Ben Roethlisberger seems unhappy with the Steelers’ playcalling


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was unsurprisingly unhappy after Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys. And while Roethlisberger told reporters in the locker room after the game that he primarily put the blame for the loss on himself, he also hinted that he thinks Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley deserved some of the blame.

Roethlisberger, whose relationship with Haley has been a hot-button topic in Pittsburgh this season, didn’t mention Haley by name. But he did make a couple of comments that suggested he wasn’t crazy about the way Haley was calling plays.

Asked why tight end Heath Miller didn’t have a single pass thrown his way in the second half, Roethlisberger answered, “I just don’t think we called the right plays to get him the ball.”

And when asked why the Steelers didn’t run more no-huddle offense in the second half, Roethlisberger acknowledged he wished they had done more.

“That’s tough for me to answer right now,” he said. “The second half we didn’t do much of it, and that’s disappointing.”

For the Steelers, there’s a lot to be disappointed about after today’s loss. The good news is that they can still salvage their season and make the playoffs if they win their last two games. The bad news is a feud between Roethlisberger and Haley isn’t the best way to begin a crucial week of work before the Week 16 meeting with the Bengals.

79 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger seems unhappy with the Steelers’ playcalling

  1. Seems to me he should be unhappy with his Offensive Line…

    Or the Cowboys Pass-Rush

    My money is on the Pass Rush, Benny…

  2. i had miller on my fantasy team and also noticed his disappearance. i also noticed he was kept on the line to help block dallas’ d-line as dallas was getting pressure from their front four. that is a good part of the reason why you weren’t getting the ball more to him and you can blame your make shift o-line for that.

  3. Haley is likely gone after the season anyway for the Arizona job if the rumors are accurate. So the Steelers will be able to hire a new offensive coordinator who Ben can whine about.

  4. So when Ben loses the ga,e solely because of his own error and poor judgment what do Steeler fans say? Deb, steelersownyou, mostlombardis, hellooooo your silence has never been so loud before 🙂

  5. Alot of bad mouthing going on from fans of a team that just got manhandled lol.

  6. Cowboys took McCray off of covering Heath Miller and put a CB (sterling moore) on him. Great adjustment by Ryan. Thats why Heath was quiet after

  7. “I knew this wouldn’t work with Haley. Big Ben doesn’t like things forced upon him.”


    Yeah, Big Ben likes forcing himself upon others…especially in bathroom stalls

  8. And the week after KOing the steelers the bengals will beat the ravens for the division. WHO DEY!!!!

  9. Big Steelers fan, but I am getting an impression that Ben’s better days are behind him. Amazing what marriage does, eh, Ben?

  10. Mincing words a bit, I feel. Hard to get the no huddle going, when there are a lot of personnel playing out of position, et cetera. The ebb and flow becomes off-kilter when Ben has to redirect traffic and get players in the right spots. Not too mention a few misses along with some drops here and there. Cowboys did what they had to do to win, and grabbed the opportunity in OT.

  11. Maybe, just maybe, the Steelers, with the cast and script they have, have finally run their course…

  12. oh please. The cowboys lucked out for the second straight week As a die hard Bengals fan, I’m thrilled Dallas won. However I fear playing the Steelers next week. That’s a dangerous team with a lot of weapons. My team has no second real receiver and my offensive line is giant turnstile.

  13. beerbudsnbevo says: Dec 16, 2012 10:58 PM

    Maybe, just maybe, the Steelers, with the cast and script they have, have finally run their course…

    Maybe for this year, but I would not count them out in the long haul. Pittsburgh has a way of reinventing itself, especially in the salary cap era.

    Every year, I hear and see, ‘oh they lost X player, and they couldn’t re-sign Y player,’ and all of a sudden a new guy steps up and comes into the picture.

  14. Much ado about nothing.
    I heard Roethlisberger’s entire postgame comments and he said nothing overly critical about Haley’s play calling…
    If you have an opportunity to see the same impromptu postgame media session that I saw, I think you’ll agree…
    Roethlisberger, to his credit, accepted blame and took the loss like a man. Only the Roethlisberger Apologists within the media are saying he said something that he never said…

  15. wait… I read every comment and did not see a single one that dissed the cowboys at all… what just happened? Not even a backhanded slap?

