Cranky Panthers fans buy a newspaper ad

In Kansas City, they hire airplanes to drag banners through the skies.

In Charlotte, the cool kids buy full-page ads in the newspaper.

After Panthers center Ryan Kalil got the ball rolling with his Super Bowl promise earlier this year (whoops), a fan or group of fans bought another piece of newsprint real estate in the Charlotte Observer this morning to blast Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

Signed by the “Perturbed Panthers PSL Owners Federation” (which might be 1,000 fans or might be two guys in tin-foil hats, we don’t know because there are no names attached to it), the single-spaced screed which includes charts and graphs takes Richardson to task for what it calls “The Panthers Pyramid Scheme.”

Their central complaint seems to be that Richardson continues to make money while the team continues to not win.

I’m checking with Florio to see if that’s actionable in North Carolina, and with friends in Cleveland to see if they’ve stopped laughing yet.

Buried within the avalanche of words are some salient points and a few funny lines (of coach Ron Rivera: “His clock management would be a mystery even to the Swiss”). But mainly, it comes off as a really long message board post, or call to a sports talk station.

They railed on former general manager Marty Hurney, who has already been fired. They railed on Rivera, who probably will join him soon.

Mostly, they railed.

Hopefully, with all that off their chest, they feel better.

And if nothing else, it guarantees that many of my old friends at the newspaper will get paid for another week, so they’ve got that going for them. Which is nice.

10 responses to “Cranky Panthers fans buy a newspaper ad

  1. If Jerry Richardson’s smart, he hires Tom Heckert when the latest Browns saviors blow him out for Michael Lombardi (I won’t even say anything about the stupidity of that) and then backs up a Brinks truck to Andy Reid’s house to coach a roster Heckert puts together.

    Too bad Rivera is the current HC because he might have actually worked as the DC there as a former Reid assistant and probably Jim Johnson’s most successful disciple as a coordinator. I know he shouldn’t bring any of the ones he tried in Philly.

  2. I don’t no why the Panthers fans are so cranky this late in the season. Cam is balling like we all know he can. As soon as this guy matures mentally he will be an unstoppable force. The Panthers are playing some sound defense and look like a unit on the rise. They need to get Cam some weapons on the outside as well as another good TE to compliment Greg Olsen. It’s time to cut the cord on the J. Stewart/ D. Williams tandem. They need to draft a stud every down back like the Bucs did this year with Doug Martin. Defensively, they need some more depth. But I see a unit that is starting to gel, and could be one to watch next season.

  3. You would think that center Ryan Kalil would have learned his lesson from former Philly QB Vince Young last season when he predicted his Eagles to win the Super Bowl that season because they were the “Dream Team” but ended up only 8-8 and are doing much worse this season that you don’t make stupid predictions because you acquired a quality QB. The last I knew, it took a good 11 man offense, a good 11 man defense and a good 11 man special teams unit to make a great team, not just one man. Trust me, from what I’ve seen out of the Panthers this season, they are years away from being NFL playoff material.

  4. supremekingz says:
    Dec 17, 2012 11:55 AM
    This is how they act after a win?
    Yeah, it’s just 1 win.

    Thanks to the NFL’s generous revenue-sharing and massive TV contracts, plus the fact that every game is sold out because we have a legion of “ticket brokers” who own large blocks of seats that they sell to fans of visiting teams, it’s darn near impossible for Richardson lose money.

    The PSL owners paid to build the stadium for Richardson. Now he’s getting ready to ask other people to pay to upgrade it. And we have had exactly 4 winning seasons in the team’s 18-year existence. So yeah, the PSL owners are plenty mad, with good reason.

  5. Panther fans should be happy, even in another injury plagued year, with no solid 2nd receiver and a system that has (in my opinion) “nerfed” our run game, the talent is still coming through. We get a good coaching staff next year and a wild card berth is well within reach. Enjoy the next couple of games, with no NHL this year its going to be a looooonnnggg offseason for this panthers fan!

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