Report: Packers to part ways with Finley


A year ago, the Packers and Jermichael Finley were posturing for a tussle regarding whether the looming decision to use the franchise tag would result in compensation paid to a tight end or a receiver.  Now, the team is making plans for a divorce.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the Packers have decided to part ways with Finley after the season.

He could be cut, he could be traded.  A $3 million roster bonus comes due on the 15th day of the new league year, which begins in March.  Since trades can’t happen until the first day of the new league year, the Packers will have a two-week window for finding a trade partner.

Though it could be hard to get someone to trade for the one-year, $7 million remaining on the contract that the parties signed in February, the Packers possibly will be able to ship Finley to a team that would then sign him to a long-term deal.

Either way, Finley soon won’t have to worry about his lack of chemistry with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

127 responses to “Report: Packers to part ways with Finley

  1. The guy has potential but he is dumb as a brick, drops too many balls and complains about almost anything. I’m sure somebody will give him another chance but not likely at $7M.

  2. Wow!

    Steelers fan here, but this was a genuinely classy move; Finley crossed the line and embarrassed a proud organization and insulted a great player on a division rival team.

    Very strong, decisive move and good message.

    +1 Packers

    PS- Give us back our trophy!…j/k.

  3. With reports like this coming out, the Packers are going to have a hard time finding a trade partner. Teams know they are going to move on due to the roster bonus owed to him & they aren’t going to be quick to offer up something of substance when they could have him for nothing after he’s released (he doesn’t have to go through waivers after March 1). I’d absolutely LOVE for the Giants to take a flyer on him. Eli Manning has made some pretty bad tight ends look pretty damn good from Kevin Boss to Travis Beckum to Jake Ballard and currently with Martellus Bennett. Having Finley on the Giants would immediately make them the best offense in the NFL. The Giants have no problem moving the ball between the 20’s, but they get bogged down in the redzone, evidenced by Lawrence Tynes leading the league in field goals made, yet he has only 2 attempts over 50 yards. Having a big, talented WR/TE like Finley – who is also a very underrated run blocker – in the redzone, where you can throw the ball up for him to battle the opposing cornerback for, would be a beautiful sight to see as a Giants fan & could go a long way in solidifying the Giants’ dynasty (after they win another Super Bowl this year).

  4. No surprises here. Lots of talent but mostly an underperformer. The funny thing is its probably his constant stupid comments to the media that cost him more than his performance.

  5. First, JimmyGraham.. what is a persistent career? is that like a rash you can’t get rid off?

    Second, JMF is a bust. I remember Peter King in early 2010 talking about the HOF potential of FINLEY. he was not a player then and he is not a player now. Peter King does not know! Bo Knows!

    Third, during the 2010 stretch drive toward the Packers’ fifth SB appearance; when JMF went down in game 5, the offense finally jelled and took off.

    Fourth, Finley’s career is one good playoff game vs. the Cardinals and one good regular season game vs. the Vikes (but then again, who does not have good games against those 2 cellar dwellars?)

  6. Good riddance, cancer. Never was a true packer in my eyes. Never looked in the mirror. It’s a shame because I thought he was going to be great. Maybe a new start will change him. Good luck fin turn your ring in at the exit. We didn’t need you there to win one. He will be a Viking

  7. He probably should have kept his mouth shut.
    He’ll end up being an afterthought.

    Can’t believe the way some of these numbskulls in the NFL talk themselves right out of a good situation and into obscurity.

  8. Finley is still young and looking for that big contract. If he can learn to keep his mouth shut, and focus on catching the ball, then he will make some team happy.

    I am thinking that the Falcons take a chance on him. Tony G. can’t play forever. Either Atlanta or San Diego to replace Antonio Gates.

  9. I had no idea that tight ends with stone hands and no blocking ability are in such high demand in the NFL.

  10. For once, I would actually like to hear what Finley has to say about this…and why do I get the feeling the Jets will sign him and start trying to use 2 TE sets because it works so well for the Patriots…

  11. Finely has all the tools, but I feel like the Packers are going to be way better off with a more reliable TE who may not have the potential to put up huge numbers, but can the dependable 3rd down target that Rodgers needs.

