Bucs players grumbling about “college” coaches

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Well, it was fun while it lasted.

With a style that made him a successful as a college head coach and no reluctance to send packing any veterans who were deemed to be unable or unwilling to accept his “toes on the line!” tendencies, coach Greg Schiano lifted the Bucs into contention via four straight wins.

But 6-4 has since yielded to four straight losses, culminating in a 41-0 blowout loss in the Bayou, to the Bucs’ NFC South rivals.

And the frustration is showing.  The incident between assistant coach Bryan Cox and linebacker Adam Hayward was public; privately, the grumbling has begun.

“Can we send these coaches back to college?” one player privately said after the game.

Schiano won’t be going back to college any time soon, and the fact that several of the assistants have NFL experience make them other than college coaches.  But the reality is that Schiano’s college-style approach to grown men will work only if the team wins.  When losing takes hold, NFL players will complain about college tactics.The question moving forward is whether Schiano will adjust his style, or whether he will continue to do things the way he sees fit, continuing to identify those who don’t like doing it his way — and sending them down the highway.Based on the way Schiano has handled the victory formation issue, we’re guessing it’s the latter.  And it may work.  But if the Bucs don’t win, eventually there may not be enough players left to field a team.

52 responses to “Bucs players grumbling about “college” coaches

  1. The idiots in the Philly media want Jeffrey Lurie to fire Andy Reid and hire a college coach which would be a big mistake.

  2. They didn’t play for Morris who by all accounts was their buddy. They have done better with Schiano. Very few big losses. For cripes sake they lost to Denver, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York, and admittedly a bunch of scrub teams as well, Philly, Carolina etc…. Schiano has to have experience to figure out the pro game from a head coach perspective and I am sure he will have staff tweaks in the off season. Who had the Bucs to win more than 5 games this season? Really?

  3. The Seahawks and Niners each have a college coach. Difference is both of those teams have a top five D, and believe in their coaching staff. Bucs haven’t had a D since Monte Kiffin left, and have constantly questioned their coaches. Look in the mirror first, gentlemen.

  4. I played for the LB coach 12 years ago in college and he was the dumbest football person I ever encountered in my entire football playing career. These players are probably not far off.

  5. Can we send these lazy, non-trying players packing without a guaranteed paycheck?

    You want the coach to treat you like a man, then act like one.

  6. Whatever. Ill put money on the fact that whomever said that isn’t a player if any note. The real reason they are losing is that Freeman is still growing as a player (he’s only 24) and the secondary is awful. Not to me took we lost a ton of veteran starters to injury. Calm down, we ‘re still night and day from last year.

  7. Gotta be hard to get motivated to play for that team when your fans don’t show up to the games, all the games are blacked out, your owners are clearly only motivated by greed and money and you have a revolving door of circus clowns pretending to be coaches.

  8. Bad coaching does not get you a 41-0 beat down…bad play on the field does. Schiano has been weeding out the attitudes all year and it would seem that this guy is next to go. Man up and do your job. The team is much better than last year. Players that don’t “follow” their coaches or “believe” in the system are to blame. They are usually the ones who jog when they aren’t the primary receiver or watch as the play goes to the other side of the field. Me guys vs. team guys.

  9. Routine frustration.

    If this team can fix the defense, they should be able to make big strides in the next year or two. They have a solid quarterback, two great receivers, a reliable tight end, and a versatile running back that has thrived even behind a beaten up offensive line. The offense should only improve next year when Nicks and Joseph are back.

    If they can just tighten up in the secondary and find a pass rusher or two, they should have one of the better rosters on paper in the NFC. Just look at how far they’ve already come since last season.

  10. While I don’t disagree with the sentiment necessarily, I’m having trouble reconciling the following with each other:

    Bucs players grumbling about “college” coaches

    “Can we send these coaches back to college?” one player privately said after the game.

    How does “one player” become “players?”

  11. This is on the players. A true professional, such as those who ply their trade in San Francisco or Seattle, appreciates when someone comes in and tries to build a winning culture.

    These guys had the laid back players coach they apparently prefer and couldn’t be bothered to win enough games to keep him around.

    The fact is, this has been a successful season for the Bucs if it ended today. Schiano isn’t going anywhere, and if whoever said this doesn’t want to be looking for a job, they’d better learn to deal with it.

  12. They’ve been more successful than they should be all things considered. Decimated by injuries, a secondary that would be considered embarassing by CFL standards and a ridiculously inconsistent QB, and this was really the only game they got humiliated in. Still gotta cut out some more of the Raheem holdovers, but complaining about tough coaching after the Club Med they had the previous 3 years is laughable

  13. While I don’t disagree with the sentiment necessarily, I’m having trouble reconciling the following with each other:

    Bucs players grumbling about “college” coaches

    “Can we send these coaches back to college?” one player privately said after the game.

