Peterson goes for 212 in Vikings win


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson entered Sunday’s game needing 506 yards in three games to set the single-season rushing record.

He got more than 40 percent of that amount in four quarters in St. Louis.

Peterson rushed for 212 yards in a 36-22 win over the Rams, including an 82-yard touchdown run, along with a 52-yard scamper after the Rams had trimmed the gap from 26 to 11.

He now has 1,812 rushing yards for the season, the most of his career.  With two games left, he needs 293 to tie Eric Dickerson’s 1984 record of 2,105 yards, and 294 to beat it.

Yes, Eric, you should be nervous.

Peterson already owns the single-game record of 296, set in November 2007.  Sunday’s output was his most since that game.

It’s the second 200-yard effort for Peterson in three weeks.  He has now rushed for 1,213 yards in the last eight games, an average of 151 per game.

He also has 576 yards in the last three games.

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72 responses to “Peterson goes for 212 in Vikings win

  1. All all these know-it-alls we saying the rams are going to shutdown AP and beat the vikes. Y’all sounded real smart earlier in the week where ya at now?

  2. He’s not that good. He’s a flash in the pan. He doesn’t deserve MVP or comeback player of the year. Offensive player of the year, not him. If you don’t get the sarcasm you’re a phony. 2,106 is within reach. Grab it AD!

  3. Setting the record for yards in a season should make him the automatic MVP, right?

    Matthew Stafford

  4. You can’t stop him, you can’t contain him…he will beat ED’s record, and I believe by a large margin

  5. Maybe I am biased as a Vikings fan, but he has to get MVP. Especially considering his injury and that he admittingly was not 100% for the first few games. Nobody in the league is better at their position than AP right now.

  6. Maybe I am biased as a Vikings fan, but he has to get MVP. Especially considering his injury and that he admittedly was not 100% for the first few games. Nobody in the league is better at their position than AP right now.

  7. To do this after the knee injury late last year is nothing short of amazing. He should get his mom, dad and grandparents extra nice gifts for the holidays. They have him some super genetics.

  8. AP can have MVP, maybe it will warm him up this January while he’s sitting home for the playoffs. Peyton deserves MVP because of performance and superior team record, to win MVP without even making the playoffs would be absurd.

  9. I wish I could enjoy this run for the record, but I just can’t. I have a hard time believing that someone who blew out his knee toward the end of a season could rehab and not just come back and be effective the next year, but put together a season for the ages. I can’t say steroids/HGH are definitely at play here, but we live in a time of chemically-created greatness. I’ve been disappointed by enough athletes that this is unfortunately my go-to response when an athlete puts together an amazing year (let alone when that year is the one after a devastating injury).

  10. archerydeer said “beast mode”. Haha that’s marshawn Lynch silly. Adrian Peterson is “All day” and yes he is making a case for being the best.

  11. being a big pack fan…I KNOW he will beat the record. he can easily get 200 plus JUST against the packs alone…they can’t stop the run let alone this monster of a man

  12. Definitely not a Vikings man but it’s hard not to pull for AP. Devastating injury, had to deal with some made-up crap in Houston, basically no passing game to back him up, and he just runs over everyone

    Classy guy, unbelievable player. Hope he gets MVP and Comeback Player.

  13. ive seen enough. adrian peterson is the MVP.

    to do what is he doing with that offense and QB, go adrian peterson! the country is rooting for you.

  14. As far as his position goes, he’s by far the #1 back in the league. And the distance between him and whoever is #2 is way bigger than the gap between #1 and #2 QB.

    He’s the MVP AND Comeback player f the year, AND Offensive player of the year

  15. Sometimes it becomes difficult to tell the difference between sport and HIGH art. At that point, it doesn’t matter what the difference is. You just step back, watch, and just admire what you are seeing. He is knocking on the door of the “greatest player ever”.

  16. If AP breaks the record he’s gotta be MVP. If not and Vikes sneak into the playoffs he should still be MVP. Brady: Offensive player, Peyton: comeback player, ROY up for grabs (though I’m biased for RG3).

  17. Record or not, Adrian is amazing. I’m a Packer fan but he is one of those guys that is hard to dislike. Manning led his team to a better record so MVP goes to him. Comeback player and Offensive player of the year go to Peterson. What a great year for the NFL.

  18. A.D. Is the MVP, if he doesn’t win it’s a joke! Manning and Brady are the only other player worthy of the award. Manning has already been MVP three times, so I wouldn’t give it to him because you could every year. Brady always puts up great numbers, but the patriots would still be a good team without him (Matt cassel anyone?). The Viking would have maybe two, three wins without Peterson. A.D. For MVP!!

