Rodgers: Packers injuries have made season a mental grind


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said this is “probably the most rewarding season” he’s had.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

In addition to the league-high 42 sacks that have put his own health in peril, injuries across the board have made this a difficult season for the Packers. Six offensive starters or their replacements have missed multiple games because of injuries, including receivers Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings and running backs Cedric Benson and James Starks.

That makes it hard to develop timing in an offense based on it, which is a different kind of grind.

“I think this season more than any other has just been a mental and physical grind,” Rodgers said, via Alex Marvez of “I find myself more tired because of the actual preparation and extra study. We’ve had to change up some personnel packages and plays to try and make things easier on some of the young guys who are playing more. It’s been a lot of different guys playing.

“It has been frustrating at times with the lack of familiarity with some of the guys who have been out there. We haven’t had Greg and Jordy for too many games playing at the same time, which is difficult.”

It hasn’t just been on offense, either, as the Packers have had eight defensive starters miss at least two games.

With Clay Matthews coming back this week, and Charles Woodson getting closer, they’re at least moving in the right direction, at a time when they need to be at their best.

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  1. Im a huge Packers fan, I think some of the players like James Starks might be a little soft. Many of the other injuries are either just bad luck or possibly MM should take a look at his training staff this offseason. Seemed like their were a lot of injuries – Jennings, Benson, Perry that were misdiagnosed.
    I think the Packers can win it all if they avoid 49ers and Giants in the playoffs but don’t see that happening.

  2. What Rodgers says makes sense. Having no consistency at wide receiver and a tight end that is better at putting his foot in his mouth than catching the ball must be difficult. He is still playing at an MVP level even under those circumstances. That said, I would be happy to see Adrian Petersen get MVP. He is having an amazing season and carries his team.

  3. Everyone lauds Ted Thompson for finding these “diamonds in the rough” – why do you think they were in the rough in the first place?

    Because no one wants a SOFT diamond.

  4. Lmao veence, another hater. Viking fan? Or one of the other teams that will never measure up to the pack year after year?
    Yeah, thought so. That “whiny” QB is the best in the NFL, and that “soft” team makes a habit out of proving dumbass trolls like you wrong year after year.
    There’s a reason your on the packer articles trolling and not the Lions articles lol.

  5. Do seem to be a few excuses coming out of Green Bay but they don’t seem too soft when it gets to the Playoffs. I mentioned on my blog that I thought the Packers were better than the Falcons and would could come through to be the team to beat in the NFC, not so sure now as I’m not sure they would beat the 49ers.

  6. You know what? Every team has injuries. Many of them very serious. As a ravens fan I have not once used it as an excuse nor even referenced it.

    I’m noticing A LOT of media attention and excusing regarding the Packers run of recent injuries and bad luck.

    My point is that just because these players are in commercials, none of that should warrant any extra excuses or a better story. An injury is an injury. Any talk about MJD this year? How bout Revis? Adam Carikker, anyone? Please stop being persuaded by propaganda-next man up.

  7. “Lmao” themagicfanguy, another insecure Packer fan? The Green Bay Packers are SOFT. Coming after me won’t change that, but if it’ll make you feel better to “thumbs down” a spot-on observation because of how it makes you feel inside? I’m sure you will..

  8. Saying a year is rewarding and a grind because of massive injuries now counts as “whining” and “excuses.” You heard it in this thread first. Oh wait, every time Rodgers states a fact I non-complanetory terms, he’s accused of whining. So absurd. Success breeds contempt. Obviously every team has injuries – the Packers aren’t whining about about it, they’re stating a fact. They won the Super Bowl two years ago with 15 players on IR – the most in nfl history for a championship team. But apparently they’re still soft. Cool story bro.

  9. Oh boo fricken hoo. Steelers had a ton of injuries all year. Harrison, polamalu, big Ben, numerous off. Linemen, Woodley etc.. cry me a river Rodgers. Steelers will still win the super bowl. And ya know why? Cause we have the heart of a champion. Enjoy your fluke an win you had a couple years ago green bay. Never happen again. Steelers an champs 2012. Big Ben super bowl MVP!!!

  10. I wonder what it’s like to be the ONLY team to ever lose a play-off game to Tim Tebow, guess I need to ask a Steelerz fan!

  11. Here’s what bothers me about the injury situation. The media mentions injuries all the time, but then only lists the big name ones: Woodson, Jennings, Matthews, mainly. That prompts the obvious remark that yes, every team has injuries. Which is true.

    But people don’t cover the way position groups were hit particularly hard. Here are some injury notes:

    1. The Packers play a 3-4 defense. For the past four games, they have been playing back-ups at three of those positions. One of those back-ups is the third-string guy. So that’s a position playing with 75% of their starters and the top back-up out.

    2. For five games, the Packers were playing without two of their top 3 CBs–and they play nickel defense 70% of the time. Now, Woodson is still out, but Shields, the #3 CB, has returned. But again, 2 of their top 3 CBs out. At the same time as the 3 of the 4 LBs out.

    3. The Packers just activated a practice squad defensive lineman because they only had 4 healthy linemen. A starter got injured. His replacement got injured. This, again, was during the same stretch without 3 starting LBs and two of the top 3 CBs.

