Saints place Malcolm Jenkins, Charles Brown on IR

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Safety Malcolm Jenkins made the play they thought was going to save the Saints’ season.

There doesn’t seem to be any saving it now, and Jenkins himself isn’t going to be around to help.

The Saints placed Jenkins (hamstring) and tackle Charles Brown (knee) on injured reserve Saturday, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Both players had been ruled out this week already, and running short on numbers and games, the Saints made the switch.

They promoted guard Ricky Henry and safety Jerico Nelson  from the practice squad to fill their roster spots.

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  1. Jenkins is one of the best safeties in the NFL. And without him covering up mistakes by the other defenders, this terrible defense is definitely getting worse.

  2. Loosing Malcolm Jenkins to injury is quite a blow. He was a bright spark on that watery defense.

    This weekend we’ll see if someone steps up on D when we play conference rival Bucs, or we’ll see if they just throw in the towel.

    Or just wait till next year when we have Our Coach back and everyone rested, signed and back at camp.

    : /

  3. samapoc – you must have never watched a Saints game.
    Jenkins is horribly overrated and is far from even being close to “one of the best safeties” in the nfl. He does make a few highlight plays (such as the Vincent Jackson chase down and the swatting away the ball at the end of the first ATL game), but is extremely undisciplined and is a horrible tackler. He has 1 interception in the last two seasons and is one of leaders in missed tackles by safeties in 2012. Jenkins has almost of tackles because the the LB core was atrocious earlier in the season. And quite the contrary, the past two games Jenkins has been bumped down to corner due to teammates’ injuries and the safety-play has improved with later round picks/ufas such as Quddus and Bush. Your information holds no merit. Jenkins is not “covering up” anything.
    The defense is slowly improving and could actually be decent with a couple of upgrades at a few positions. Yes they gave up record amounts of yardage this year, but there were many significant injuries(LB and secondary) that many journalists left out when judging this defense. Jenkins showed a lot of promise in 2010, but has only regressed since.

  4. I don’t know what the hell the commentors above have been watching this year because Jenkins has been ridiculously terrible this year. Yall obviously haven’t been much attention to him. Rafael Bush and Isa Abdul-Quddus can’t do any worse than the constant blown coverages Jenkins has provided all season long. Both have shown promise recently in a limited playing time.

    I really hope we trade Jenkins in the offseason. We need a new clean slate of talent on D because the current group has been nothing but underachievers at practically every position, besides Cam Jordan and Jabari Greer.

  5. Linebacker has been the saints defensive weakness, even when they won the Super Bowl, and ever since. Because the LB do not defeat blocks, the 3rd level of the defense records the most tackles.
    Also, because the Saints OL has not protected well this year, the scoring average is down. This means the opposition offense is not forced to abandon the run in an effort to catchup…..the Saints are not playing complementary football.
    Beyond these factors lies a more fundamental problem….the Saints just don’t tackle well. Often they are fooled by play design and arrive late at the scene. Then they try and strip the ball rather than wrap up the ballcarrier. Most of the time there have to be 2 or 3 Saints there to make the stop. Lastly, the LB are slow…..with Shanle being the worst. Remember Ray Rice out of the backfield last year for the gamewinning score ? When LB are slow, the defense is weak down the seams and over the middle.
    Saint safeties, Jenkins and Harper are not the problem.
    Look at the 49ers….great LB play allows the linemen to tee off on rushing the QB and blowing up plays, because they know the LB will be right behind them. It will be interesting to watch the 49ers best defense against the Pats best offense this week.

  6. I agree with williambrasky, Jenkins can be a bright spot at times, but he isn’t the type of high caliber player that can be a difference maker game in and game out.

    Regardless, he’s going to be a Saint for a long time simply because they’ve invested in him and there isn’t anyone who’s going to supplant him.

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