Panthers win another meaningless December game

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For the second year in a row, the Panthers are closing strong.

For the second year in a row, it doesn’t matter.

The Panthers thrashed the Chargers 31-7 Sunday, a sound and thorough beating, to improve to 5-9.

It was the Panthers’ third win in their last four, along with last week’s Super Bowl over the Falcons and a thrilling Monday-nighter over the Eagles. Of course, there was a loss to the Chiefs in there as well.

Last season, they won four of their final six, with a good win over the Texans along with two over the 4-12 Buccaneers and one over Curtis Painter and the Colts.

With a new general manager on the way, it’s unclear if it’s enough to save coach Ron Rivera’s job, or whether the latest play-out-the-string wins are just fool’s gold.

Rivera’s still just 1-12 in games decided by a touchdown or less, and that may be a more telling stat at this point.

What the Panthers did mostly Sunday was show up and care, which the Chargers (also 5-9) didn’t.

The Panthers outgained the Chargers 372-164, and took advantage of a pair of Philip Rivers fumbles and sacked him six times. That’s about the extent of the game information that’s pertinent.

Now all that’s left is the sorting out for the future. In San Diego, that’s taken care of. In Carolina, it probably still is.

13 responses to “Panthers win another meaningless December game

  1. How the heck did San Diego beat Pitt on the road and then come right back and lose at home to Carolina? We know Norv is gone but I think Rivers needs to go too. Just a complete overhaul of the entire organization.

  2. The Panthers did the same thing last year. I sure hope the next GM realizes this and goes a different direction. Nothing against Rivera personally, but he’s one of the worst pressure situation coaches I’ve ever seen. The Panthers have consistently lost winnable games during his tenure, often due to idiotic coaching decisions.

  3. Well played by the Panthers. But lets be honest, who cant win against the Chargers besides the Chiefs? The San Diego Chargers just played absolute pathetic; almost seems as if this team just gave up. Norv & Aj smith MUST BE FIRED…. This team needs to rebuild , beggining with the offinsive line .its pretty simple why the Chargers offense has been having troubles throughout the season, if Rivers get time in the pocket HE WILL be Elite once again. And oh yeah Cason & Jammer are aweful!

  4. Rivers is very very overrated tired of this guy getting passes every week . He is not good just an Avg QB. Time for him to hob

  5. rivers flat out has quit. and i don’t really blame him too much. he gets hit on every play. it was just pretty obvious to tell by all his head shaking and questioning shrugs that he can’t wait for the off season

  6. It definitely seemed like the Chargers quit once we got up 14-0 early.

    We still need a new coach. Rivera has led us to 2 straight 2-8 starts. We won 3 games last year against crummy teams (Tampa twice, Indy last year, Philly and San Diego this year). I’m still holding out hope for Chip Kelly.

    And speaking of what geniusfan said – where are all the “Cam Newton Is The Most Evil Human Being That Ever Lived” idiots? Oh, yeah, Cam is playing better than every QB in the league except Tom Brady, so they have nothing to scream about.

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