Harvin says he’s having “minor surgery”


The season of Vikings receiver Percy Harvin ended last month, due to an ankle injury suffered against the Seahawks.

The Vikings kept him on the roster for several weeks, but recently put him on injured reserve.

Harvin said Saturday on Twitter that he’ll be having “minor” surgery.  Though he didn’t say that the procedure will be performed on his ankle, that’s the most reasonable conclusion.

Via the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Vikings declined comment.

Selected in round one of the 2009 draft, Harvin has one year remaining on his rookie contract.  It is believed that the Vikings will try to sign him to an extension in the offseason.  “Try” could be the key word; Harvin has proven to be a key member of the team’s offense, and he’ll want to be paid accordingly.

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  1. He’s gonna get nice long term deal from the Vikes!! Unless? he get’s traded for big time wide-out (I know some would like a big armed QB) In the end the Vikes will keep Harvin!! He’s too much of a proven asset!

  2. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Dec 15, 2012 10:12 PM
    The guy has never once had a 1000 yard season. But he gets hyped as if he’s actually accomplished something.


    It all goes back to him winning Rookie of the year over the much more deserving Michael Oher.

  3. myhornispurple says:Dec 15, 2012 11:04 PM

    Harvin don’t like Ponder. If he’s still uncontested starting QB Harvin will make things difficult for MN to resign.

    Joe Webb rules!


    Webb rules alright… he rules the left corner of the bench…

  4. He wants big money but realizes that he will never get it unless he puts up the numbers. He looks at the Viking’s roster and sees Mr. Noodle Arm at QB so somebody explain to us the logic that the Viking’s have a chance in hell of re-signing the guy?

    Harvin is not an idiot but those than suggest the Vikings will re-sign him are.

  5. filthymcnasty1 says:Dec 15, 2012 10:12 PM

    The guy has never once had a 1000 yard season. But he gets hyped as if he’s actually accomplished something.


    Not sure if you’ve watched this guy play, but to suggest Harvin hasn’t accomplished anything may be the most uninformed comment I’ve seen posted at PFT all month. There is a reason that the Viking passing game has sunk into oblivion since he’s been hurt.

  6. I think the biggest issue about next year is whether or not Harvin wants to come back.

    This team has no other WRs who have emerged as starting quality, and the Vikings basically ignored this problem last offseason, instead spending $25 million on another TE (John Carlson) who has been even less productive than Jerome Simpson.

    When an organization makes moves like this, you can’t blame players like Harvin for considering other options. The team needs to take this issue seriously next year, and land a proven top-notch WR in free agency. I’m no fan of Ponder, but with Harvin out, the only receiver he (rightfully) has any confidence in is TE Kyle Rudolph.

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