Braylon Edwards helps the Jets score on their opening drive

Getty Images

Braylon Edwards hasn’t even been with the Jets for a week, but he’s already helping them score.

On the Jets’ opening drive on Monday night, Edwards caught a 14-yard pass to get one first down, then picked up a pass interference penalty to get another first down. (That was one of three first downs the Titans handed the Jets on penalties; Titans defensive back Jordan Babineaux also gave the Jets one first down on a defensive hold and one first down on a facemask.)

The Jets also got a first down on a third-and-1 run up the middle out of the wildcat formation by Tim Tebow, and they got 13 yards on four carries from Shonn Greene. The drive ended with a field goal after what was first ruled as a touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez to Jeff Cumberland was overturned on replay as an incompletion.

No one is ever going to confuse the Jets with a great offense, but they were at least a competent offense on their opening drive against the Titans. If Edwards can make plays in the passing game, this offense may be just good enough for the Jets to stay in playoff contention for at least another week.