Cruz will honor one of the fallen


When the Giants play the Falcons today, the Giants will have the initials of Sandy Hook Elementary School on the backs of their helmets.

Some players will pay tribute to specific victims of Friday’s tragedy.  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen passed along word at the outset of Sunday NFL Countdown, via ESPN’s Josina Anderson, that Giants receiver Victor Cruz will place the name of six-year-old Jack Pinto on Cruz’s gloves and cleats.

Cruz contacted Jack’s parents after learning that the boy was among Victor’s many fans.  Jack Pinto was such a big fan of Victor Cruz that Jack’s parents are considering laying their son to rest in Cruz’s jersey.

I had a hard time typing that last sentence.  And as more details about what those children endured emerge, nothing about any of this is getting any easier.

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  1. It won’t bring those innocent children back, but it would be a wonderful gesture if Cruz gave them a signed jersey for the little boy to be buried in since he idolized Cruz so much.
    Hug your children a little tighter today, and every day.

  2. This has impacted so many parents like me all around the nation including west coast.

    We need to know the stories about every one of these victims so that we can never forget about what happened on that day.

    May god bless the souls and families of all these young children and the adults who were lost.

    I am really glad Giants and other NFL players decided to honor these victims. Thank you.

  3. Such a huge act of humanity from Cruz will go a long way towards the family eventually, hopefully finding peace.

  4. “I had a hard time typing that last sentence. And as more details about what those children endured emerge, nothing about any of this is getting any easier.”
    The most touching words I have ever read on this site….. thank you Mike, for showing such compassion for that awful event.

  5. Football seems very insignificant after something like this has happened. Senseless acts of violence are hard to swallow, but when it involves innocent children, well, honestly it just makes a fire burn in my body. Lets all pray for these families and victims in this time of tragedy. And let’s all hold our loved ones a little closer tonight because life is a gift and it sure is precious.

  6. I love the support of these nfl players. I hope to hear more of this, a lot more. Nobody can do anything to undo what has been done, all one can do is try. To try is an honorable and noble gesture of victor Cruz and all athletes doing the same. Well done. My thoughts are with all those affected by this.

  7. “I had a hard time typing that last sentence. ”
    I watched that piece you are referring to mike with my 6 year old (big giant fan) daughter in the other room and it really hits home.
    I can’t imagine how these poor folks are coping.
    very nice gesture for cruz to reach out to these folks.

  8. My heart is broken for these families. Cool thing by Cruz. Such a sad time for so many people in this country. Sick world we live in

  9. How can anyone give a thumbs down to these posts.

    I pray for these familys I can not begin to understand what they are going thru and I do not care if its Victor Cruz or Tony Romo anyone who can comfort these parents today is a god send.

    Everyone forget about the gifts under the tree grab your kids or grandkids kiss them hold them tight.

  10. Very classy gesture. I know he will be playing with a fire that can’t be described. On another note whoever keeps disliking these genuine comments need help.

  11. This post nearly brought tears to my eyes.I used to hate the New York Giants. However, when this organization and its players step up like this and show humanity and humility, I can’t help but admire them for this.

  12. I had to force myself to watch the news on Friday about this horrendous tragedy. As a father of 3 it is truly my worst nightmare made manifest and to know that there are families struggling through this right now is heartbreaking. Thank you for a glimpse into how we as a society try and pick up the pieces Mr Florio.

  13. I’m not a church guy but I usually go anyway just to spend time with my family. Today, there was a class of 20 or so first graders that sung carols on stage. Not one of their parents had a dry eye. It was the saddest happiest, most moving moment I ever had. Worst though is that there’s 20 parents in ct that will never enjoy such moment. My heart is broken for those families. If there is a god, I hope he takes a break from helping me through my petty problems and truly helps these families get through this.

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