Door opens on Gronkowski playing tonight


When Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski landed on the final injury report as questionable to play on Sunday against the 49ers (along with 18 other Patriots), the initial word we received from a source with knowledge of the situation was that Gronkowski would not play only four weeks after fracturing his forearm.

Now, it’s not quite so clear.

The same source says that, while it remains unlikely Gronkowski plays, his toughness and determination could result in an unexpected appearance on Sunday night.

Of course, doctors would have to approve it.  If they do, then we may see Gronkowski in a game that the Pats need to win if they want to remain in position to swipe the top seed from the Texans.

31 responses to “Door opens on Gronkowski playing tonight

  1. Source says different now=BB got ahold of him after the initial report and cussed him out for eliminating the slightest possibility. LOL
    I am sure he has a chance, but I still think it’s likely he’s at least a week if not two weeks early in his hopes.

  2. It would be great to have him back, but they have played well in his absence.
    I wouldn’t wont a back for two out for four situation like when Hernandez was rushed back.

  3. BB is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the injury report. Go ahead and try to assume who’s hurt and who’s gonna play. Whatcha gonna do harbaugh when the belicheck runs wild on you!

  4. This isn’t a soft tissue injury, its a bone. Its either healed or it isn’t. If it is, then the only issue would be are the incisions that were made to insert the pins healed enough.

    That is strictly a medical decision. But the bottom line is that the Pats just extended Gronk for 8 more years. They aren’t going to risk the long term future of their best player not named Tom Brady to try and beat the Niners.

    They have scored 115 points in the 3 games that Gronk hasn’t played, including 42 on the 2nd best defense in the league. It would be great to have him back for this big game against the BEST defense in the league, but its not like the Pats don’t have other ways to score.

    Mankins, Jones, Chung, and Gregory all practiced the week before they were activated. Its likely we won’t see Gronk until next week.

  5. It’s probably more mind games from Belichick to make the opposing DC have to prepare for the possibility.

    But he could do what he did with Hernandez – let him come back for a game, then keep him on the sidelines for subsequent games to heal – keeping DCs on guard for all the following games.

  6. This game isn’t THAT important. Yes, they pats want home field…but come on. They more need gronk in the months ahead.

  7. Good morning from San Francisco to the East Coast, more specifically Patriots fans. Looking forward to a great game. No doubt, the 49ers are given no chance by the infamous East Coast biased media & fans. Yes, Patriots are good and Tom Brady is a beast. In fact, my son will be going to the same high school (Serra) as Brady. With that said, I have faith in the 49ers, especially their defense.

  8. I may be niners fan but I’m a huge Gronk fan so it doesn’t matter to me if he plays. But after seeing how bad their offense was against the giants with a hurt gronk last year they should rest him. It’s. not like anyone in the AFC is a threat to the pats anyway.

  9. My two favorite teams are playing and I want gronk to be healthy for playoffs not playing a smash mouth d in his first game back ….. that being said if hes 100 percent , I bdtthe great willis and bowman core would get torched by gronk and hernandez

  10. I miss Gronk. He’s fun to watch and a real character. But when he’s not at full strength, like in last year’s Super Bowl, then he’s not really Gronk. If that’s the case, just rest him.

  11. Don’t be stupid.

    They haven’t really missed him on their march to the top, and they’d be smarter to just save him for the playoffs.

  12. ‘raminaz says:
    Dec 16, 2012 9:42 AM
    Good morning from San Francisco to the East Coast, more specifically Patriots fans. Looking forward to a great game. No doubt, the 49ers are given no chance by the infamous East Coast biased media & fans.”

    Good morning raminaz,

    You’re entirely wrong. I think Pats fans and certainly the team gives the 49ers a reasonable chance to win.

    I know that when I saw 9ers players interviewed this week they were universally soft spoken and confident. No wild claims, no “oh noes, this is the biggest game in franchise history”, noting to bite on.

    They reminded me of the Pats players in their interviews. And that tells me they’re not just going to roll over and choke like the Texans did.

    I’m hopeful that Pats will win, but its no lock that’s for sure.

  13. As a 9er fan I’m concerned about tonight. The Pats are playing lights out and the 9ers losses to MINN, NY and STL show just how to beat them. Well the STL loss was inexplicable with its utterly mindless play calling.
    They need to force NE into the 9ers grind it out game of misery and pain and keep it close to win this.

  14. hedleykow says:Dec 16, 2012 12:25 PM

    What kind of doctor would approve playing professional football with a broken forearm?


    What kind of layman would feel the need to comment on it? Even an orthopedic surgeon that hasn’t examined Gronk would hesitate to do that.
    Anyway, it ain’t gonna happen. By the way, it’s miserable up here. the 49ers are gonna love this.

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