Josh Brent on Cowboys sidelines Sunday


Citing the forgiveness shown by Jerry Brown’s mother, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said this week that the Cowboys would embrace defensive lineman Josh Brent as he deals with the intoxication manslaughter charges he faces as a result of driving drunk and getting into the accident that killed Brown.

That would explain Brent’s presence on the team’s sideline at Cowboys Stadium while they face the Steelers on Sunday afternoon. It makes for an odd juxtaposition with the helmet stickers the Cowboys are wearing to honor Brown and it is sure to be met with a wide range of reactions from around the football world.

My own reaction is that it feels very awkward to see Brent there given what happened a couple of weeks ago. At the same time, it’s hard to know what kinds of conversations went on in Dallas before coming to this decision and that makes any judgment of the appropriateness difficult.

The Cowboys lead 3-0 with a little more than 10 minutes gone in the first quarter of the game.

46 responses to “Josh Brent on Cowboys sidelines Sunday

  1. There were two guilty people in that accident… Don’t act like Brent acted alone… Brown was the one with a designated drunk driver. What was his blood alcohol content?

  2. As a cowboys fan seeing him on the sidelines smiling and laughing with his teammates kind of makes me angry. As a human being seeing him outside of a jail cell makes me livid!!

  3. And how exactly does the “King” Roger Goodell or as some cal him “GOD”ell allow this guy to be allowed on the sidelines?

    He wants to suspend a player if they look at a receiver wrong and he allows this killer to be on the sidelines??

    The hypocrisy is maddening.

  4. Given that Jerry Brown Jr’s mother has forgiven Josh Brent for the unfortunate accident that killed her son provides great support for Brent who is dealing with a life changing experience. Hopefully, seeing Josh on the sidelines reminds every NFL player and person watching why it is important not to drink and drive. This should be an eye opening experience for everyone.

  5. Why are so many people surprised at this? Today’s NFL players are prima donnas who can’t spell the words “responsibility” or “accountability” — mainly because they don’t HAVE to. They get away with, well, murder. Look at Donte Stallworth. Killed a guy with his car after getting swacked up on booze. Result? Settlement. Total jail time about 6 days. Ridiculous!

  6. You people make me sick. The Cowboys are his employer; would your employer not let you show up to work under similar circumstances? Innocent until proven guilty. It’s pretty clear it’s not going to be good for him, but lighten up. The other guy in the car was just as guilty for letting the man drive.

  7. I understand forgiveness. However, I feel that the mistake is being minimalized in the process. Less than two weeks after his actions led to someone’s death, here he is on the NFL sidelines. The Cowboys attempt at forgiveness is bordering on making Brent look like a victim here.

  8. Such a difficult position for the team. One player dead, the other with a destroyed life due to alcohol.
    He really screwed the pooch, but his life is essentially over, as he once lived it.

    There but for the grace of God go I.

  9. Completely disgusting to see Brent on the Cowboys’ sideline. Jerry Jones proves, yet again, that he’s a moron. Sure, let’s be “supportive” of the man who’s actions were directly responsible for someone’s death! How about supporting MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers)? How about a team public service announcement regarding the dangers of driving while intoxicated? How about taking a strong stand against drunk driving-and setting a good example? THAT would be the best way to honor Brown’s memory, rather than slapping a decal on the helmet and allowing Brent anywhere near the team. (If killing a teammate isn’t “conduct detrimental to the team” and worthy of a suspension, then nothing is!) And, yeah…Brown shouldn’t have gotten in the car, but ultimately it was Brent who was behind the wheel. As a driver, each of us is responsible for the safety of passangers in our vehicle.

  10. Jerry Brown’s mother demonstrated great compassion and understanding and a very rare quality: Forgiveness. She understands that Brent’s life has been cast into hell at causing his best friend’s (her son’s) death and that his pain knows no depths. She said they were like brothers.

    I don’t think it’s wrong for the Cowboys to take this broken man, a teammate, under their wing and keep him close by on the sideline. His troubles are just beginning.

  11. I will admit, I’m not watching this game.

    If Josh Brent is in fact laughing and joking on the sideline, two weeks after killing his best friend and teammate in his SECOND DUI, I would strongly suggest he just isn’t getting it, and I don’t know what will reach this moron if kiling his best friend didn’t.

    I doubt I could look those teammates in the eyes, and I sure wouldn’t be laughing on the sidelines where my best friend SHOULD have been.


  12. Stop all the negativity, they are two grown men who in the moment made a bad choice, Brent should have not driven and Brown shouldn’t of gotten in the car or simply put don’t drink and drive.

