Browns add Trent Richardson to injury report with illness


The Cleveland Browns, already considering the possibility of reducing rookie running back Trent Richardson’s carries due to his production, may now have reason to limit his touches due to his health.

Richardson, the third overall pick in the 2012 draft, has been added to the injury report with an illness.  He is officially listed a probable for the game against the Redskins.

The term “probable” means there’s a virtual certainty that Richardson will be available for normal duty.  But if he’s ill he may not be as effective.

For the season, Richardson has gained 869 yards on 247 carries, an average of 3.5 yards per carry.  Those aren’t awful (thanks, John Skipper) numbers, but they suggest that Richardson hasn’t been the difference-maker the Browns thought he’d be when they traded up from No. 4 to No. 3 to get him.

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  1. Richardson hasn’t been the difference-maker the Browns thought he’d be when they traded up from No. 4 to No. 3 to get him.

    Yeah, because all five of their lineman are Pro Bowl caliber? Please. Only Thomas is and plus, Richardson is a ROOKIE!

  2. The Brown’s GM, Tom Heckert, over reached for Trent Richardson. He gave away draft picks to move up to get him…..going against the more modern philosophy that you don’t draft running backs in the top 10.
    The Browns needed more than just a, Trent Richardson. I believe at worst the Browns could have saved the picks, stayed at #4 in the draft, and still obtained maybe, a Doug Martin.
    Don’t even get me started on Heckert’s over reach for quarterback Brandon Weeden at the #22 position in round #1.

  3. Alfred Morris also has a much better QB, a head coach known for producing great RB seasons, and didnt have knee surgery in the preseason…

  4. Not a difference maker? Wasn’t Richardson recovering from knee surgery earlier in the season. Plus, he was making the adjustment from college to pro ball.

    We need to adjust our expectations. He is a talented player but a rookie nonetheless.

  5. T-Rich missed training camp with a bum knee, then plays most of the season with cracked ribs while wearing a flak jacket and still manages 800 plus yards! I’d say thats pretty admirable, but I’m sure all the tough guy posters here would do much better! Sheesh!!

  6. Glad there are more comments supporting T Rich than not…he was coming off a preseason he had knee surgery in and therefore did not participate, then the busted up ribs certainly played a role. But even Alfred Morris confessed you can’t compare his stats to Richardsons because their situations are so different. The skins passing game is further along (qb and receiver), plus you have to account for griffins skills on the ground too, morris has not seen the 7 and 8 man fronts like t rich has every time he touches the ball.

  7. For the season, Richardson has gained 869 yards on 247 carries, an average of 3.5 yards per carry. Those aren’t awful (thanks, John Skipper) numbers, but they suggest that Richardson hasn’t been the difference-maker the Browns thought he’d be when they traded up from No. 4 to No. 3 to get him.

    Aren’t awful considering he has been carrying Linebackers, Safetys, Corners, D-Lineman, and ballboys on his back on every carry. Draft Chance Warmack in next years draft then we will see what his 3.5 ave does.

  8. I am not in any way anti-Richardson. I wish him well. Especially as a Browns fan.
    However, his injuries are indicative of the risks you take when drafting so high for a running back.
    And, I’m alluding to the fact that I wish the Browns had gotten more value with the number of picks that they had.

  9. Those rushing stats don’t include 348 receiving yards and a receiving touchdown….he has started on my fantasy team since week 1 and he has been pretty solid.

  10. boy, you really hate the guy for some reason. You fail to mention he’s playing with injured ribs and faces 8 or 9 man fronts all day. it is obvious you have never watched him play

  11. See there, even Richardson isn’t the answer in Cleveland. Of course his numbers are disappointing. He has NO blockers. Same reason Colt didn’t succeed there. One player is never the answer. The Browns will NEVER learn.

  12. Jim Brown was right about him. He is a good runner but not great. He does not have the feet or the vision of a truly great runner like Adrian Peterson or even Jerome Bettis.

    I always thought Richardson was more of an Eddie George type runner. He’s a workhorse but not a game changer.

    Look at his highlight from college. All of his big runs are because there was a gaping hole and he just outran people. You can’t just outrun people in the NFL. Reggie Bush learned that. And Richardson doesn’t have the speed of Chris Johnson who only sometimes gets away with outrunning people.

    The browns OL is good. Peyton Hillis was successful behind a weaker OL with a weaker passing game. Weeden has been up and down but he, along with josh Gordon, are threat enough that defense don’t just stuff the box every play.

