Browns’ failure to get Griffin could seal Heckert’s fate


On Sunday, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III made his first NFL appearance in Cleveland.  Though he didn’t actually play in Cleveland, the fact that he doesn’t play for Cleveland could end up claiming the job of G.M. Tom Heckert.

Per a league source, if Heckert gets fired (and a final decision has not yet been made), the primary reason will be the failure of the Browns to trade up from No. 4 in the draft to No. 2 in the draft in order to get Griffin.

In the past, former Browns president Mike Holmgren has blamed the inability to get Griffin on the familiarity of the Rams and the Redskins; the two coaches are close friends, as are Washington G.M. Bruce Allen and Rams COO Kevin Demoff.  But that won’t matter to the new regime in Cleveland, where Jimmy Haslam is the owner and Joe Banner serves as CEO.  The Browns could have had Griffin, and the Browns in hindsight should have applied foresight in a manner that would have prompted them to move from No. 4 to No. 2 to get Griffin in lieu of inching up from No. 4 to No. 3 to get running back Trent Richardson.  (At a minimum, it could be argued that the Browns should have called Minnesota’s bluff, standing pat at No. 4 and assuming Richardson would be available there.)

The Browns had the ability to get Griffin.  They were the only team in the bidding with two 2012 first-round draft picks.  Plus, moving from No. 2 to No. 4 would have been worth much more to the Rams than dropping to No. 6.

Though no one knows what will happen with Heckert, here’s the one thing we can currently say with a reasonable degree of certainty.  If Heckert goes, it’ll happen because Griffin didn’t come to Cleveland.

45 responses to “Browns’ failure to get Griffin could seal Heckert’s fate

  1. NO he shouldn’t get fired. Heckert got an impressive draft class and cleveland has a lot of talent. Heckert needs to be last on the list of who should get fired. I mean look at trich, swchartz, gordon and many others.

  2. It’s one thing to miss out on RG3, but he missed out on Kirk Cousins who put a hurt on the Browns today. HTTR!

  3. Awesome, dude.
    So it’s not something you know, or think you know. It’s just something you think somebody else thinks they might know.

    That’s AWESOME!!

  4. Yeah, but they were willing to trade up to get a running back! Can’t fault them there!

    T-Rich is a better runner than his YPC suggests, but A) He’s still a running back and B) He’s not a really, REALLY special one.

    Runs with a ton of power, but he doesn’t play that fast. More of a grinder with pass catching ability. I mean, I like the guy – but come on.

  5. I said this before. Banner knows all about Heckert’s “issues”….that’s why he is gone. Done deal!

  6. Heckert has not done a bad job but 3 moves haunt him in my opinion: 1) moving up to draft hardesty, 2) moving up one spot to get Rchardson, 3) taking Weeden at 22. After watching Weeden look like the guy making his first start and being outplayed by a guy we could of gotten in the 4th round who is 7 YEARS YOUNGER it is hard to say he didn’t miss on that pick

  7. Umm, no. Apparently you don’t know anything about the Browns. Heckert has done as good of a job as any GM in the league. Looks at the Browns roster of talented young players and compare it to 2 years ago. If he goes, it is because Banner wants to be king, even though he is unqualified. If they leave it alone, the Browns will be winners next season.

  8. I am a Browns fan but if the Rams were going to ask for 3 first round picks i would hang the phone up on them. That was a ridiculous asking price if u ask me. But he sure looks like he is worth it now.

  9. Great first round picks? RB’s last about 3 yrs on average, at which time your 1st round QB will be old enough to contemplate retirement. Hilarious.

  10. For entertainment purposes the story line–new owner fires GM for failing to make a trade that might have occured, might have worked is a great story and even better to get comments!

    In reality–Tom Heckert has done a really good job, cleaning up a tired old rooster Eric Mangini left him. He is developing a young hungry team that has a future. This is no Fairytale–its reality.

    but reality also sucks sometimes. Along comes Joe “I know Everything and will leak everything” Banner. His ego wont allow Tom to stay!