  19. I think he’ll come short of the record, but only because i want him to get it so much, but c’mon man, he’s one of the best, we’ll ever see. Yo Adrian!

  20. @vikesorgtfo

    I agree that he is in the running for MVP, however you can’t consider his injury…special award for that. He is amazing but I hope it’s Brady. Manning had a decent day, so there is room for Brady to prove something tonight!

  21. This game decided not only who deserves the NFL MVP award, but also who was the best long-distance FG kicker.

    Zuerlein, I’m happy for your rookie season, and Imma let you finish, but Blair Walsh is having one of the best kicking seasons of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  22. Now if this was, say, a Packers linebacker, we’d hear that it was due only to PEDs. But it isn’t, so Peterson gets credit for all his hard work, as well he should.

  23. I’m starting to think he’s a Terminator. No human could have suffered an injury like that and less than a year later be putting this kind of season together. Hard to believe anyone is overshadowing the comeback year Peyton is having, but even as a Broncos fan I’d give AP the award at this point.

  24. What exactly is the MVP award for? The Broncos were in the playoffs last year without Manning. The last time Brady missed a season the Pats won 11 games. It would appear that AP’s value to his team is equal too if not greater than those 2 players. Using this logic doesn’t mean that AP should automatically win, but neither should those 2.

  25. Amazing to see what he’s capable of doing in a league where many think its all about passing. Dickersons record is pretty much broke and would have been sweet if he Broke it against the rams. Give AP the MVP award, give him the offensive player of the year award, and give him the comeback player of the year award because he deserves it all.

  26. Pats without Brady still a playoff team capable of going 11-5 without him been proven.
    Broncos with Terrible Tebow still make playoffs and beat the steelers. So when you look at that what peyton and Brady are doing isn’t that impressive. Now you take AP from the vikes and they maybe win 1 or 2 games to me this MVP race isn’t even a race its gotta be Peterson. And FYI I’m not a fan of any of the 3 just my unbiased opinion.

  27. The Packers are going to rest players the last game. Peterson will not only get the record, MN will win the game and knock the Bears out of a playoff spot.

  28. As a Rams fan, i saw it first hand.

    Rams had him bottled up to begin with. 8yds on 8 carries

    We then blitzed. He then went 82yds to the house, and that was it. Ate us up all day (see what i did there) after that

    Undoubtedly the MVP. No one comes close.

  29. I just don’t see the “better record” part of MVP(most valuable player) election why would it the record is a team effort … It’s not “most valuable team” Adrian deserves that award ..not that I think he care cause he wants the record!!

  30. I feel as a Vikes fan that I’ve watched greatness, Petterson will be in the record books with all the greats!! But I also feel that as a Viking fan that I have watched many, many great players in purple!! A list that Petterson will be at the top of.

  31. It’s going to be close. I was doubtful he would get it before today. Now I think it’s very possible. 150 per game is not out of Adrian’s reach even when the defense knows they are going to run, but they face two good defenses fighting for home field positions so it will be close. Remember, the packers have clay Matthews back who is a good run stopper. I thik the big chunk comes against houston.

  32. No mention of Amendola’s classless spike that bounced into the old usher’s glasses, shattering them, and causing the poor guy a lot of pain?

  33. usetabe says: Dec 16, 2012 7:53 PM

    No mention of Amendola’s classless spike that bounced into the old usher’s glasses, shattering them, and causing the poor guy a lot of pain?

    Because it wasn’t classless? He couldn’t have spiked the ball and have it bounce up to hit the guy directly in the right eye if he tried it 50 times. It was a freak accident.

  34. thepvyharvin says:
    Dec 16, 2012 5:18 PM
    Breaking the record vs the Packers is going to make my face break from smiling!!!!

    I will feel the same way when the Packers keep him from breaking the record and prevent the Vikings from winning their annual “SuperBowl.”

  35. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Dec 16, 2012 8:20 PM
    The Vikings lost the division to the Packers today, but that’s ok because Adrian Peterson got to pad his individual statistics.
    Win next week and the packers rest players against the vikes. Vikes win out and they are in for the wild card. That’s right, keep winning Green Bay.

  36. Vikings care more about getting him the record than they do about trying to make the postseason. Meanwhile, the Packers know the Division title is only 1 step, they’re going for another Lombardi & they will win it by the way.