    4. The Packers just activated a practice squad defensive lineman because they only had 4 healthy linemen. A starter got injured. His replacement got injured. This, again, was during the same stretch without 3 starting LBs and two of the top 3 CBs.

    5. The Packers have played most of the season without their starting RB, and have since been without their #2 RB for much of the remaining season, and lost their #4 RB before he ever played a down of offense. So they’re using their 3rd, 5th and 6th string RBs right now.

    6. Their Pro Bowl WR missed 8 games. For two separate periods of that time, their #2 WR (#1 in light of the missing Pro Bowler) missed most of two games (left the first series of one game), and then immediately got injured once the Pro Bowler returned. That means the Packers were playing at one point on offense without their topw TWO WRs AND their top RB. Take that off of any other offense and see how it works. The Packers have only played 2 games and a couple series this year with both starting WRs

    7. The offensive line lost the starting RT. The back-up RT (previously the starting LG) then got hurt. The 3rd-string RT is now playing, along with the 2nd string LG. The starting LG should be returning, but now the starting RG got hurt in practice.

    Yes, every team has injuries. But the Packers have had clusters of key players at specific position groups decimated all at once. The defense played minus 2 starters in the secondary, 3 starters at LB and a starter on the DL all at once.

    The offense played down at least one–but often two–starting WRs while down at least one–sometimes two–starting OL and at least one–sometimes two atop the RB depth chart.

    Every team has injuries, but some have it hit harder than others. It’s not an excuse, it’s just a fact. And the Packers don’t need an excuse for anything, anyway. They’re leading the division and have won 7 of 8 over the stretch that includes most of those injuries.

  12. Seriously though.. going back ten years, it seems like the Packers have a TON of injuries every single season.

    I’m surprised that nobody in the sports media has taken a closer look at why this is. Bad trainers? Bad sports medicine personnel?

    Note to Packers fans: This is not a rip on your team. I’d be very curious to hear a Pack fan’s perspective on why this team battles so many injuries year after year.

  13. The Giants had twice as many injuries last year including like every corner and still won the Superbowl.

    Green Bay please suck it up and stop whining!!! This team complains about everything, and here’s a news flash Packers, nobody cares.

    Now man up!!!

  14. It may just be because they are the Packers,a nd the only thing going on in Green Bay. Therefor over covered, and over exposed. But it sure does seem like there has been a ridiculous amount of whining and exuses coming out of GB this year.

    Just always seems like they never get beat, they always give it away.

  15. The NFL season is a grind for every player, through injuries in the mix it gets more difficult. The Packers must be doing something considering they could the NFC NORTH tomorrow. I said this last year when my Packers went 15&1, it’s not how you start its how you Finish.

  16. Whenever a guy on here says a player or team should “Man Up” I gotta wonder how much of a man they are. Are these guys anywhere as tough as an NFL player??

  17. When did anyone on the pack use the as injuries an excuse? Oh right, never…

    Saying the giants had more injuries last years makes you sound stupid. Greg Jennings, C. Mathews, C. Woodson, D. Bishop, B. Bulaga, C. Benson, J. Nelson… I mean come on.
    Hey Veence, why would I be insecure? The Pack has done well this season, is a perennial SB contender, won a SB recently, and has the best QB in the NFL…
    I notice you don’t mention who your team is? To be trolling like this, it must be one of the three teams we destroy twice a season lol.

  18. So Rodgers thinks this is his most rewarding season? It’s incredible how the glass is always half full with this guy, and were very fortunate to have him as the face of the NFL.

  19. banky, i wondered that same thing myself. i have been a packer fan for the last 55 years. it seems like there have been more injuries these past 10-15 years than before then. most seem to be injuries that proper stretching/weight training should take care of. maybe the conditioning coach has something to do with it.

  20. The magicfanguy

    The giants have made the playoffs with 17 starters either out or playing hurt. They had back ups injured as well but we won’t even get into that number. Good teams find ways to win no matter what not make excuses like gb has recently

  21. @houndog50.. I’ll tell you what its like to be Tebow’d if you can tell me what It’s like to be manning’d in the playoffs in your own house last year!!??? Least we were on the road …

  22. I’m failing to see the excuse making so many of you are talking about. Where does he say the injuries are to blame for the offense not scoring as many points as last year or are the reason for losing four games so far? NOWHERE. All he said is it’s making the season more of a grind. Seven of eight despite all the injuries. Your teams couldn’t do it, and that’s why YOU people are whining. Get over it.

  23. Call what you want whiner or not hes by far the best passer in the Nfl. Not best reader of the D but the best arm and he carries his team on his back. Crap oline, trash RB, new WRs. Struggling D and he manages to get the job done.

  24. steelersownyou says:Dec 15, 2012 10:29 PM

    @houndog50.. I’ll tell you what its like to be Tebow’d if you can tell me what It’s like to be manning’d in the playoffs in your own house last year!!??? Least we were on the road …


    Yeah, you probably shouldn’t equate those two…..

    Manning on a bad night is about 100 times better than Tebow.

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