    COWBOYS are getting hot at the right time!

  16. There was nothing wrong with the playcalling and nothing wrong with anything Ben had to say.

    Ben threw the ball too far to the inside and the cornerback made a great break on the ball.

    Pittsburgh’s defense played a pretty decent game with two guys fresh off the practice squad playing almost the entire game. We REALLY need to get some of these guys back next week!


  17. thesportsguy52 says: Dec 16, 2012 11:17 PM

    Where are all of the ESPN AFC power rankings that still have the Steelers 3 or 4??? Oh, nowhere.

    Can’t comment on ESPN’s rankings, but I have not witnessed the Steelers being ranked 3 or 4 at all, by any publication this season.

  18. Steelers way overrated this year. This team has been finding ways to lose, today included. The Brown fumble in 4th on punt return was a killer. Incredibly, they will make the playoffs if they can beat Bengals and Browns, both at home.

  19. Sick of Mike T with the play calling. After this game I can truly see he is nothing more then an average coach, We might not win the superbowl but either wll the Ratbirds because they truly suck like we do…..

  20. Raven fans are happy. That’s what happens when you are used to mediocrity. I hate when they compare the Steelers to an inferior ravens organization that hasn’t played in a super bowl since…..when was that ravens fans? After reading your posts I imagine some of you weren’t even born yet.

  21. Play calling in OT was way too impatient. Should have ran more in the second half and once again a fumble gives life to the opposing team on what should have been a game ending drive.

    As for the Ravens fans mouthing off here; your team was blown out AGAIN and your stadium was EMPTY at the start of the 4th quarter. Your season ends with five straight losses. (3 down 2 to go).

  22. Ravens fans with their team sucking as long as the steelers suck too. I guess that is what happens when you are happy with mediocrity. I hate when people compare the Steelers to a Ravens organization that hasn’t seen a super bowl, except on TV, since……………? When was that Raven fans? I judge by some of your posts, many of you weren’t even born then.

  23. As a Chiefs’ fan, I did not understand why the Steelers hired Haley. Haley ruined the Chiefs’ 2010 season by forcing Charlie Weis to leave in the middle of Matt Cassel’s only good season in KC. Once Weis’ soon-to-be-departure was announced, the Chiefs went into a tailspin from which they have yet to recover.

    The 2011 Chiefs’ season should have been evidence enough that Haley was out of his element, and that Kurt Warner made him and Ken Whisenhunt look better than either of them really are.

  24. Ravens fans are gloating that the steelers lost when their own team got smoked by another AFC competitor at home. Unbelieveable. Worst fans in sports.

  25. Don’t read too much into what Big Ben said after the game. Ben wasn’t the same after DeMarcus Ware arm-clubbed him in the head.

  26. mandtdefelice:
    Most pundits and experts predicted in the preseason that the Steelers would finish third in the AFC North. At the moment, they are 7-7 and in third place…
    Look up the word “overrated.”

  27. Steelers/Cowboys thread, dominated by trolls of other teams. Weak.

    Congrats to the Cowboys, from my vantage they just wanted it more. Great pressure up front, and smart offensive plan.

    Not happy with the effort of the Steelers, sloppy fumbles and errant routes mar what should have been a good outing. AGAIN. Hope to get some non-practice-squad players back for next week!

    And even as a Steeler fan I was shocked at the blown call at the start of the game.

  28. Why isn’t anyone talking about Antonio Brown and all his mental errors? He fumbled the punt which was HUGE (up 7 at the 50 yard line). The announcers correctly pointed out that he lined up way too deep on the next punt (65 yards away) and when he didn’t catch the 42 yard punt not only did it cost 17 yards of field position, but he was a yard from the ball where a funny bounce hits him and is a turnover! And then on the last drive on 3rd and 26 he catches a short pass and runs out of bounds so Dallas saved a timeout and precious seconds. Mental errors! Those are killers and the Steelers CONTINUE to make them. At what point do they call out Tomlin for the sloppiness?

