Upon further review (and further and further) 49ers lead at half

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The short version is, the 49ers have overcome some early mistakes to take a 17-3 halftime lead over the Patriots, and will get the ball to start the second half.

The long version will be longer than Ed Hochuli’s attempt to explain a second quarter Patriots punt that may or may not have been touched by Ted Ginn Jr., but stayed with the 49ers after a lengthy review that managed to make both head coaches incredibly upset.

The illegally touched punt could end up being a frustrating footnote for the locals, because the 49ers are controlling game so far, outgaining the Pats 249-113, with a whopping 142 yards on the ground.

The way the 49ers defense has held Tom Brady in check has been admirable, particularly keeping Wes Welker out of the box score.

If the 49ers can build on this lead, Hochuli may escape further criticism (not likely).

23 responses to “Upon further review (and further and further) 49ers lead at half

  1. No fumble (touch) by Ginn. Holding on 49ers. Pats touched ball first which us technically “illegal” so the ball is dead at the spot of touching and kicking teams ball. 49er ball with -10 for holding.

  2. NFL is crazy. Giants blow out Saints. Get blown out by Falcons. Pats blow out Texans.. Are in the process of being blown out by the Niners

  3. Pars comeback would be huge for my packers!

    There are still 10 minutes to play with sf up by 7, but man, you cannot let up the pressure on Brady.

  4. The referee’s have been helping too much in the second half to make the patriots come back. I will re watch the second half to see how much help they are giving them! Why they trying to make it a close game? Let them play if they get blown out then let them!!!

  5. My prediction: that was the last post from blacknoleo8. He would have been insufferable if only he were right. Gotta love these types. See ya next year..

  6. No fumble (touch) by Ginn. Holding on 49ers. Pats touched ball first which us technically “illegal” so the ball is dead at the spot of touching and kicking teams ball. 49er ball with -10 for holding.

    Ball is not dead there but can be placed there unless the illegal touching spot is also the dead ball spot. If touched illegally prior to that, it remains alive and if the play is free of accepted penalties, can be placed there if the receivers so choose. Can’t enforce from that spot unless it’s also the dead ball spot.

    He announced holding on the kicking team first, then 3 more confabs among the crew, then each sideline – lasted forever. If this were week 3, Collinsworth would have chimed in after 60 seconds with the “these guys don’t know the rules” rant or “they have to get control of the game – they look lost!” Here, since Hochuli invented NFL officiating, he waits patiently to be told the outcome.

  7. The only sure thing from this game is that Ed Hochuli is an ass-hat and has to go. He and his crew are notorious for inadvertent whistles, confusing, inconsistent calls, and long blundering explanations that don’t clear up anything and leave both coaches upset.

  8. To clarify – illegal touching is when a member of the kicking team goes OB and returns and then is the first to touch the kick. This is “first touching” – same thing in NCAA, two distinct things in the NFL rules. One is a violation, the other is a foul.

    If the ball is first touched by the kickers prior to the receiving team, it’s a violation (not a foul) and the receivers have the option of taking the ball at that sport as long as there are no accepted penalties. You’ll see that if the kicking team member touches it at the 20 but it keeps rolling and is downed at the 5. Receivers will opt to take it at the 20.

    The dead ball spot and the first touching spot are the same thing many times but you can only enforce from that spot if it’s also the dead ball spot, never from the first touching spot if the two are different. I think that might have been what the coaches were yelling about – a difference of opinion on the spot of enforcement.

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