. On the other hand, Vick has to go away, and Foles is not a franchise QB. Sooo where do we start ???

  19. Not a good year for Andy. He lost this team long ago. His drafts have stunk and his free agents have stunk. And his play calling has stunk. The Eagles are 4-10 for a reason and the reason is Andy.

  20. Jafcpa:
    Regardless of popular opinions, the Eagles would do very well to keep Andy Reid.

    While I respect what Andy Reid has done for the team, I just don’t see how you make that argument. The last few years have been a disaster. He has made some extremely poor decisions. I think even he knows that it’s time.

  21. Reid will be in Philly again, as there are rationalizations that can and may be made to keep him, or developing Cam Newton in Charlotte.

  22. This team is the youngest in the NFL yes they have talent but with all of the injuries and being young it is going to take experience and time to get healthy until this team starts to win.

  23. It’s interesting to read the article on the Pistol formation and how the 49ers coaches and also Bill Belichick continuously seek out new things to learn. Then you watch the Eagles and it’s been the same things over and over again. The only thing Andy has learned is now that he’s on his way out, he can blame the players for all of their troubles.

  24. Yeah….so what about all of those “rookie mistakes” leading up to the past few weeks when your 10+ year vet quarterback kept giving the ball to the other team? Mike Vick provided better air and ground service to opposing defenses than Fed Ex could ever hope for.

  25. The Eagles have beaten the Giants like 7 out of the last 8 times they played, joebloww, unfortunately, they have trouble beating anyone else.

    Reid’s act has grown very thin. For all of the national talking heads giving us the same “careful what you wish for, Philly fans” speeches that they gave us when we wanted McNabb gone, we will once again prove that we Philly fans know much more about our team than you nimrods. Most of Andy Reid’s success with the Eagles was front-loaded, coming between 2000 – 2004, when McNabb was in his prime and we still had some stud defensive players left over from the Ray Rhoades regime who flourished under Jim Johnson.

    From 2005 on, the Eagles have been up and down, and they haven’t won a playoff game since Jim Johnson died after the 2008 season. It’s very apparent that much of Reid’s success was because Jim Johnson did such a great job with the defense.

    Andy was never a “great coach.” Great coaches, like Bill Walsh, are true innovators who win multiple Super Bowls. Andy was a good coach in his prime, but over the years he has morphed into a mad scientist who can’t be trusted with the keys to the franchise anymore.

  26. “Oh, those wacky kids,” Reid said with a wry smile.

    Good coaching reduces fumbles… ask Tiki Barber. If the Philly coaching staff can’t get it through their players’ heads how to carry the ball to prevent strips and loss of control, that’s on the coaches. Coaching doesn’t end when the players start getting a paycheck.

    The Bengals scored 24 points in 3 1/2 minutes. That’s almost impossible to do if you’re trying to score that much that quickly. 17 of those 24 points were the direct result of Philly fumbles.

  27. schmedley69 says:Dec 15, 2012 11:26 AM

    The Eagles have beaten the Giants like 7 out of the last 8 times they played, joebloww, unfortunately, they have trouble beating anyone else.

    And this is why opposing NFC east fans always ask how many Lombardi’s the Eagles have.

    It’s hiiillarious how often Eagle fans bring up their division regular season records. As if that some sort of consolidation prize for not having any championships in 52 years.

    You guys keep counting regular season wins, the rest of the NFL will continue to count championships Philly!!

  28. clk320cpe – the Giants are definitely winning the Lombardi trophy race, although you can argue that the Eagles were the Kings if the NFC East for the first decade of the century. Not only do the Eagles own the Giants in the regular season, but they also knocked them off in the playoffs twice during that span.

    It’s amazing that the Giants managed to back-door their way to two Super Bowl titles. The Giants looked like crap in December 2007 and 2011, but somehow backed into the playoffs and got a ton of luck to win it all. Balls bouncing off of helmets and right into Giants receivers hands. Asante Samuel dropping an interception that would have sealed the game for the Patriots and made Eli the goat instead of the hero.

    The only reason the Giants even made the playoffs last season was because Andy Reid didn’t hire a real D-coordinator. If he did, the Eagles finish ahead of the Giants and win the division.

    The Giants have lead a very charmed life with a ton of luck and a lot of gift-wrapped games. I think that luck has run out and you have seen your last Lombardi for a few decades.

  29. Dear Eagles Fans,

    If you all fire Andy Reid. In about 5 years you all are going to be referring to the Andy Reid Era as the “Glory days.” His acumen has covered up a lot of weakness in that organization. You all will realize how good of coach he is when he leaves. Andy Reid is the greatest coach in Eagles’ history. You all want to get rid of him because he’s failing to meet the expectations and standards that he set by rising the Eagles to the level of championship contenders…..IMHO

  30. I don’t guess that Pat Sims blowing up Brown and his eyes getting wide knowing it was coming had nothing to do with the fumble huh.

  31. Hum.. if only there was a person responsible for making sure rookie mistakes didn’t affect the outcome of the game. I believe other teams have them, and they are called coaches. Eagles should look into getting one of those.
    Seriously though, Reid may retain his job because the owner wants him to, but anyone who thinks that is a good idea is crazy. He may go on to be successful somewhere else, but he has clearly lost his swagger in Philly.

  32. Well, the guy shoving McNutt, was just brought up from the practice squad, and was drafted by the Bengals in the 6th round. Sounds like Marvin is coaching his rookies better than Andy..

  33. I wanna kno where the proper coaching is for Brown since he still continues to carry the ball the wrong way..It’s been weeks now and the problem still isn’t corrected…Is Deuce Staley doing his job?

  34. So you blame the rookies also for hiring Washburn, Mudd, and Castillo to lead, teach, and discipline those same rookies for making mistakes after mistakes, and you’re blaming the rooks for DRC’s and Asomugha’s poor DB coverage, as well as getting Vick, McCoy, and Jackson injured for the rest of the season.

    For the 15 years you’ve been the head Eagle, you still haven’t done a better job!

  35. @Schmedley69

    “The only reason the Giants even made the playoffs last season was because Andy Reid didn’t hire a real D-coordinator. If he did, the Eagles finish ahead of the Giants and win the division.”

    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda along with if’s & ands.

    One thing is for sure, if the Eagles had a much heart as perceived talent they might have made the playoffs.

    Call the G-men lucky if you’d like, at least they play with heart, the Eagles have been the leagues Tin Men since 1960.

  36. It’s obvious Jim Johnson was THE reason Reid had success. The media says Reid is a QB development genius, but where are these QBs? Foles is going to be a backup somewhere next year if Reid is fired (which he won’t be because Laurie has a man crush on him.) I might have felt OK blaming this season on his son dying, but Reid tells us it had no effect on his coaching. So then what is the reason Andy? It’s that the rest of the league caught up to you years ago and you haven’t changed your game. I might hire him as an OC but he’s a burnout who will destroy any team he coaches. Philly fans cite your division titles and NFCC game appearances but you only have ONE SB appearance in 14 years. That is barely a good coach much less a great one…

  37. so are the coaching errors from Rookie Coaching mistakes too?

    cause it has been 13 years pal, we have heard it all before. The game has passed you bye.

    go home to your family, you owe them that much.

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