  11. Assuming this report is true.. It would make sense. Whiffing on RGIII and settling for a 29 year old Weeden was a crushing blow for Heckert and the Browns.

  12. So the reasoning for firing him is because he didnt trade away most of his team’s draft picks for a QB, who hasnt even played every game this year? IF thats the case then this owner is going to be like the last…

  13. Sounds like a cheap second guess to me. Joe Haden and Trent Richardson have been studs this year, and even though I am not sold on Weeden he is better than expected. The Redskins were ultra-aggressive in getting RG3, a move that usually bites them in the butt. Given a few years I’m not sure the Browns will look that bad.

  14. If Heckert gets fired, I would imagine the Eagles would be in line for his services, with Rosman either getting fired or reduced to a financial role (which would be great, because he makes some disgraceful “football” decisions).

  15. Would it be better to trade joe Thomas, joe Haden, and Phil Taylor for RGIII? That’s essentially what we would give up in the future.

    Rg3 is having success because he has vets around him, a solid oline and an awesome head coach. Weeden has none of those except a solid o line

    General managers make it and break it on the not so obvious picks and heckert has done very well with these picks

  16. Heckert got pushed out in Philly. He won’t be going back there. Also in defense of him, Holmgren had final say on who they drafted not Heckert. Heckert is a director of Player Personnel with a GM’s title.

  17. Trent Richardson is a “stud”? He’s averaging 3.5 ypc. That’s not a stud. That’s below average.

  18. Even if the Browns could have gotten RGIII Schurmur would have ruined him by forcing him to run his antiquated version of the West Coast odffense. See ya Schurmur!

  19. Redskins paid the price for RG3, Browns did McCoy wrong and passed on Cousins. Where are all the Browns trolls now? All I read all week was how the Browns defense would roll the skins offense and T Rich was going to run all over them…the silence is deafing.

  20. Hindsight is always 20/20. Scouts were clamouring for guys like Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young too. Highly touted guys. The draft is filled with many guys that don’t pan out. Washington has paid a steep price for RG3. Time will tell if they can maintain a highly competitive team without first round picks for the next couple of years. There were and never are any guarantees in the draft.

  21. Skins fan here who watched the game today, and as far as Weeden goes, I think too much is being made of his age, and not enough about the fact that his real problem is that he is WAY behind in his development compared to other rookies because he lost so many seasons to baseball. He reminds me very much of former skins QB Jay Schroeder who was also a tall, strong armed phenom who bombed out in baseball and came looking for a football career. I think the Browns fell in love with Weeden’s “tangibles” like height and arm strength, and forgot about the “intangibles” – like does he understand the position. Both Griffin and Cousins have showed me more than he did today.

    Finally, can we please put to rest the cliche that you have to be 6′-4″ to play the position? Weeden had something like 4 passes batted down today because he does not know what he is doing, whereas players like Drew Brees and Joe Theismann learned to compensate for their height disadvantage.

  22. Bruce Allen should be the one getting fired. Just think how good Cousins could be if they had those 4 draft picks to surround him with some talent.

    Griffin couldn’t play in the AFC North anyway. He’d never be healthy in January.

  23. Don’t take for granted that RG3 would perform in Cleveland the same way he has in Washington. Washington was bad but Cleveland is on a whole other level.

  24. anyways washington looked great today with back up rookie qb, rg3 cant be all that great, just sayin

  25. So let me get this straight, Herkerts going to get fired because he didn’t trade for the guy that couldn’t play against him today because he is hurt.

  26. After watching the browns I think they need to get another playmaking WR (Bowe?) and really need to consider getting another QB. If they could get another CB to replace an aging Brown who could be moved to nickel or FS that may help as well. I think T.Riches ceiling is Jamal Lewis….I hope he proves me wrong.