  37. Really, pack13? Vikings played like they wanted to make a playoff run. If you continue to talk as much trash like most Packers fans did last year, another epic upset is in the works come playoffs. Bank on it.

  38. Just because there is talk of the rushing record doesn’t mean that’s first and foremost in their minds. Peterson said himself that he’s more focused on the playoffs, and that the record is in the back of his mind. He’s running like he wants both badly. I can see why Vikings fans hate Packer fans with their unfounded hubris. In what NFL are they going to win a Super Bowl, when they cannot stop a good offense, and cannot run the ball? And you know good and well you hope the Giants either miss the playoffs altogether and don’t get the 6 seed if they fail to win the division, because you’ll be going home early in another beatdown.

  39. pack13queens0 says:Dec 16, 2012 9:30 PM

    Vikings care more about getting him the record than they do about trying to make the postseason. Meanwhile, the Packers know the Division title is only 1 step, they’re going for another Lombardi & they will win it by the way.

    Adrian breaking Dickerson’s record is A LOT more likely than the Packers winning the Super Bowl. The rushing record could last forever, while this will be just another first-round playoff loss for the Packers.

  40. Vikings are currently the sixth seed and control their own destiny. Can they beat Houston and the Packers? If Ponder doesn’t screw up and AP keeps up this incredible run then they can.

  41. I hope the Giants get the four and the Vikes get the six and beat the Packers on their own field. Sick and tired of these Packer fans acting like that team doesn’t have more question marks than a Matthew Lesko suit.

  42. Im as big a diehard packers fan and even I can admit I’d be tickled purple if the Packers somehow acquired a running back with 1/10 the ability of Peterson. Dude is flat out best back in the league.

    The most amazing thing is that he’s doing it in this era of juiced up passing. We almost expect passing records to fall, but Peterson is starting to shred the rushing records.

  43. While Manning and Brady are elite, they have WR’s, RB’s and TE’s and are as responsible for the QB’s stats as the QB and when you factor in how the rules in the NFL strongly favor the passing game, it is hands down MVP for Peterson. The dude plays on a team with no QB, no WR’s etc. to take the focus off of him. I watched a good share of the Rams/Vikings game today and the Rams played a good share of the game with 5 defensive linemen and 9 guys in the box….NINE guys to stop one guy and they couldn’t do it, unbelievable!

  44. I mean he is a living legend! We are seeing greatness, How can someone come back this strong after that injury? Teams put everyone on the defense in the box and he still goes off! You could put 15 guys in the box and he would still break it! I mean if he stays healthy, dare I say he may be the greatest running back to ever play in the NFL?

  45. Just this of how good AP would be on a team with a passing game so the Defense can’t stack 9 guys in the box against him.

    On the 82 yard TD run, 1 guy had contact with him, one of AP’s lineman. That was only because AP put his hand on the guy. The defense didn’t even get close to him.

  46. I’m sorry but comeback player of the year is Peyton Manning and there is no argument. AP missed one game due to his injury and everyone knew he would be back. Manning missed an entire season and had 4 neck surgeries, a lot of people didn’t think he’d play again, Manning didn’t even know if he would, and if he did no one knew if he’d even be any good but he’s been great. It’s not even close, what Manning has done is amazing considering what he went through.

    As far as MVP if the Vikings make the playoffs then AP should definitely be in he running, bit if they don’t then he’s out. The MVP award can’t go to a player who didn’t even get into the playoffs. Brady, Manning and AP should be the 3 MVP candidates, maybe Rodgers as the dark horse.

    Vote me down, but if you take out the bias you know what I’ve said is true.

  47. I really hope the Vikings start doing better, AP definitely deserves a championship for all his work ethic. By the way, where are all the people hating over a runningback getting a 100 million contract now?

  48. A few year ago there was some talk about who was the best back in the league (centered mostly around Tennessee), can we now do away with that nonsense?

    And I’m reminded of some in the national media who questioned whether it was time for the Vikes to look for Peterson’s replacement, as he was on the back side of his career. Of course this was after his SECOND year, so I’m glad the team didn’t listen to this talk and stuck with Peterson.

  49. The Packers can have the Division, I’ll take Petterson every day & Twice on sundays The Packers & thier fans know what thier flaws are!! I do love how at the start of the season that the Bears, Lions & packers were gonna finish 1, 2, & 3 with the Vikes at the Bottom!! Ha! Will the Vikes make the post season? Who knows? But I wouldn’t bet against’em!!

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