    Face it, the Browns gave up a ton for a dependable but not game breaking player. They would have been smarter to give away whatever it took to get RG3 or just drafted Morris Claiborne. Top picks are for impact players, not workhorses.

  13. No blocking? Apparently someone has not watched the Browns this season. He even said he is not 100%. As for his average you got to consider that it takes a few guys to bring him down and that takes a toll physically on the D. He is a grinder and once he is 100% again, he will start outrunning people.

  14. I would take 10 td’s all day from a rookie RB, that hasn’t been a 100% all year. Atleast they could use Montario as a second back. He’s not a slow dude.

  15. I don’t know if you guys heard, he’s a rookie, and missed preseason because of his knee, oh and he played with broken ribs…. Just incase you missed everyone else pointing it out in every post lol

  16. How the Browns allowed RGIII to slip through their fingers and then tried to compensate the blunder by drafting Richardson & Weeden is embarrassing.

    If Richardson is out, we can start Rex Grossman and beat the Browns.

    I’m sure that assessment will be hated on, but that’s just a reality.

    Go Skins!

  17. Quit with the ribs and preseason crap. It’s his running style. He dances and sidesteps. He spends so much time moving laterally, that he never generates momentum to hit the second level with speed.

    It was effective in college because he could throw guys down and push around smaller linebackers. He can’t do that in the NFL, he couldn’t do it against LSU.

    Hardesty is outplaying him because Hardesty hits the hole and goes. Our line is playing great this year, the holes are there.

  18. I’m not going to knock Trent. I just think with the way that RB’s are being devalued now and how much of a passing league the NFL has become, that Cleveland made a mistake trading up for a RB, any RB.

    Last year they could have had Julio Jones and given McCoy one year with a stud WR. Instead they trade away the opportunity to draft a stud WR and instead trade down to draft a DT. This year they could have traded up to get RGIII and instead passed on that opportunity so they could trade up and draft a position that is being devalued. Then they trade back into the first round to draft a 28, now 29 year old rookie QB. Cleveland’s draft philosophy is absolutely mind boggling. They’ve drafted so poorly for so long and it’s a big reason that they’ve been so bad for so long.

  19. Come on cash, anyone can win any week in the NFL, but you can’t possibly think they can win this week without rg3?!? That’s the problem when you put all your eggs in one basket (or 3 firsts and a 2nd) for a guy who has crazy talent but also has a wreckless style of play.

  20. And kenorv, I see you drank your haterade too. Please let me know about the perpetual success of the redskins drafting, I would love to hear all about it…not to mention the hundreds of millions wasted on free agent after free agent. And I don’t know why I’m even entertaining your comment that passes judgement on a draft class that is only 13 games old, but since we are, Josh Gordon is a stud receiver, not missing Julio Jones at all, but you will see that tomorrow against that porous secondary that your team built….through the draft? Or was it through overspending in free agency? Mind boggling.

  21. In response to my man cash, lol, u sacrificed three years of first round draft picks or what should be impact players, and throw in a second rounder that should be a starter, that’s sacrificing a lot of talent for one player, hence the eggs in one basket comment. I will have to research but I think most NFL teams might have a backup qb as well. Thinking before posting is important. Stock up on your haterade, its going to be a long day tomorrow for you.

  22. It’s too early to judge Richardson, but yes, I’d have to say that so far he’s been a bit of a disappointment. While he’s had some good moments, he certainly hasn’t been a difference-maker. This is probably due to injuries, but it’s also possible that he’s just a workhorse back, not a game-changer. Anyway, let’s not finalize our assessments of him in his rookie season. Give him an offseason to get healthy and hopefully he’ll look a lot better next year.

  23. It seems that alot of people forget that the Brownies DID TRY to go after RG3 by trading up before the draft, but Washington ended up giving a slightly better package to St. Louis and St. Louis of course took the better package offer from the redskins- But again…the Brownies offered up quite a bit of high picks ( I beleive it was 2012 first round and second round pics, as well as their 2013 first round pic) which is exactly what the ‘skins offered along with another decent pick- so understand they DID TRY!! Also, lets not forget that Richardson does have 9 rushing TD’s ( tying the franchise record for a rookie with who else, but Jim Brown ) as well as a receiving TD for a total of 10 TD’s thru 13 games- Thats not horrible production for a rookie that has played the majority of the year with a few injuries!!

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