Offense comes alive for Dolphins in second half of easy win

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The Dolphins went to halftime against the Jaguars with a lead, but without getting too much from their offense.

They gained just 109 yards in the first two quarters. Coach Joe Philbin must have said something inspirational in the locker room because the second half was a very different story.

Miami picked up 280 yards in the third and fourth quarters and rolled to a 24-3 win that keeps hope alive of finishing with a .500 record this season. Ryan Tannehill was 22-of-28 for 220 yards and two touchdowns, a nice bounce-back performance after a pair of rough outings in losses to the Patriots and 49ers. The degree of difficulty was obviously a bit lower than it was in those games, but it’s still an encouraging sign for the rookie quarterback.

Reggie Bush had 105 yards, his first time north of 100 yards on the ground since the second week of the season, to make it a good day all around for the Miami offense. They even left a few points on the board with a fake field goal that resulted in an incomplete pass by punter Brandon Fields. The Jaguars had clearly sniffed out the fake, which would normally beg the question of why the Dolphins went ahead with it.

The answer might be the Jaguars offense. There wasn’t much chance that Jacksonville’s offense was going to make the Dolphins pay for an unwise gamble and they lived right down to those low expectations. Chad Henne evoked memories of his Dolphins stint with an 18-of-34, 221-yard outing at his old stomping grounds and the Jaguars could find themselves in the driver’s seat for the first overall pick if the Chiefs find their way to a win in Oakland later on Sunday.

10 responses to “Offense comes alive for Dolphins in second half of easy win

  1. This is standard operating procedure for Miami…..Play like garbage all season until December and then start winning just enough games to tease your fans and to drop down just far enough in the draft to lose out on all of the elite players. Well done again this season Miami. Well done.

  2. That fake FG was ugly but it was an audible. Fasano was uncovered and the holder audibled. Before the snap, the Jags ran a guy out there and Fields threw the ball away.

  3. Unimpressive win over a pathetic team. The saddest thing about this is that Ross will keep his GM and coach another season based on pathetic wins like this. This team is actually worse than last year’s team, only with an easier schedule.

  4. Well said bchapman2011 couldnt agree more. If you would care to visit the dolphin web site and read the post by that buffoon andy cohen you would think everything in the garden is rosy and next year we make our assault on the division. I love the dolphins as much as anybody but lets wake up to the fact that we only win when the opposition hand it to us ie their TD that never was. This was a team as average as us ravaged by injury’s. We always seem to be a couple of players short every year and our good ones are getting older or moving on and then we start over the same old cycle. Come on Ireland time is running out. Playoffs next year or at the very least make us competitive something to play for anything PLEASE !

  5. Both of these teams need new GM’s. Jacksonville needs everything, I don’t even know how they’ve won a game this year. Mularkey might get caught in the regime shuffle again, but that’s how it goes sometimes. However, he hardly has a claim to keep his job with a 2-12 record, even with this atrocious roster.

    For the Dolphins, Jeff Ireland is terrible and will continue running that franchise into the ground as long as he stays there. Ross should have blown it all up this time last year when they scapegoated Sparano. Now, he either has to find a GM to take Philbin or blow him out, too.

    The Bucs are the pride of FL professional football these days, which is sad considering they’re not that good. What happened in the Sunshine state? Ten years ago, they were all good with the Jaguars and Bucs being legit Super Bowl contenders.

  6. I hope Jeff Ireland makes me eat my words and ram them down my throat one day in the not to distant future but somebody needs to tell him you need to build a team from the bottom up not the bottom down !

  7. My Christmas wish is the Dolphins would be a team again just one more time before I die. At 50, I may not have enough years left.

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