Lions turn in an embarrassing effort, get blown out in Arizona

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Remember a year ago, when the Lions were a playoff team? Yeah, things can change pretty fast in the NFL.

The Lions turned in an absolutely embarrassing effort in Arizona on Sunday, getting blown out by a Cardinals team that entered the game on a nine-game losing streak and had just been destroyed 58-0 last week. This week, the Cardinals beat the Lions 38-10.

Although the Cardinals’ passing game was as bad as usual, with quarterback Ryan Lindley passing for just 104 yards and throwing an interception, the Cardinals got three touchdown runs from Beanie Wells on the way to an easy win.

And the Cardinals’ defense roughed up Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford all day. Stafford had a terrible game, with three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. On Greg Toler’s 102-yard interception return for a touchdown that sealed the Cardinals’ victory in the fourth quarter, Stafford never even looked in Calvin Johnson’s direction, even though Johnson had single coverage in the end zone.

It has to be getting frustrating for Johnson to be the one good player on an otherwise miserable team. Johnson had 10 catches for 121 yards and remains on pace to break Jerry Rice’s NFL record of 1,848 receiving yards in a season, but how much does that mean when the Lions are 4-10? This team is going nowhere.

The Cardinals aren’t going anywhere, either, but say this for Arizona: Their defense turned in a hard-hitting effort, and Wells came to play on offense. Ken Whisenhunt’s guys looked like they wanted to be out there today. With the exception of Megatron, Jim Schwartz’s guys looked like they didn’t care.

48 responses to “Lions turn in an embarrassing effort, get blown out in Arizona

  1. Adios, Jim Schwartz. And Norv Turner. And Andy Reid. And Romeo Crennel. And Lovie Smith. Did I miss anyone?

  2. Lions are just playing to their competition at this point. They play the Packers and Texans tough so they figure it’ll be an easy win against the Cards and just do not show up. Stafford got hit a dozen times. The team clearly thought it was going to be easy and after they got down, the team just quit.

  3. Yeah those guys quit on the coach /rolls eyes. Now a couple of things. We need to stop talking about pp’s return skills as he is as good a corner as he was a return man last year. Glad beanie wells seem to be back. Also only one sack today. The lions D-line isn’t trash so that means the offensive line is at least semi competent. Potter seems to have been a great pick in the seventh round and bobbie massie got it together. with sendlein coming back and brown as a backup the line doesn’t seem as hopeless. Still would like for grimm to leave. also kolbs going to be back next year he wants to stay and will likely restructure his contract. if not there some good qbs like moore smith.

  4. Let me guess, the refs favored the cards right? Seems like thats the popular excuse when a team loses now days. Or is it going to be the we beat ourselves excuse. I really hope they keep schwartz for a long long time. This is fun to watch.

    Oh and they missed a 15 yard penalty on sue, for the record.

  5. canetic – from what Ive heard today even those spoiled Giants fans want Coughlin fired. They make me want to puke.

  6. The Lions now have a worse record than the Panthers and Stafford has worse numbers than Cam Newton, how come nobody questions Stafford in year 4 like they do Cam?

  7. I guess that anonymous GM was correct with his assessment on the Lions.

    Thank you,
    Lions fan

  8. The Lions have some serious talent, they are a playoff team on paper. Their problem is disipline, or I should say lack thereof, most of the time I think coaches get to much blame for poor play, but when its a disipline issue it really is the coaches. This team needs a change at the top, they need a Belichick type coach.

  9. tonyugoh says:
    Dec 16, 2012 7:29 PM
    The Lions now have a worse record than the Panthers and Stafford has worse numbers than Cam Newton, how come nobody questions Stafford in year 4 like they do Cam?
    Stafford has lost his #2nd 3rd and 4th WRs, and his #1 TE. It’s only his second full year. And honestly people do question him; the first interception was all on him, although a few lately have been all about the new receivers running reallllly poor routes.

  10. If nothing else, the Lions have proven that there is no such thing as rock bottom. They have a remarkable knack for finding another nook, cranny or crevice slightly lower than those previously known or imagined. If the organization were truly committed to the pursuit of excellence, major changes would be forthcoming. Either Mayhew, Schwartz and the OC or DC would be fired. Mayhew demonstrated that he was capable of taking the talent level from incompetent to competitive then showed that he was incapable of building a team that could be championship caliber. Last year has been proven to be an illusion and no one bought into that illusion more than the management and coaching staff of this team. Their lack of insight into their needs and their arrogance in drafting and pursuing free agents incompatible with primary needs has lead to the total collapse of 2012. Outside of a few higher level picks, the drafts have not infused the team with requisite speed, talent or energy while the rest of the division has continued to improve both their starting teams as well as depth. Coach Schwartz has failed to instill his team with a sufficient level of football IQ to overcome the talent deficiencies and the coordinators have proven to be unable adequately craft and adjust game plans necessary to consistently compete against the competition. The team will likely finish out with an 8 game losing streak and will have difficulty retaining any of their own FAs or attracting any quality FAs from around the league. For this sorry team there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There isn’t even an end to the tunnel, just an unrelenting force that digs the tunnel deeper and deeper into sad, irrelevant, redundant oblivion.

