League says playoff expansion was mentioned at ownership meeting


Earlier today, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that, according to multiple owners, the topic of playoff expansion wasn’t addressed at Wednesday’s quarterly league meeting.  Mort nevertheless added that a recent memo from Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay mentioned the possibility that the topic will be discussed in the offseason.

In response, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT that the topic was indeed “teed up” during the meeting, via a pre-meeting briefing binder that mentioned the possibility of playoff expansion along remarks at the meeting from McKay regarding the plan to explore playoff expansion after the 2012 season ends.

So it was indeed mentioned, even if it wasn’t discussed or debated.  And since all that Goodell said was that the issue was “teed up,” the notion that it was wedged into Goodell’s remarks out of thin air is inaccurate.Even if it’s entirely accurate to believe that the topic was volunteered by Goodell at his press conference to take attention away from the bounty ruling issued one day earlier.

3 responses to “League says playoff expansion was mentioned at ownership meeting

  1. Agree with you, MF. This is just smoke to move the discussion on from bountygate. Expanding the playoffs? Sure, as long as they change the name of the league from the “NFL” to “NHL”.

  2. If the NFL expands the number of playoff teams the max should be 2 — an extra wild-card team each. The #1 seed gets the bye and every other team would play wild-card weekend.

    But if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

  3. I think that the bottom eight teams should have a play off for the first draft pick. The bottom feeders should be evenly matched and it might be humorous to watch them fight it out. Then, no one would try to come in last.

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