Ravens defense coming unraveled, Broncos cruising

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The Ravens defense, or what’s left of it, is coming unglued.

Playing without four of their top five tacklers, and with Terrell Suggs in and out of the game, the Ravens are being peppered by the Broncos, who just took a 31-3 lead in the third quarter.

On a 51-yard touchdown pass by Eric Decker, safety Ed Reed was playing shallow, leaving cornerback Cary Williams with no help up top. Williams pulled up as Decker cruised into the end zone, and Reed slammed his helmet in frustration as he walked to the sideline.

Reed had previously been hurdled by Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno, making it a forgettable day for the Ravens. It’s so bad that while I was typing, the Broncos just scored again. I can’t keep up.

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  1. Its only one week. Lewis will be back next week and the defense will be back on track again. Flacco will have another week to work with his new OC and he will have a monster game next week and that will give the Raven team the momentum they need to win it all.

    At least the ravens didnt lose to Oakland, Clevland and the Charges… lol

  2. Lmfao..really what’s going to be your exccuse now ratbird fans..like we’ve said flacco is an avg qb..and your nest is burning..terrible towel curse that is…I’m loving this

  3. Feed the ball more to rice..bunch of crying ratbird fans lol..ravens suck period..steelers might have lost to broncos but we didn’t lose this bad and we played broncos at their house wihtout clark.y’all r getting slaughtered..3 losses n a row lmao

  4. Josephine Flacco HAS TO BE the greatest QB I’ve ever watched play the game……NOT!!!

    Glad to see the Ravens players dropping like flies…Now they too can realize exactly what injuries can do to a team!

    Where’s all the talk now Ravenator?

  5. Defense is old and slow, offense can’t get a first down, “elite” Flacco throwing pick 6’s – not even going to make the playoffs!!

  6. The defense has done everything it could against Peyton Manning, with 7 of the starting 11 defenders out/unavailable…

    But the offense gifted him 10 points – including that Flacco interception that totally ruined a great drive and made winning today damn near impossible.

    Totally disappointed in the offensive play. Joe laid a big ass egg.

    We’ll probably back into the playoffs, and likely finish the regular season 10-6.

  7. Flacco’s terrible, but he’ll probably be re-signed because there aren’t many other options. Defense is awful and getting older every year.

    I’m sure delusional Ravens fans will convince themselves they’re a contender next fall, but I’d rather be a Bengals or Browns fan at this point.

  8. Boy, the Raven’s are lucky they have nine wins. Should be 7-7. Refs gifted them a win against the Pats, and well, check down Flaccid got lucky against SD. Good thing the rest of the division is mediocre.

  9. Laugh all you want, Ravens have performed better than any other divisional rival. Are they a super bowl bound team, probably not, are they the best in the division, obviously so.

  10. It is hilarious that the random Steeler fans show up to talk shxt…

    Hmmm…Steelers are 3rd in our division, have lost to Cleveland (!), Oakland (!!!), Tennessee and San Diego. Clinging to playoff hopes…

    Yet, they remain as douche-y and “humble” as ever…

    As distasteful as it its, I’ll take backing into the playoffs (and perhaps the Division crown) over the struggle life of making the dance.

    Oh, and it might take another year for y’all to get the nasty taste of being Tebowed LAST year out of your mouths…

    *Waits patiently for the “we-have-five-Lombardi’s” fallback comments…

  11. Ravens haven’t performed better they just have a better record. How’s it feel to eat humble pie ator? You and Brent should get together with your wild comic book Predictions.

  12. Come on Ravens fans dont jump off the band wagon now! The Ravens are still the best team in the AFC and will win the superbowl this year. Rav en ator why are you giving up now…. it is a guaranteed Championship this year!

    Flacco = Elite
    Rice = HOF

  13. I have been saying this was goin to happen all season. The ravens are overratted, they struggle with bad teams and get owned by good ones. One and done in the playoffs

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