    When you have solid WRs your offense doesn’t need to come through your TE anyway.

  12. can we say Javon Walker 2.0?
    however this is a pretty weird situation. are they going to Keyshawn him or something. my guess is this got leaked by Finley’s people to get him out of the Tundra.

  13. Miami, st.louis, arizona, chicago, Bucs all make sense. I think a 4 would be good enough to get the packers to give him up. If chip kelly comes to philly, it would make sense for the eagles as well. Hes a big reciever that isnt as big as most tight ends but he he his allot faster. H back in traditional offenses, spread TE in spread offenses.

  14. Don’t blame them, TT is great and finding athletes, talented people and pieces that work well together.

    Finley could work and could be one of the greats. He has a mismatch of speed or size pretty much against whomever lines up against him.

    His head is just else where.

  15. Potential. Poschmensial. They were better without him. He damn near has the yips here. He may succeed elsewhere, but not in Wisco. Bart Scott and I can’t wait for his reaction.

  16. McGinn’s a top notch reporter, but may be jumping the gun here. D. J. Williams has potential but hasn’t proven anything and is not the athlete Finley is. And they have bigger draft priorities than tight end. Look for them to resign at less money.

  17. Let the the Finley to Miami rumors start. Anthony Fasano is currently making 3.6M this year and is a free agent in 2013. Finley is by no means a blocking tight end, Miami can certainly swing a trade for him with their picks and reworking his contract.

  18. Jermichael (stupid name) is the latest in diva receivers whose sense of entitlement and big mouth is going to run him out of the league when he loses a step. GMs will realize he’s not worth the headache.

  19. Packers made a huge financial mistake signing Finley, who has terrible hands catching the football and runs his mouth too much in the media…Stick a fork in Finley cause he isn’t worth 7M to any team..I believe Green Bay’s backup tight end is a much better option as a reliable blocker and receiving threat then finley will ever be.

  20. You reap what you sow, Mr. Finley. You’ve been warned not to throw your quarterback under the bus after not being able to catch perfectly thrown balls your way. Wherever you show up next season, you’d be wise to keep your mouth shut unless you’re praising your teammates. But more importantly, you should allow your play on the field do all the talking instead of the trash talking you do to your NFC North rivals.

  21. Overrated loud mouth with hands made of stone… Won’t shut up and can’t back up a third of what he says with actual performance… he’s going to join my New York Jets isn’t he?

  22. What a waste of God given gifts. Considering that these guys are all “groomed” to be on their very best behavior in public or with the media, I can’t even imagine what an egotistical jackass he must be in person.

  23. Pretty sure everyone knew this about 2 months ago. Finley has done nothing but disappoint and when he wasn’t doing that, he was busy saying all the wrong things. Guy has tons of upside but he clearly couldn’t be any dumber.

  24. Finley wont be alone.. they gone let Driver and Jennings go too so they can pay Rodgers 120 million dollars.
    They all know this is the lasts season in greenbay.

  25. The best part is, the big dummy might of been able to get the Bears to waste money on him in the offseason with the pathetic state of the tight ends on their roster. But then he opened his mouth and helped kill some of the leverage he could of had with other teams. Genius, I tell you.

  26. Good!!!! This guy’s a jackass!!!!

    His absence was the biggest for a passing attack that was already underachieving!!!

    This guy went from “give me WR money based off my WR snaps” to a bum!!!

  27. Thats good for everyone involved. DJ williams is better and now finley can go get buried somewhere and hopefully be forced to earn anything he gets from here on out

  28. Been saying this guy is a bum two years running and all we ever heard from Packers fans is, oh he’s elite, he’s as good as Graham and Gronkowski and Davis, he draws triple and quadruple teams all the time, most dangerous player on the field, blah blah blah.

    Now that he’s been proven to suck out loud, some of you have serious crow to eat.

  29. All of this started with Finley’s agent’s comments on Aaron Rodgers in September. If I was a player without an agent, I’d steer clear of Blake Baratz.

  30. The Packers tried to re-sign him, but he kept dropping the pen. So.much talent, but he just hands like feet.

  31. He should go to Chicago. The Bears need a tight end, and Cutler could always use another guy to shove around and yell at.