    How does “one player” become “players?”

    For what it’s worth, Schiano is going nowhere, and the grumbling will likely end once the veterans are out and he has a few drafts under his belt. People who can’t deal with his personality won’t stick around and he’ll replace them with people who will go with his flow. For better or worse.

  14. It wasn’t the college coaches who blew assignments and then rolled over in that game. Man up, earn your salaries, NEVER speak team negatives to the media, and quit pointing your finger at someone else for you failures.
    Anything else is cowardly.

  15. It’s gunna be a fun week of practice in Tampa!!! I would bet the player who said that is not on board with the program and he will not be there long. There may be some players that still think they are above the team! They will find them and they will be gone! As to the poster above on bucs attendance. I would say in actual people in the stands the bucs have done great compared to a lot of teams that were “soldout”. What’s worse – fans not buying all the tickets and being 7000 short of a sellout or fans buying all the tickets and 20000 not showing up for something they paid for

  16. Everyone needs to back off this media induced drama we already know how they feel about our HC. We have a team down here full of character and our weakness on defense (secondary) will be addressed during the off season. What the media or outsiders are quick to forget is the multiple injuries we’ve had, especially on the offensive line (two pro bowlers Nicks and Joseph top the list). Anybody that actually knows the game understand that it all starts up front with Freeman. As a Buccaneers fan I am confident in our coaching staff and our football team and believe our best football is ahead of us. Sorry if I ruined all the haters day, your better off sticking to your home team and your own problems. Good day Tampa Bay.

  17. Soon as the going gets tough, Bucs players quit so easily no matter if the coach is Schiano or Morris. They have to learn how to take a loss, as well as learning from the loss so they can fix whatever problems their having on the field and move on to the next game. They’ll never get better if they want their coach fired every time they lose a game.

  18. Not sure where I come down on this one. On the one hand, Greg Schiano is a giant dirtbag and a terrible coach. On the other, Josh Freeman is comically fat and one of the more pathetic players in the entire league. Seems like blame should be shared by both players and coaches.

  19. It’s not so much the losing season that got that discipline out of whack, it was the 41-0 blowout that did that.

  20. Full disclosure – I’m not a Tampa Bay fan and do not have any sympathy for their woes. That said, NFL players are well paid to play a kids game. With that comes the obligation to do as they’re told. Not one of them would want to join the vast majority of us who have real jobs and can’t dictate our boss’s fate, so all of them need to shut their mouths.

  21. I guess we can’t blame Raheem Morris for this now can we, I luv how free agents were brought in AFTER they FIRED him, Shouldn’t it have been the other way around, anywho its just a pathetic franchise.

  22. How did this guy ever get a professional job. He wasn’t a very good college coach. He had a couple of good seasons, that’s it. Other than that he was below average.

  23. I have been on the record of talking about how this Greg Schiano hiring was not the best idea for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I have been on the record of also saying that this is Bobby Petrino all over again. Both guys had Small periods of employment in the NFL before becoming head coaches in college And that lack of experience is now fighting them in the butt. Schiano has slightly exceeded my expectations, but you cannot just hire a coach because Bill Belichick so that he was good.

    Maybe this should warn people about Chip Kelly.

  24. Performance and attitude are generally led by the HC and the QB. The facts are that Josh Freeman is neither a leader nor performer. He is a product of Raheem Morris’s failures in talent evaluation. Miscommunication with QB? The staff has had all training camp and the season to establish those details. So, boys and girls, we can’t wait another year of trial and error, move the position coaches and the QB. Move on. THIS IS A BUSINESS!

  25. First off J Freeman is no bumb. You would think fns of a franchise that best QB ever was Brad Johnson probably would appreciate a winner. (Steve Young does not count) He is clutch and remember how young he is. There are growing pains and saying he is the problem by some of these posters is a joke when they have a terrible secondary. Although Barron and Barber are solid. I have to admit and maybe I am wrong, but the fan base for the most part is embarrasing ( I said the most part bc there are some true fans) . You have a young up and coming team and stadium is not selling out and fans for other teams can be heard almost every week. So I am guessing all these no shows will come when they are a contender again. Seems like mostly front runners and makes me feel like they don’t deserve the good coach and up and coming talent they have all over. I know some of you guys are legit fans, but you have to admit outside looking in it makes the fan base mostly look like front runners. Just my opinion.

  26. I’ve been a Rutgers football season ticket holder for a very long time and lived in NJ my whole life. Over the years I’ve met a couple guys that have played or worked for Schiano during his time at RU and everyone had the same sentiment- they HATED Schiano. He was brutal to work for and a psycho perfectionist. But they did respect him. I can see Schiano having success in the NFL but I fear the arc will be a small one. Guys like him usually has their message get old quickly.