  13. Not sure how to feel about his one. I understand that browns mother wants people to forgive Brent, but you also have to consider all of the fans who are watching that have lost a loved one due to a Drunken driver. Must be extremely uncomfortable given the fact CBS keeps choosing to show Brent on the sidelines. Dallas says they want to support a teammate, that doesn’t mean Brown needs to be on the sidelines.

    People always say, what were they thinking when they got behind the wheel after drinking? Obviously at that point, they AREN’T thinking, they are too drunk to be rationale. The time to think is before that first drink. If you’re going to drink, then make the decision to have a DD driver or a service to pick you up.

  14. What a hypocritical origaziation, wear Brown’s number on hat and alow the man that took his life to be on sidelines. Not even close to being exceptable. Jerry Jones should absolutely be hung out to dry on this one.

  15. It makes me ill to have to root for the Cowboys today. In fact, even though I’m a Ravens fan, I almost want the Steelers to win just to stick it in Jerry Jones’ face. To have that asshat killer, with previous convictions, standing on the sideline joking around makes me sick.

  16. IMHO wrong message to send. This is how the NFL is cracking down on Drinking while driving let alone manslaughter ? I dont care who forgives him, as humble a gesture as it is. There is a bigger picture at stake and what this does is minimize the need to prevent future tragedies by players. Poor decision.
    Lacks insight and I agree, laughing and yukking it up on the sidelines exposes the gross negligence and belies the immaturity demonstrated by this jerk.

  17. Where’s Goddell at? Brent’s actions lead to the death if another person and he still gets to be in the sidelines. Just another reason to root against the cowboys. I can’t say I’m shocked. I root for the eagles and they retired the number of Jerome Brown even though he killed himself and a little boy while recklessly speeding in a sports car.

  18. Welcome to modern day America, everyone. Here this guy is fresh off vehicular DUI manslaughter, not to mention the reports that came out about him refusing to help his dying teammate, pudgin around on the sidelines, yuckin it up with his other idiot teammates, like nothing ever even happened. If this was me, Id be so ashamed and disgusted with myself to show my face at the local gas station. But heres your modern day typical American on national TV on the sidelines…its such an absolute joke. No humility, no taking responsibility, no guilt, no nothing. Good job Cowboys and NFL, way to demonstrate the value of a human life to the rest of the world. Hypocrites

  19. Can Goodell fine Jerry Jones for being a hypocritical moron because he allowed Josh Brent on the sideline? If the Cowboys organization wants to forgive Brent and support him, they should do it somewhere else. It’s a slap in the face to anyone who’s lost a loved one because of drunk drivers. It sets a HORRIBLE example. This should NOT have been allowed to happen!

  20. To all those who say two grown men made the decision to get in that car and its just as much Brown’s fault…imagine your son or brother got in a car with his best friend and they were both drunk. Would you still feel the same way about your own flesh? “We’ll, he’s the dumbass who got in the car” are hardly the words I think you’d use to describe it.

  21. Only in Dallas would such a thing happen. Jerry wants any and every headline possible, even if the entire country is repulsed by it.

    Such a low class owner running a low class organization

  22. Spytdi;

    It’s not like he was charged with a nonviolent crime like drug possession  or tax evasion. His actions led to somebody losing their life, inadvertent or not. A charge as serious as vehicular manslaughter, most employers would suspend the person until the legal matters are resolved. This guy doesn’t deserve to grace an nfl sideline, he deserves to be cut and sentenced to jail.

  23. Some of you posting it’s ok that he was on the sidelines is an absolute joke. This is like having a drunk driver who killed a member of your family at the wake. Disgusting!
    This is why kids these days glorify athletes and celebrities. One just has to look at Lindsay Lohan.

  24. Not sure which is more disturbing….the team ignorance at having a killer drunk on their sidelines or the killer drunk strutting around grinning. Can only hope a judge doesn’t see this situation as lightly. In any case, he should be behind bars pondering all the forgiveness he has received. He’ll need it.

  25. As a COWBOYS fan I think it’s sick, this idiot should be sent home and cut from the team. He’s an idiot and should not have a chance to celebrate or look like he’s enjoying life. I don’t care about forgiveness this idiot didn’t learn the first time he was caught driving drunk and seeing him celebrate on the side lines make the COWBOYS organization look like a classless joke as always.

  26. odd to a world that does not understand true forgiveness and reconciliation. Jerry Brown’s mother is an incredible example for us all

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