  32. Good Riddance you Overrated Child. You act so unprofessional. Airing dirty laundry in Public is not the Packers way. That’s why every franchise strive to be like the Packers. Because we as fans & ownership doesn’t put up with this nonsense. Bye, Bye, Finley

  33. What a sour taste he leaves in GB’s mouths – supremely talented and gifted player who could’ve put top 5 TE numbers across the league every year. Had a top caliber QB throwing him the ball, too. Yea, guy, try finding a better set-up than you had.

  34. This kid could have used his senior year in college. He could have developed some leadership qualities that would have prevented his mouth taking over.

  35. No way this is a true story. 1. Ted Thompson does not talk to ANYBODY. 2. Finley has been getting healthy and looking like his old self. 3. To suggest a decision has already been made is absurd.
    4. Finley is an enormous talent when healthy.

  36. Scrub….. The guy will soon regret not realizing what he has in Rodgers. Sure you haven’t had the best year. Get over it. If Rodgers isn’t finding you, maybe Brady will…. In your dreams. Good luck with Ponder or some other scrub.
    – A Vikings Fan

  37. I heard a rumor he will be replacing Dick Clark for the New years celebration. They need somebody who is used to dropping the ball in front of millions of people.

  38. Some players are high maintenance but worth it because they deliver… Finley is not one of them.

  39. coughlinsredcheeks says:
    Dec 15, 2012 11:41 PM
    Brian Urlacher is upset that the Packers just got better next season.


  40. That’s why GB is consistently a contender. When they have a player that becomes a cancer he is gone. I love that about their organization. Maybe the lions should take note.

  41. pjrhc says: Dec 16, 2012 7:48 AM

    “That’s good to hear, but – could McGinn not h0ld it in until after the season!? Now Finley will pout and not produce!”

    As opposed to pouting and not producing.

    Thank you for the clever timing Bob McGinn!

  42. Finley is the poster-child for the type of person you DON’T give a big contract to. It will not go well for anyone who pays this guy big money and expects a breakout performance and any form of positive consistency.

  43. Lol, seriously? How many of you have seen this guy play ?? Yes, physically… This guy has the best stats of anyone in the league, absolute robot! But he is not ” so talented”!!!! Or “wasting” his talent!! This guy cannot catch consistently! He drops more passes than any TE in the game! Green Bay is smart for dumping him! Anyone of you clamoring to have him does not watch football or know what their seeing

  44. “Now Finley will pout and not produce!”

    He hasn’t done anything all year!! I hope they sit him the rest of the year. Idiot!

  45. Does this open up the door to them keep Jennings?

    I would let them both go if it was my decision. Finley is an over paid, overrated bum . Jennings is an oft-injured, aging wr. Cobb and Nelson are the future.

  46. Finley is a legend in his own mind,if he isnt involved in a play he will go half speed and show no interest at all,he is a terrible blocker and never tries to get better,the passes that do come his way he drops,he is way overpaid for the 22nd best tight end in the game today according to nfl evaluators and he is a cancer in the locker room.any team can have him,so take him,pleeeeze.

  47. He looks good on paper until you realize that

    1. Teams usually double team either Jordy or Greg or try and do both.
    2. With them doing that – JF is usually covered by 1 guy, probably a LB. The myth of “JF always demands a double team” is just that, a myth.
    3. Aaron Rodgers is just a little bit better than average at finding open guys /sarc
    4. Finley is single teamed by a LB and he can’t get open apparently.
    5. The Packers don’t have the best O-line and they NEED blocking production from the TE. If JF could block in the least – even chip people, he’d be an asset. He can’t apparently.
    6. The drops – JF’s not the most flexible guy in the world, if the pass is below his waist, he can’t go down and get it. If the pass hits him in his hands, he can’t catch it, of the pass is over his head – that’s his best shot.

    JF will be gone, some team will snap him up and he’ll blow up for a game or three and everyone here will talk about how stupid the Packers were to let him go but long term prognosis is JF will be on 3 teams in the next 6 years and done.

