Broncos hammer Ravens 34-17, improve to 11-3


The Broncos broke their Baltimore jinx, but it wasn’t just because of Peyton Manning.

The Broncos hammered the Ravens 34-17, their first win there during the Ravens era. And while Manning certainly did his share, the Broncos did the bulk of the work on the ground.

Knowshon Moreno ran for 118 yards, and the Broncos were able to chew the clock late when they needed to. Denver finished with 163 yards rushing, more padding than that Manning guy needs.

They made a short-handed Ravens defense look inept, which drew the Ravens even with an offense that fizzled in the first game under new coordinator Jim Caldwell.

The loss drops the Ravens to 9-5, just a game ahead of the Bengals (and perhaps the Steelers) in the AFC North. But more importantly, it makes them look vulnerable, and no amount of firing assistant coaches will change that.

The Ravens also left less healthy than they entered, as running back Bernard Pierce and wide receiver Torrey Smith left the game with concussions, and didn’t return.

37 responses to “Broncos hammer Ravens 34-17, improve to 11-3

  1. The Ravens are finished, this is a bad team right now. A game manager like Flacco isn’t going to be enough anymore because the Ravens defense stinks.

    I’d say the Ravens will be one and done but depending on what happens they could play the Colts who are a fraudulent 9-5. Either way the Ravens won’t come close to returning to the AFC title game this year.

  2. No excuses, Manning is elite, take note Flacco. Good game Broncos. That being said, Ravens are decimated with injuries on the defensive side and now the offense is catching up.

  3. Good thing Cameron was not calling the plays today. The Ravens might have lost by 4 TDs.

  4. And the game wasn’t even as close as the final score. The broncos started running clock in the third quarter and could have easily put up 50 if they wanted to. No one is scared of the ravens heading into the post season.

  5. Flacco got hot at the end of the game and that will continue into their playoff and Superbowl run.

    How does second place feel… last time I checked the Ravens are still going to win their division.

  6. Everyone knows that they only have won 9 in a row because they have played crappy teams with losing records! Just wait until they play a division leader with a winning record on the road…ohh wait…

  7. Both the Ravens and the Broncos are solidly good teams. It is just that the Broncos have a great deal of depth, more than most teams, an excellent defense, an excellent offense, and they protect their QB really well. Knowshon Moreno is really an asset to the future of the Broncos.

  8. The Ravens lost to Charlie Batch at home. They may be leading their division. But they aren’t a good team right now and their window is closing as Lewis and Reed ride off into the sunset.

  9. Yea, firing Cam Cameron fixed everything. Guess John Harbaugh went to the Andy Reid school of making his team worse by firing the wrong person.

    Seriously, Jim Caldwell as your answer? I’m speechless on that one and am not sure the Ravens don’t free fall out of the playoffs just like the Bears look like they’ll do in the NFC behind this one.

    I think it’s very evident now that Cameron was working with the short end of the stick trying to cover Joe Flacco’s shortcomings up the past couple of years as his growth has stunted, and it might be coming to light that the Ravens have hit the ceiling with him as their QB.

  10. Say what you want about Flacco and the Ravens offense, but if actually watched the game you’ll realize its not the defenses fault. They forced Manning to four 3-and-outs in the 1st half and were dead tired by the time 3rd qtr started. 4 of their top 5 tacklers out of the game and a slew of others on defense. Offense is the worse in the NFL

  11. I am a huge Broncos fan, & to say injuries isnt an excuse is telling a lie. Although I truly beleive the Broncos would have won even if the Ravens starters werent injured. Their offense is just too vanilla, & the Broncos defense is better than they are given credit for, & I hope they keep playing under the radar..

  12. David37499

    The defense stinks, the offensive line can’t protect Flacco. And the dead brained blame Joe. Amazing!

    Let me see if i have this correct. you want blame the O line for the pick six?

  13. Hey, I admit it, Ravens fans TOLD us Flacco would show his true elite QB self once the anchor that is Cameron was lifted off Joe! Joe totally came out smoking and whipped Denver, just as Ravens fans told me he would! I stand totally corrected. The Ravens CRUSHED Denver today, and Flacco was the reason for the big win!

    Great win, Ravens! Flacco is truly the QB you told us all he was! How could we doubt you? Now lock up that home field advantage!

    Next stop, Hall of Fame for Joe!

  14. I love when Raven and Steeler fan talk smack right now. Both teams stink! And I’m a Steeler fan! Neither one of these teams is going anywhere this year and Steelers’ season might be over next week.

  15. Peyton Manning feasted on brunette chicken salad on Sunday, thoroughly emabrassing the brunette chickens in their own house. The Ravens paper defense had no chance against Manning as they will have nio chance making it past the first round of playoffs.

    In a related story, ravenator is making injury excuses for the pathetic showing the Ravens called a football game. What’s more pathetic, the Ravens or raventors excuses ?

  16. Can someone help me please? Didn’t Joe Flacco have some outstanding games earlier this season and there was talk about a fat contract for him as an elite QB? Well yesterday the Sheriff came into town and showed the young punk what elite looked like! Denver D scared us a bit in garbage time missing tackles and making Dennis Pitta with way too many many tackles but, it was garbage time. The Killer B’s look primed for a playoff run!

  17. the good news is the Broncos really didn’t play all that well.Manning had an average day at best.
    and they still won an east road game with ease.
    that should give them a pretty good boost heading into the playoffs.
    they proved that the Defense can carry the load when Manning only throws 1 TD and 200 yds.
    of coarse that wont work against the pats or Texans and they know it.
    hopefully come playoff time they will be firing on all cylinders.
    if they get to the post season healthy….I think the Broncos will have a good shot at winning out

  18. Manning: 17 of 28, 294 yards, 1 TD
    Flacco: 20 of 40, 254 yards, 2 TD, 1 int

    Manning looked good but he didn’t have to do much, the running game and the pick 6 helped establish the game.

    As much as I hate to say it this late in the season a team should be full of confidence and working like a well oiled machine to go into the playoffs with any hope of success. That kind of sentiment from Flacco, if its true across the team, is very ill timed. Look at the post-season contenders (except this weekend’s version of the Giants) they would all go toe-to-toe with each other and stare each other down. I have a feeling this team would be staring at their feet.

  19. Manning: 17 of 28, 294 yards, 1 TD
    Flacco: 20 of 40, 254 yards, 2 TD, 1 int

    Most of flaccos yds and both td’s were basically in garbage time.after the broncos D went into cruise mode and the Broncos offense went into run run run out the clock mode.
    the stats make it look like flacco out gunned Manning….not even close as to which qb controlled the game.

  20. Nothing matters until the Broncos win two playoff games this year if it happens.

    The rest is just cheerleading….

    Tebow took them to the second round of the payoffs last season.

  21. Playoff picture

    Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots

    Denver will loose the first game of the playoffs to
    the New England Patriots.

    one and done…….

    New England Patriots will loose this game.

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