Flacco pick-six gives Broncos 17-0 halftime lead

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Just when it appeared the Ravens were putting together a competent drive on offense, quarterback Joe Flacco undid all the good work.

Flacco threw an interception which Broncos corner Chris Harris returned 98 yards for a touchdown, giving Denver a 17-0 halftime lead. It was Flacco’s second turnover of the day, after an earlier fumble.

Threatening to score, Flacco telegraphed his intention to throw to Anquan Boldin, and Harris step in front of it and outran Flacco to the end zone the other direction. The Ravens had just moved the ball 76 yards in six plays, the first sign of life they had shown all day.

The Broncos are running at will (93 yards at halftime, with Knowshon Moreno getting 74 of them on 13 carries), and with Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs in and out of the game, there’s little indication this one’s turning around.

17 responses to “Flacco pick-six gives Broncos 17-0 halftime lead

  1. Flacco was right to complain about his lack of attention from the media — he is just too elite for words

  2. Not all his fault, Boldin should have made a better effort to get that ball. What a great effort Flacco made trying to run down that DB. Not many other elite QB’s would even try to make a play on that.

    The Ravens will dominate the second half and the rest of the season.

  3. Oh yeah Joey! Thanks for looking at your wr before and after the snap! Raven a tor how you feel now bud? Just feed rice and you might score. Boy firing cam was the right move!! Haha!

  4. Broncos are playing like sh*6 on offense and still shut the Ravens out in the 1st half.
    looks like the Ravens are an average team at best.

    27-13 Broncos today folks

  5. This game is a perfect example of the Ravens not being able to execute. You have a tough WR in Anquan Boldin, a down field threat in Torrey Smith, and one of the best RB’s in the NFL, and yet are looking like a bunch of scrubs. Mind you, I’m a huge ravens fan, but these last 3 games have been so inconsistent and frustrating.

    I’d be calling for a 2nd string qb to come in, if ours wasn’t Tyrod Taylor

  6. Best Denver team since 98 and this defense is way better than in either of their Super Bowl years!

  7. Caldwell is over rated as a coach…..He inherited a great team in Indy which is why he initially did well. Firing Cameron even though he probably deserved it could prove to be a fatal decision for Baltimore’s season. How can they possibly develop chemistry and good offensive flow in the last three weeks of the season?

  8. The only reason the Ravens win the division is because the Steelers have been so pathetic against terrible teams. Neither Ravens or Steelers are going anywhere, but at least the Steelers have a real quarterback. lol.

    I’m a Steelers fan and I can’t bear to watch this game.

  9. Where is Cam when u need him?……..Johnny H. is soooo over rated its not even funny, really sad actually. U know the coaching mindset is shot when u run fake fields up by 30+.

    Would be 2 funny if Fox does that today. ….watch he won’t. 2 much class.

    Wonder what Ozzie is thinking?…was he part of this fiasco actions?

  10. Has a team ever gone from one game from clinching the division with 5 to play, and still lose the division?

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