  27. I’m sorry but the coaches are not the problem with this team. Its the lack of Talent that is hurting this team. Schiano has proved he can win when the talent meets the ways of his coaching. And by all.accounts the Bucs only 3 college coaches who didn’t have NfL experience. Andthe o line coach is one of the best one any level. But its just like NFL players to blame everyone but themselves. I like this coaching staff and I believe they will win. But they are still 3 solid picks away from making consistent runs at titles.

  28. Players quit on coll approach from Raheem Morris last year.
    They quit on strict approach this year.

    Stop whining, stop to take 300+ pass yards/game, Just do your work.

    3 years ago, Tampa used 1st & 2nd round on DT, 2 years ago on DE, this year we need to draft 2 CB with our 1st and 2nd round.

  29. Yeah, kinda hard to sell the Freeman growing pains when Luck, RGIII and RWIII come in as rookies and look more poised and seasoned than Freeman ever has. Hell Nick Foles did too for that matter. In year three as a starter, with all the weapons he’s been given, there is absolutely no excuse to be regressing again.

    Maybe Freeman figures it out eventually, but I doubt it. He plays too scared, makes awful decisions and has brutal accuracy for a guy 6-5. Trade him now while you can maybe find someone to take him, because after another mediocre year next year, you’ll have to let him walk for nothing.

  30. People who make comments like that are the types of players who need to be let go. The bucs need a culture change, and schiano needs to draft players who fit his attitude scheme and outlook.

  31. Bryan Cox has never coached college football as far as I know. He has always been an assistant NFL coach. He was probably also a better player than whoever said that.

  32. another thought, maybe “that player” needs to go back to college himself, because I did not see many “professional” players on the field the last several weeks.

    Everyone I know called me a pessimist when I kept calling out the “experts” that were saying the Bucs offense is explosive. It’s explosive, like a the day after a late night run to Taco Bell.

  33. First year of a new program. There will be some rough days but these players didnt well play for Raheem either so quit whining. You are playing a game and making millions. Don’t act like you’re the brains too. Just do your job and leave the rest to the coaching staff.

  34. I hated that Raheem Morris had to leave when it was all of Mark Dominik’s fault for not bringing in the right personnel. Now that we have Schiano, lets continue to bring in the right personnel. Let’s either get rid of Mark Dominik or have someone help him select better players, get Kirk Cousins from Washington (he’ll never get to be a starting QB there), and bring back Monte Kiffin!

  35. I’m not going to take a side on the assitant coach vs player battle. I am going to say that any team that employs Bryan Cox in a position of authority does so at their own risk.

    One of my all-time favorite post-game rants came from Cox in ’95, I think it was week 14. I was watching SportsCenter waiting to see highlights of the expansion Panthers win over the Colts, and right before those highlights was the coverage of the Miami game, and there was Cox, having to have every other word bleeped out as he ranted about the distraction of the speculation that Jimmy Johnson was going to be hired to replace Don Shula. When he calmed down, he called the Dolphins win that day “the grace of God.” Oh, I thought, so he’s bipolar. That explains a lot!

  36. All I have to say is don’t go disrespecting Bryan Cox. That dude was a bad, bad man in his day. Badder than anybody the Bucs have right now…

  37. The Seahawks and Niners each have a college coach. Difference is both of those teams have a top five D, and believe in their coaching staff. Bucs haven’t had a D since Monte Kiffin left, and have constantly questioned their coaches. Look in the mirror first, gentlemen.

    Difference between those two situations is that both coaches have an NFL pedigree to speak to. Carroll having a longer resumè as far as league history goes, and harbaugh being a former player in the league. They know what makes these players tick, and what gets them up for games.

    Schiano thinks that he can come in like Nick Saban did, and try to be a dictator. That bit of doubt arose after the victory formation fiasco against the giants, and your defensive captain doesn’t even back your decision up. These aren’t impressionable college kids who can easily have the fear of god put in them once they step on the practice field. These are men collecting a paycheck who know what their job is and don’t need Schiano’s act to do their job. Those people wear out their welcome really fast in ANY job setting.

  38. Always blame someone else. The coaches game plans and coaching worked earlier in the year so to get beat like that I have to say its heart and a lack of execution. Getting beat can be game plan and coaching but not getting beat like that.

  39. This team is void of leadership. You don’t get thrashed 41-0 by a team with a losing record and react like that if you have leadership.

    Time to look in the mirror son.

  40. Schiano will be buried in the NFL’s graveyard of college coaches.

    The only ones that were partially successful, Jimmy Johnson and Bary Switzer were blessed with a great GM – Jerry Jones – who fed them star players.

  41. wish this ” Player ” would have put his name to it like a real man. Then go home and explain to his wife and kids why he’ll be on someone else’s roster next year.

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