Manningham officially out for Niners, Moss in line for more reps


As expected, 49ers receiver Mario Manningham will miss Sunday night’s game against the Patriots, with a shoulder injury.

The absence of Manningham means that veteran Randy Moss will continue to see increased opportunities, just in time for his return to Foxboro.

As explained by Matt Maiocco of, Moss will see more time in two-receiver sets.  When the 49ers use three wideouts, rookie first-rounder A.J. Jenkins will add to his scant first-year playing time.

While Moss has drawn rave reviews in his first season as a 49er, his numbers pale in comparison to past years.  Through 13 games, he has 21 catches for 326 yards and two touchdowns.

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21 responses to “Manningham officially out for Niners, Moss in line for more reps

  1. Hes been bured on the depth chart. He has been near perfect when called upon and has kept his mouth closed all season. This moss / 49ers experiment has worked out about as well as one could have hoped for. Now I look forward to him kicking ass as he sees more action.

  2. He hasn’t had a lot of catches but he has drawn a lot of double teams opening up things for everyone else…his stats are mis leading.

  3. Moss has always been double-teamed, and it didn’t matter. He was a stat machine back in the day (about 3 years ago). The stats actually do tell the true story, Randy “ain’t” Randy anymore.

  4. Randy isnt TO. Anyone who thought he’d cause trouble is an idiot. Een though hes a dinosaur now, i still love some superfreak. Thanks for the memories Randy and gl in the future.

  5. How has Manningham worked out for the 49ers? Can we stop saying Eli Manning is overrated? He has continuously, even early on in his career, made average to below average ball catchers look like Pro Bowlers. Here’s just a few names that come to mind: Mario Manningham; Jeremy Shockey; Ike Hilliard; Kevin Boss; Steve Smith; Jake Ballard; Plaxico Burress. Each one of those guys caught passes from Eli Manning, moved onto other teams, and not one of them came close to the success with another QB as they had with Manning. Eli Manning makes the players around him better, he elevates their games, and that is the definition of a true leader and Hall of Fame Quarterback. 

  6. @kappy, you’re out of your damn mind. When a pass catcher leaves Eli their biggest obstacle is getting to work with a consistant QB, not someone who is dead on one game and way off the next.

  7. One more thing – the gints have beaten my Pats 3 times in a row and I think that makes them the only team since the GB&B show started in New England to do that.

  8. Hey kappy32… really reaching pretty hard to the “Eli is great” slant on this one, don’t you think?

  9. I don’t know about Hall of Fame, Kappy, but he is a heck of a QB, at least. For starters, I don’t think any team in the NFL would beat The Patriots tonight at home b/c they are gelling right now. For SF, losing Manningham is a blow, but moss is still pretty good, even compared with the young guys. I hated hearing about his antics all the time when he was with The Vikes, but he matured, unlike T.O. Moss is one of the greatest WR’s ever, no doubt.

  10. kappy32:

    You’re completely right. Although I think Eli was quite bad early in his career, he’s gotten way better and he will be in the hall. Two Super Bowls will get him there. I’m not sure that it will be first ballot though with his stats. If he wins another one he’ll go in right away for sure.

  11. Though I would prefer that the 49er’s not win, I would like to see Moss shine if only to end his career on an uptick. He’s been behaving himself this year.

    Good luck Randy.

  12. Old Man Moss will have a rough go of it when the opposition actually pays attention to him. Kaepernick had better polish up his best track shoes for tonight.

  13. For the person who asked about Manningham while it is clear that Crabtree is the top target of the WRs Manningham seemed to always have key grabs regardless of who was the qb.

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