  48. why would ted thomson release this info ? jermike will quit on this team, or become a clubhouse cancer, somethings wrong here. this is not how TT conducts business. if this is true, somebody will be fired for this leak.

  49. “Finley wont be alone.. they gone let Driver and Jennings go too so they can pay Rodgers 120 million dollars.”

    At least GB has a QB to pay.

  50. Ted will trade him to an AFC team. Now the question is will he suddenly play well since he’s looking for the contract, or will he shut it down once he hears this? With this moron, he’ll probably shut it down talk some more and get sent home with pay ala TO and that loud mouth from the Jet’s and Tampa.

  51. The timing of this news is suspect. It may be intentional to motivate Finley for the game today and the rest of the games and the postseason. Why would news this disruptive be released now…(even though I agree with the assessment?)

  52. I believe Ted Thompson purposely leaked this. What better way to let Finley and his agent know that for the sake of his future he needs to step up and play at a Pro Bowl level – and keep his mouth shut.

    If it works and he plays like he did in the Arizona playoff game, the Packers offense becomes dominant again which may bring another title.

    If it doesn’t they bench him/cut his snaps and nothing changes.

    It’s a no lose situation for the Pack. Thompson is an evil genius.

  53. agreed stellarperformance. packers fans are looking at this only on the surface. it doesnt make sense that Ted Thompson, the most conservative GM in the league, would let this statement out to the public. No organization holds its cards closer than the packers, its definitely a tool to light a dire under finley, it just doesnt add up to right before the playoff push, have a statement released like this. i think the writer is just speculating but untill i see more evidence i think they are just trying to inspire finley.

  54. This Teasip won’t be missed.
    The complaining and attention-grabbing is barely tolerable when someone is producing. When a player is dropping most of his opportunities and can’t be counted on in the running game it is no longer worth the effort to keep him around.

  55. Quite honestly, I just don’t buy this story.
    Say what you want about Ted Thompson, but one thing we can all agree on is that he doesn’t show his cards unless he has to.
    He would never let a story like this slip. NEVER. Unless, he wanted to.

    My guess is he’s trying to motivate a talented, but underachieving athlete, simply because nothing else they’ve tried has worked. And believe me, they have tried.

    Look, I, as most of you, think Finley is a tool.
    His social skills pain me to my very core and his production has made me cringe on every given Sunday.
    But with our constant injuries at reciever, we may have to rely on him down this stretch run and into the playoffs.

    Besides, we are still along way off between now and this 2 week window at the end of the season. A lot can happen and hopefully does, for Green Bay’s sake.

    (Preparing for the onslaught of thumbs down.)

  56. To everyone who wants this guy on their team, buyer beware… He has tons of talent but rests on his laurels all the time. He has one of the best QBs in the League throwing him the ball and he cant catch it. Too many drops and he cant even pass protect. Tons of talent, but tons of stupidity as well. Wish the Pack wouldve traded him when they couldve gotten something for him. But that is the Thompson way, hang on to draft picks until they are rendered useless. Thank god JerFin will finally be gone and DJ can step in and up. Urlacher was spot on, the team is better without him and his prima donna ways. Catch the ball and ARod would throw it to you!!

  57. Something changed in Finley’s head. He was an absolute monster in 2009. He looked like was going to be the next Gates… Maybe better. Then he had the knee injury in 2010 and never really bounced back. If he could just learn to shut his mouth, I’d love to keep him… Probably wont happen though.

  58. Good riddance Finley. I am glad GB clears cancers like him instead of coddling them like so many tams do. Mason Crosby seems like a nice guy but he can go with you too.

  59. “Brian Urlacher is upset that the Packers just got better next season.

    So gets burned here? Urlacher or Finley? It’s looking more like the latter.

  60. That comment about Cobb taking passes away sealed the deal.

    Don’t be surprised if the bears or lions don’t give the pack a call…it be interesting to see if the packers would dump Finley on the bears as a joke.

  61. Finley has superstar potential yet has constantly underachieved during his Packers career..he really reminds me of a diva wide reciever in a tight end body. Maybe Joe Philbin will trade a 4th rd pick for him and it’ll be a win-win for both teams

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