  29. One of the the biggest criticisms of Arians was he NEVER threw to Heath Miller. Haley has finally gotten Miller the ball and Ben’s numbers have improved significantly. Haley should start taking a page from Arians play book and let Ben take 5 sacks a game. Maybe it would knock some sense into him and quickly change his attitude. Grow up Ben.

  30. Someone let Kiesel, hampton, woodley and Troy P that we had a game today because they did not show up. Where was the pressure (except from harrision)? Romo passes for over 300 yards. This is embarrassing as a steeler fan. Sanders and brown fumbling?????? Again- the coach has to change his ways or he has to go. To the raven fans on here- 6 is your number. When u get this many super bowl trophies, then you will have some respect but right now you guys are clowns. Did u miss the results of your game today?

  31. jcioffi1485 says:
    Dec 16, 2012 11:03 PM
    oh please. The cowboys lucked out for the second straight week As a die hard Bengals fan, I’m thrilled Dallas won. However I fear playing the Steelers next week. That’s a dangerous team with a lot of weapons. My team has no second real receiver and my offensive line is giant turnstile.


    While we don’t have a definitive #2, we do have Jones who is stepping up, Hawkins who is clutch most of the time and Gresham who is making some crazy plays for us. You should be more worried about Dalton’s decision making and not wanting to get rid of the ball instead of taking a sack. Oh and our O-Line hasn’t played that bad all season. Hopefully they just had a bad game and they’ll get their stuff together this week.

  32. Dear Ravens fans,

    At least the Steelers had a chance to win their game. Talk about a team spiraling downward? Look at your own team.

    A humble Steelers fan

  33. Ben is at least partially correct. Heath was ripping the Dallas defense and you stop going to him completely ? Total nonsense. And why not go to the no huddle, at the beginning of the season Haley agreed Ben thrives in it. No brainer. Haley is out thinking himself. Pittsburgh still came back to take the lead in front of 95,000 and Antonio Brown coughs up the pill for the second time – inexcusable Brown.

    James Harrison made two outstanding plays in critical moments. Nice work James.

    …and the Ravens continue to decompose and lose three straight, hilarious.

  34. I’d be embarassed if I wasa steeler fan. What a pathetic showing this season. They have nothing to show for it but a poor draft pick. They won’t make the playoffs. Maybe if they didnt lose to the Raiders, Titans and Chargers (with Ben playing) they could talk but for now theyre all silent

  35. Following are Ben’s comments after last nights game…

    “Absolutely, 100 percent, this is on me,” said Roethlisberger, whose interception on the second play of overtime set up Dan Bailey’s 21-yard field goal to win it for Dallas. “I let the team, the fans, everybody down.”

    You guys have been waiting for a blow up to happen all year. It just hasn’t happened and it probably never will. Todd Haley has been a positive change from Bruce Ariens, even if the teams uneven play due to a constant flood of injuries, hasn’t shown up in the win column.

    Sometimes you hacks just can’t stand it when you think something isn’t going to work and it does work out just fine.

    No story here gentlemen. It’s time to move on!

    Unbelievably, we can right the ship at home in the next two weeks and go dancing. As recent seasons have most certainly shown, if you get to the dance, anything can happen.


  36. Gotta love the clueless Ravens fans who want to comment about the Steelers!! You’re going no where and we will be the nail in your coffin in the first round. We win out and you lose four of your last five to end the regular season. Keep hating and have your fun with your comments. You’ll never win with Flacco and Harbaugh…

  37. ravenator u got room to talk…..u all were booing your own QB at the EMPTY stadium….I saw all those empty seats and the only way u got into the playoffs is by us losing in OT……ur game stunk so badly that the networks had to switch to a different game…..LOL!!!

  38. Yo ravenator? How was it watching your team get thumped by frankenstein? You should worry more about your team instead of trolling Steeler articles. They look more and more like a 6 seed every week.

