Saints blow out the Bucs

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Both the Saints and the Buccaneers knew when they lost last week that any realistic playoff hopes were over. But the Saints played on Sunday like they still care. The Bucs played like they’ve quit.

On a day when everything went right for the Saints and everything went wrong for the Buccaneers, New Orleans jumped out to a 7-0 lead on its first drive, extended it to 24-0 by halftime, and cruised to a 41-0 final.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees had an outstanding day, with four touchdowns and no interceptions, while Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman had a terrible day, with no touchdowns and four interceptions. The quarterback position is the obvious difference between these two teams.

But an even bigger difference was simply that the Saints came out looking like this game mattered, while the Buccaneers came out looking like they didn’t care. This game has to be a huge disappointment to first-year Bucs coach Greg Schiano. After taking over a team that gave up on the 2011 season, Schiano had his team playing tough, competitive football for most of this season, and although the Bucs didn’t look like a playoff team, they didn’t look very far away, either. But a game like this calls into question whether Schiano’s Bucs have much fight left in them.

And say this for the Saints: For everything that went wrong this year, with their coach suspended and their team’s integrity questioned in the NFL’s bounty investigation, this team is playing hard. And today, this Saints team played very, very well.

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  1. Simply put, Freeman isn’t the guy. Call up Arizona and KC and see what they’ll offer. Maybe make a run at Alex Smith or Matt Flynn. Bucs need steady play, not peaks and extreme valleys.

  2. I thought the Bucs fired Raheem? Seriously though, coach getting in a shoving match with a player, team puts up no points against the worst defense in the league. Can’t wait to get rid of everyone in the secondary not named Mark Barron. Freeman’s got the talent, but it seems like he can’t win a big game and gets rattled to easily. Hopefully we don’t sign him to an extension and trade him to his hometown of KC for their 1st pick.

  3. Always liked the bucs, but this new coach with his late game crap makes me cheer for whoever plays them. He is not NFL worthy with his stupid behavior and the inability to admit he is wrong about it.

  4. Throwing touchdowns when you’re that far ahead? yeah, Saints, class act. The Falcons were rolling and took a knee with 1st and goal inside the five. Keep piling on that bad karma Saints.

  5. I love when people complain about “running up the score” and calling it classless. What happens a lot of times is the team with the lead will run the ball, get a bunch of three and outs, and let the other team back in the game.

    The Saints gave up a 50 burger to the Giants. Other teams have “run up the score” on them in the past. It has never bothered me. What bothers me is that my team couldn’t stop it.

    That said, if you are a Bucs fan, don’t call my team classless because YOUR team couldn’t play defense.

  6. A Schiano team mailing it in? Impossible. They play hard every down. 60 minutes of football. Or so they’ve been saying … over and over and over.

  7. I love these so called Bucs fans. You know tampa the home of the half empty stadium. Replace Freeman? With who? Flynn who couldn’t beat out russel Wilson ? It’s Freeman’s fault the defense can’t sto a grade school team? It’s Freeman’s fault the running game was non-existent ? Obviously Freeman played poorly but you will be hard pressed to find a qb who hasn’t. Didn’t Brees just throw 5 int. last week? Patience is the key and Freeman is the answer in Tampa but needs an o- line and time to develop.freeman has had the Bucs in position to win at least 3 games the defense couldn’t hold the lead on the last possession .

  8. Schiano response to question about blitz on kneel-downs, “What I do with our football team is we fight until they tell us game over. And there’s nothing dirty about it. There’s nothing illegal about it.”
    Then there’s also nothing dirty about scoring another touchdown up 34-0 in the 4th. No sympathy for Schiano!

  9. First off we know what they do to a team taking a knee. So if this were the falcons or any other team they would have called off the dogs. Karma is a B

  10. I’m pretty happy with the saints demolishing the Bucs. Schiano just seems like a jerk and I can’t stand their sears catalogue model playing QB.

    As far as running up the score on a hapless team?

    Grumpy cat says: Good.

  11. Keep winning Aints. Keep droping in the draft. Maybe the GM will draft another bust RB. Panthers got something waiting for you after you went classless last year.

  12. A bust who had 90 yards on the league’s best rushing defense today? You panthers will never win anything of significance as long as the self absorbed Cam is running the show.

  13. As for all the whiners about the kneeldowns. Had the Saints had the opportunity to kneel down in this game, the Bucs would not have attacked it. That play only happens if the Bucs still have a chance to win the game. Its amazing to me that because Coach Schiano teaches his team to fight that he’s branded a “jerk” or an “a-hole”. Considering the quit this team displayed last season, fighting to the last second made me proud as a Bucs fan. Today was just a terrible day. They didn’t quit, the Saints just put it on them and frankly, the kneel down b.s. had nothing to do with it. The Saints were just better.

  14. the1bigbird says:
    Dec 16, 2012 8:13 PM
    Keep winning Aints. Keep droping in the draft. Maybe the GM will draft another bust RB. Panthers got something waiting for you after you went classless last year.
    This is funny because

    A. The Saints don’t have a #1 draft pick thanks to the corrupt, inept Goodell and

    B. You should really be worrying only about your own team, you might be looking for a new head coach in the offseason,

    oh and

    C. You get to play the Saints in the superdome again. You can talk all that mess about being classless but here’s to hoping the Saints can be classless again against the Panthers and blow them out for the last game of the season.

    Wouldn’t that be awesome bigbird? Then maybe we can have another “Can Cam?” press conference!

  15. the saints Def is not the reason we lost our last three drew had some real bad games that is the diff the saints will be very good next year the futer looks very bright in nola

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