Raiders take a look at Terrelle Pryor


When the 2-11 Chiefs and the 3-10 Raiders get together, you throw out the record books.

You also look under any rock for something interesting to say.

The Raiders just put quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the game for Carson Palmer, and he promptly authored a crisp three-and-out, which included an incomplete pass.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen apparently made it clear to the CBS crew doing the game that Palmer is his “quarterback of the future,” and that Pryor is a wrinkle.

The Raiders are up 3-0 in the second quarter, with Sebastian Janikowski hitting what could be the game-clinching field goal.

10 responses to “Raiders take a look at Terrelle Pryor

  1. Wow —was 3 snaps a ‘long look’………Raiders in for a long grind with this management—I mean can someone on here tell me what they are tryin gto accomplish by staying with CP–are they afraid of hurting his feelings?

  2. I’ve been a Raider fann all my life and this may be an all time low. Only 3 field goals against the Chiefs. Amazing. And hopefully Carson Palmer being the “QB of the future” refers the future as being the rest of this season.

  3. Like it or not, The Raiders best chance at being a contender next year is with Carson Palmer.

    If you think Pryor has any chance of being a decent QB, then you must question your knowledge of the Quarterback position. He is not Kapernick, doesnt have the accuracy or the most important thing, The thing every good QB has, a brilliant mind. Sorry just the truth. Want to see what he has tell him to learn to catch.

  4. Palmer needs to be in a “win now” situation on a team that is close. The Raiders are not that team. We are rebuilding, like it or not. We need to see Pryor sooner rather than later. We don’t have good OL play. He can use his feet to extend plays and get out of trouble. Will there be growing pains? Of course, but I would have prefered he started making them last this, he would be that much further along.

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