NFLPA takes no position on expanded playoffs, for now


Lost in the trial balloon floated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding the possible expansion of the playoffs is a fairly important point.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement does not address the topic.  Which means, as we explained during Sunday’s edition of Football Night in America, that the NFL would have to bargain with the NFL Players Association in order to obtain the ability to add two or four playoff teams.

The union currently takes no position as to whether it would welcome an expanded playoff field.  And that’s the right way to play it.  If the NFL wants to do it, the NFL would have to be ready to give up something else.

As Peter King mentioned during FNIA, the proposed trade off could be the reduction of the postseason from four weeks to two.  And if the dollars lost via the shrinkage of the preseason would match the revenue increase from the expansion to the postseason, it would make sense to do it.

6 responses to “NFLPA takes no position on expanded playoffs, for now

  1. NFL has a huge addiction to money. Theyre selling out the regular season for more playoff games. It will be like hockey where half the teams get in and fair weather fans show up later in the season. Its a bad idea, and it should be voted down.

  2. Just when the NFL gave up on the stupid idea of 18 games- this happens. I worry about this because I KNOW that if any team can get in, I am going to lose interest in the NFL product.

    As it is with the NBA- I cant get into the regular season- I follow it, but i dont really watch games till the playoffs start.

    I can see myself do the same thing with the NFL very easily. I will lose interest and just focus on the playoffs. Right now it is really enjoyable being an NFL fan- but i dont know if its going to last.

  3. Letting more teams into the playoffs would make the NFL like other sports where regular seasons are mostly meaningless and boring to watch.

  4. Maybe the negotiation should start with the expansion of the roster since it has become obvious that a 46 man gameday roster does not last for 16 NFL games. I think the NFL should expand the rosters to 63 players and get rid of the 46 man gameday roster.
    Expanding the playoffs is ok as long as we only allow winning records into the playoffs. Going to 7 teams per conference would work as long as we do not have any below .500 teams involved.
    Getting rid of the preseason games should not be an option. The only thing wrong with the preseason games is the full price tickkets the NFL ask fans to pay when fans know that starters only play a half or less per game except week 4 when starters do not play at all. That is the message fans are trying to send to Roger Goodell. Fans want half price tickets for the preseason game. No one realizes this but if you reduce the number of preseason games then it will become a norm for high profile players and most starters not to play during the preseason.

  5. Only four teams from each conference will make the playoffs beginning on the first weekend of 2013

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