Dez Bryant likely needs bone graft, but says it won’t come from his hip

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Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant caught four passes for 59 yards in Sunday’s 27-24 overtime win over the Steelers, including a key 24-yard touchdown in the third quarter, despite playing with a finger injury that will require surgery after the season.

It was clear during the game that Bryant’s finger was limiting him, especially on a third down play late in the fourth quarter when Bryant couldn’t come up with a pass from Tony Romo. After the contest, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that the wideout will likely need a bone graft to repair the injury and made a suggestion about where doctors will find the necessary bone tissue.

“Dez is going to have, more than likely, bone taken off his hip and put into that index finger joint,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It is a fracture, but it’s not a ligament [injury]. Make no mistake, he has a serious injury. He certainly is playing with some risks, but he was inspirational out there to everybody involved in this organization.”

Bryant expressed some surprise at Jones’ suggestion that the bone tissue would be taken from his hip as opposed to a frozen bone provided by a donor before emphatically saying that his hip wouldn’t be touched.

“Well, if he wasn’t kidding, I’m also not playing neither,” Bryant said. “Nobody touching my hip. I’m telling you right now. You can get a piece of bone from somebody else. You’re not touching my hip.”

Wherever Bryant winds up getting the bone tissue, the Cowboys are certainly fortunate that he’s putting off the operation until after the season. His play helped them win on Sunday, leaving them in control of their own destiny in the NFC East with two games to play.

14 responses to “Dez Bryant likely needs bone graft, but says it won’t come from his hip

  1. Of course. “get a piece of bone from someone else” he says. More of the “everyone owes me” attitude that this POS carries. Can’t wait to watch his career fizzle out and bomb like T.O.’s did. What a piece of work.

  2. Wouldn’t the most obvious place to obtain a bone specimen from this genius be north of his neck? Seems like there is plenty there that that is not needed to protect anything of value.

  3. Anybody playing through a fractured finger let alone an Index finger and end up contributing in an NFL has my vote as a BEAST!

  4. Dumber than a dumpster, Dez, that’s you for playing with this injury. After yesterday’s game you should realize that. You’re going to destroy what could have been a great career with your stupid decision to not get surgery now. And Jerry shows his true colors by not following the doctors’ recommendations. “Inspiration to us all” from Jerry… what BS. I don’t even like the Cowboys but I hate to see a young man make a stupid decision, especially when an old man is encouraging it. Pathetic!

  5. He should go ask Jerry Rice for the piece of bone, then he’ll actually be able to walk around and say that he has a little bit of a superstar in him.

  6. Cowboy haters are silly if he didnt play the same ppl calling him dumb wouldnt say wise move. You will be calling him soft or a quiter or selfish. There are several players playing with torn bicep currently. Some believe peyton manning can have life altering injuries if he is hit hard enough. Jason witten played with a damaged spleen but dez is an idiot cause he is playing with a broken finger?

    Ronnie lott had a successful career minus a finger. Torry Holt put up great numbers have you seen his hand? let’s not act like he is going to ruin his career. Just tell the truth u hate him cause he plays for the cowboys.

  7. Deangelo Hall. ProFootballFocus has him ranked as the 95th best Cornerback in the league. He is better than 4 other CBs in the National Football League. Of the 99 CBs that they ranked, PFF ranked 94 of them better than Deangelo Hall. He’s the one that’s going to put Dez Bryant in his place? The 95th best CB? Or to put it a different way, the 5th worst CB in the National Football League. That’s the guy who’s going to light up Dez Bryant. That’s laughable. Danny McCray is also going to light up Marques Colston.

  8. The guy doesn’t want to have a major surgery on his hip, especially if he can get some from a donor source. Can you really blame him for not wanting the complication of rehabbing his hip added to rehabbing his finger?

    I don’t applaud the decision to risk future quality of life, not to mention possible impacts on his career, for the possibility of making the playoffs. I’m not going to bury him for not wanting to make the surgery he is putting off more difficult than it absolutely has to.

  9. He is smart to not want bone taken from his hip. My dad had bone grafted from his hip to his neck. He said his hip was by far more painful and debilatating ( for a month) than his neck.

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