Giants to honor Sandy Hook Elementary School with helmet decal

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On Sunday, every NFL game will be preceded by a moment of silence to recognize the events that occurred Friday in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Giants, who aren’t playing at home this weekend, also will acknowledge the local tragedy by wearing the initials of Sandy Hook Elementary School on the back of their helmets for their game at the Georgia Dome, according to Rich Eisen of NFL Network.

The simple gesture sends a strong message that the grief extends to those with no direct connection to the families involved.  And as we mourn together we hopefully will resolve to set aside politics and search for real strategies to protect our children and make them feel safe again.

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  1. national tragedy that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. it’s something that affects all of us and especially those with small children. I respect the Giants for doing it I suggest the NFL does it and we need to bring further awareness towards identifying potential problems with Souless young men such as that one. My heart bleeds with this one.

  2. My thoughts ans prayers go out to all of the families affected by this event. Let’s just hope that we can do something in this country to better treat the mentally ill. The medical community is a joke in this day and age. It seems that so many people go untreated or mistreated and something like this tragedy is a result of it. People are pushed through the system, whether it’s mental or physical. Hardly anybody seems to be concerned with resolving the medical issues of the people of this country. May God be with us all during this unimaginable time of tragedy.

  3. If animals understood human languages, imagine how insulted they’d be when we say some person behaved like an animal.

  4. It’s a classy gesture lets remember how lucky we are and that you never know who is hurting enough out there to do these horrifying acts of violence so we have to be open to help one and other when in need and maybe some of this could be prevented …..

  5. Why not 27 flares? The mother of the shooter didn’t deserve to die. Poor judgement to have guns in the house but I don’t think that it is right to not honor her!

  6. As a football fan and a giants fan this is wonderful to see. This was a national horror that should never be forgotten. Now hopefully there can be real discussion on gun control. Now I know all the gun nuts will give me grief for this comment but understand that I am talking about control of semi and full automatic weapons. There is absolutely no regular person should have access to these weapons. No one except the military and police needs to be able to shoot off 100 rounds in seconds. Just think if this nut had a pistol there may have only been a few killed. Even one death is tragic but it would have been a lot less then there were. Nothing in this world is perfect but we should try to make it as safe as we can for us and our future generations.

  7. Debarnea79. This is a tragity and that’s all you can think about? Do you realize in china on the same day 22 children were sliced yo death. Should we ban all knives? The planes taken over on 9/11 were done so with box cutters. Its not the weapon its the person using it. If someone wants to commit a crime the choice of weapon will not stop them and the weapon they want doesn’t isn’t always purchased legally. Our world his a black market that runs so deep peoples daughters are bought and sold as sex slaves. Guns are not the problem

  8. My heartfelt respect goes out to the Giants, Jets and Patriots. Honoring the Sandy Hook Elementary School on the back of their helmets is an extremely respectful gesture to show their support for a comunity in their area facing horrific tragedy, loss and sorrow. I live in a town about 5 miles from the shooting and am sick to my stomach about what all of the kids and parents are going through…..

    How come in these mass shootings, the scum who commit these heinous acts rarely ever have the guts to not kill themselves and face the families of their victims!!!

  9. A simple act like these stickers helps to show Newton CT that everyone is feeling what they are experiencing. That area of CT has a lot of Giant, Jets, and Pats fans. Football is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind in that community today, but its nice to let them know they are on on our minds. I’m sure you’ll see (or not see) many of the players from these teams reaching out to help the community in the coming weeks.

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