  39. Should be unhappy and with him self. The boys couldn’t stop miller all game so the plan is to stop throwing to him in second half. Yeah that’s great play calling, I hope the OC goes to Arizona next year.

  40. I am amazed to see that not 1 person on here blamed Antonio Brown for anything. He single-handedly lost this game for the Steelers. Play calling didn’t help, as usual. But the players have to play and get their job done. How many times did you DeCastro turned around watching his man disrupting Ben. Mike Wallace. Troy. The DB’s. There is PLENTY of blame to go around as to why this time is not performing. Mike Tomlin may also need a refresher since his has not been able to get the best performances out of his players as of late.
    I wish I could go to my job and command a salary that these players command and put in those type of performances. I guess you can’t bench the players that haven’t been “showing up” as of late because we wouldn’t have enough to play the game.

  41. Ben , You had problems with the authority of Cowher, you did not acknowledge and shake the hand of your former offensive coordinator , Ken Whisenhut, and you didn’t like Terry Bradshaw for telling you the truth about yourself. In your early years you isolated yourself from your team mates.

    You never suggested one time hinted that your former offensive coordinator & good golfing buddy called questionable plays. Arians was horrible but he let you have your way as does Tomlin. Time to take another hard look at yourself Big Ben.

  42. Every offensive lineman on the Steelers should have that photo taped to their locker and look at it everyday.

  43. Just for the record, Todd Haley’s offense has scored more points (302) than last year’s Bruce Arians offense (282) through 14 games…
    I’ll be so glad when this whinning, drama-filled, media-maddening Roethlisberger era is over so the TEAM can get back to being a TEAM.
    As for Heath Miller, easily the Steelers MVP of this pathetic season, if he’s open, it’s Roethlisberger’s job for find him and get him the ball.

  44. I have a theory, and it goes like this: God is indeed “good” as the rotten one said recently, but He is also really ticked off that the Steelers kept the rotten one after what he did almost 3 years ago. Think about it for a moment, the Steelers have found themselves season after season further and further from their next Super Bowl win (first they lost in the Super Bowl, then they couldn’t get through the playoffs, and now they are in jeopardy of not even getting to the playoffs).

  45. I called this back when there was a rumor that they were going to cut Arians loose: Arians was NOT the problem. Our OL *was* the problem.

    But the Steeler decision-makers scape-goated Arians, and we brought in a guy with a lonnnng rap sheet for stirring up the sewage and getting people sideways.

    Arians played a key role in getting us to 3 Super Bowls, including two victories and we were one Mendenhall fumble from possibly making it three Super Bowl victories in a 7 season span.

    This decision forced the entire offense to learn a brand new system with almost entirely different terminology. Some times, that is the best way to go — but NOT when you have someone who has played a KEY role during Pittsburgh’s 2004-2011 span. They averaged more than 11 wins per regular season during Arians’s time in the ‘Burgh. But they panicked – and here we are.

    I was ticked when they fired Arians (or as they put it, he “retired”) — and I’m even more bent after been proven right. What a lame and short-sighted overreaction.

  46. banker:
    What “key” role did Arians play in getting the Steelers to “three Super Bowls”?
    — Ken Whisenhunt was the offensive coordinator in 2005. Arians didn’t become the OC until the 2007 season.
    — Mendenhall’s fumble in Super Bowl 45 was far less significant than Roethlisberger’s pick-six in a 31-25 loss.
    — Arians’ final season in the Burgh resulted in a scoring offense that ranked 22nd. That’s putrid.
    — It shouldn’t take a $100 million-dollar-quarterback to finish 22nd out of 32.
    — Arians’ offenses constantly and consistently ranked out of the top 10 and among the NFL’s lower-tier offenses.

  47. ” Mendenhall’s fumble in Super Bowl 45 was far less significant than Roethlisberger’s pick-six in a 31-25 loss.”

    That INT was solely due to Kemo whiffing his block on the line, which blew up the timing of the throw. Had it been completed it was an easy TD for Wallace.

  48. notwho:
    You Roethlisberger Apologists are hilarious.
    However, surrendering seven points via an interception in a six-point loss is STILL more damaging than a fumble…

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