  27. Mr. Florio….You are 100% correct! I’m a Browns fan. Have been for 58 years. But, as you can see, way too many Browns fans claim to know it all.
    Oh, they are loyal fans. Claim to know football. But, I said from day one, the failure to acquire RGIII set the Browns back at least two to three years.
    You get the QB first and then build the team around him. That’s how the draft system works. Fill the holes first before the QB, you make yourself just good enough to take yourself out of the quarterback derby. You just can’t get that through some Cleveland fan’s noggin’s!
    Holmgren and Heckert have now left the Browns without a bona fide starting quarterback. Ask Browns fans what are they going to do for a quarterback, now. They know it all.
    By the way, Heckert and Shurmur are indeed gone. Weeden will not be the starter in 2013. That’s my prediction. Many have disagreed with me but I have a pretty good track record going.
    To me, it’s common sense. You don’t put the foundation on top of the building.

  28. I am a Browns fan but if the Rams were going to ask for 3 first round picks i would hang the phone up on them. That was a ridiculous asking price if u ask me. But he sure looks like he is worth it now.

    So was it a ridiculous price or not?

    The Browns could have sent their two 2012 first rounders and 2013 first rounder for RG3. When 2014 rolled around, they’d have their first rounder and been back on track. It wouldn’t have hurt them at all.

    But they wet themselves over the thought of giving up that 22nd overall pick and blamed Fisher and Shanahan, which was bull****, but typical Holmgren.

    The Skins–and I’m not a Skins fan–had the balls to go get a franchise QB. The Browns took the half-assed way out and took Weeden, who isn’t by any means an upgrade over McCoy (I’m sure the Weed-whackers will rip me on this, but who cares?). Yeah, the Browns were so confident in Weeden that they lied about him winning a non-existent QB competition with McCoy.

    Heckert’s ass should be shown the door like Holmgren’s was. And so should Shurmer’s.

    There’s no reason in the world RG3 shouldn’t be a Brown, other than that Cleveland totally pussed out. WA didn’t. And it has a star–and a pretty good backup QB on top of that, as we saw last week and today.

    But hey, at least C-Town didn’t “get ripped off” like WA did (insert laugh track here). No, they really got full value for that 22nd overall! Nice job, C-Town! Let’s see: Weeden/T-Rich/2013 first rounder or RG3? DAH! We’ll pass on RG!

    And Weeden gets totally outplayed by a promising Kirk Cousins. How very Cleveland is THAT?

    Go Kirk, go RG3! Go Weeden (into mediocrity).

  29. Skins fan that lives in Cleveland here. Not only do the fans know nothing about football, their radio personalities are clueless also. Weeden’s upside at best is Joe Flaco. Same instincts, same size, and same non-ability to have the “it-factor”. People in c-town fell in love with his arm but all he did at OK-state was play pitch and catch and did not display any real qb instincts.

    Weeden is the oddball when it comes to the new style of qb that’s been drafted the last 2 years. RG3, Luck, Wilson, Kapeanick, Dalton, Tanneyhill, and even Cousins seem to have the mobility and wits to play qb. Weeden belongs in the Gabbert and Ponder bust category.

  30. I believe the question of RGIII remaining healthy is a legitimate one. It is a fair question as to whether he returns this year,much less his long term ability to stay on the field. Clearly a talented,hard working young man with a mature outlook. But he is simply one of those guys who takes a lot of shots(apparently) with scheme and ability and habits playing a role.

  31. Soldier over big Ben. Joe Thomas over adrian Peterson. Get a ton of picks from Atl for Julio jones who is a stud. Atl won that deal. Weeden is awful. Slides 5 yds before contact. Just not good. Mc coy better.

  32. Heckert wouldn’t have taken Weeden in the first if not for Mike “QB Guru” Holmgren’s doing. Also brought us Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace & Colt McCoy. Keep Heckert!!!!

  33. This is nothing more than making up a reason to fire Heck, on the same lines as when they make up reasons to raise the cost of gasoline, their ‘reason’ is pure BS, Heck can’t sign everyone, in hindsight everything is perfectly clear, or they would of taken Russell Wilson, 75TH pick overall, go figure

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