  11. Like i said..if the lions lose to the cardinals i wanna see some heads roll…bring out the machete!!

  12. The Fords are the absolute worst professional sports franchise owners of nearly all time. Faring worse than expansion teams, the Lions have seen the ‘expansion’ Panthers make the Super Bowl, the ‘expansion’ Jaguars make the NFC title game, and now the Texans look poised for a deep run. In the meantime, the Fords have overseen a horrific run of drafts, free agency signings, and coaches who don’t display leadership that their charges can look up to. The contracts of many defensive personnel (Avril, Delmas, Hill, and Houston, to name a few) are up at the final gun of the Super Bowl and they won’t be able to sign all of them.

    I lay the blame squarely on the Fords and their personnel decisions; dozens of NFL teams are succeeding with far less talent, though, after today’s pitiful performance, it may be that these teams have more talent. I hate to use a pyrotechnic sounding phrase in this politically correct world, but can we please blow this franchise up?

  13. edwinmoses says: Dec 16, 2012 7:46 PM

    canetic – you forgot Chan Gailey

    Everybody forgets about buffalo

  14. Linehan needs to be fired ASAP. He calls some great games, but is never consistent and way too conservative. Enough is enough.

  15. You know your entire organization needs a pink slip when Beanie Wells runs the table on you. This was the only full game the guy has played this year. Oh well, back to bashing Cutler.

  16. Only a Jim Schwarz Lions team could make the CARDINALS…. look good.

    Good bye Jim… and good Riddance.

    You’re a mockery of a head coach and your team currently reflects your embarrassment.

    Too much Lions talent going WASTED!

    I hope…. GO LIONS… under SOMEONE ELSE.

  17. Michigan is a “right-to-work” state.

    The Lions exercised their right to not show up for work.

  18. This was a battle for the higher draft slot, and the Lions won that battle.

    I know the Cardinals have a long and storied tradition of drafting near the top of the board, but they just came up against too experienced of a squad today. Much respect to the Cards, but the Lions as a franchise have been jockeying for top draft position so many years running, it really wasn’t much of a contest. Nobody does it better than the Lions, as they walked away with an easy 10-38 draft position victory.

  19. Stafford needs to be held accountable for his play , most of his yards are late in the game when there trailing , dissapointing season for stafford

  20. That culture change sure lasted long in Motown…now, they’re back to wearing the same dirty pair of underwear from yesteryear…

  21. This blowout lose to a struggling Arizona team places Detroit at an all time low.
    Rock bottom low! Lower than an 0-16 season. So much talent. So little heart.
    We’ve seen and heard all of the excuses game after game with each loss. Head coach, DC, OC, special teams, blah, blah, blah. This franchise will continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL until new ownership rights this century old train wreck of a so called football team. Jim Schwartz is a classless clueless coach who needs to be shown the door. His lack of coaching skills and lack of leadership and discipline has driven this team from bad to worse. 2011 was a fluke. After today’s loss I hope America finally understands what Lions fans go through and why Barry Sanders retired way to soon! We deserve better than this Mr Ford.

  22. Years of mediocrity and dissapointment have worn down even the most loyal of Lions fans.
    I see that 2 people disagree with an earlier post which just said that the whole Lions organization should be embarassed by the teams performance today.
    What are you seeing that the rest of us aren’t ?.
    Disagree if you want … but loyal and long suffering Lions fans deserve more from the Ford family.

  23. Adios, Jim Schwartz. And Norv Turner. And Andy Reid. And Romeo Crennel. And Lovie Smith. Did I miss anyone?


    Chan Gailey and Rex Ryan…

    Scratch that, I like seeing the Jets lose

  24. Not to take away from Megatron but Jerry set that record on an offense that was balanced with a 1000 yd rusher and several other receivers putting up respectable #’s in their roles

  25. Last week I thought there was no way Schwartz would get canned. I still don’t think he will, but now I don’t give a ish. That defense is horrendous. Also, despite his great stats, there’s something wrong with the Kid.

    Much off season work is needed.

  26. If you look at last season and this one combined, the lions are around a .500 team and are playing like one. Last year they won a few more than they should have and this year they lost a few that could have been wins. A .500 team folks, that’s what they are and it will take quite a bit to improve to serious playoff contention. The worst aspect of this season is that with all the free agents who could leave this year, who are going to be the replacements. Looks like the Lions will have to over pay for mediocre talent again.

  27. The Cardinals did everything that nobody thought they’d do (destroy the Lions) and did nothing that many people thought they would do (stop Megatron). Good effort, Patrick Peterson. Thank your teammates for coming away with the victory so the focus wasn’t on you for getting a beat-down to the tune of 10 catches for 120 yards.

  28. Ha! Calvin Johnson…meet Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz…meet Megatron. Commiserate over drinks post-game.

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