Eagles say they had no knowledge of Garrett Reid possessing steroids

The aftermath of the death of Garrett Reid, the son of Eagles coach Andy Reid, has resulted in an unexpected twist.  Although Garrett Reid died of a heroin overdose, authorities have now disclosed that steroids were found in Garrett Reid’s room at Lehigh University, site of the team’s training camp.

No evidence has been found that Garrett Reid, who was working with the team’s strength and conditioning coach, had distributed steroids to players.

“Lots of interviews were conducted by the police,” Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said, via the Associated Press.  “And I can’t go into all of them, but all I can say is that we could not provide any evidence or substantiate that anybody in the Eagles organization was involved in this, or whether or not this was for his personal use.  It was just undetermined.”

Still, the fact that the son of the head coach had steroids at training camp doesn’t look good.  And the Eagles know that, given that the Eagles have issued multiple statements in response to the disclosure.

“The news today on Garrett Reid’s possession of steroids is disappointing,” owner Jeffrey Lurie said in a statement released by the team.  “It’s clear the conduct in which he apparently engaged runs counter to the values and principles mandated for everyone associated with our organization.  We have spoken with the league office and have pledged our full cooperation with their requests should there be any.  While we remained saddened by the tragic end of a young man’s life and know how hard this must be for the entire Reid family, we are extremely confident that Garrett’s actions were unknown to those around him and did not involve our football team.

“The NFL has a rigorous drug testing program for its players.  It is a matter of record that none of our players has tested positive for any of the steroids mentioned in the district attorney’s report.”

Still, the fact that players aren’t caught using steroids doesn’t mean they’re not using steroids.  And when the son of the head coach is assisting with the strength and conditioning staff and has steroids in his possession at training camp, it all looks a little fishy, at a minimum.

Andy Reid also addressed the situation, in a statement released by the team.

“Today’s report saddens me greatly, but only confirms the troubles Garrett encountered in the final years of his life,” Andy Reid said.  “As parents, we were encouraged by his apparent progress but, like many addicts, he was able to conceal the signs of relapse.

“Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles organization and the people of Philadelphia have been remarkably supportive of my family throughout our ordeal.  I am confident that my son’s decisions did not affect our football team in any way.  I cannot apologize enough for any adverse appearances that my son’s actions may have for an organization and a community that has been nothing but supportive of our family.”

In our view, Garrett Reid’s use of heroin and possession of steroids are two separate issues.  Regardless of what he was doing with steroids, those substances have a far different use and purpose than recreational drugs like heroin.

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  1. This is a non-story. The players would have tested positive, right? so we know that he didnt distribute them.

    i hope my eagles havent been using steroids. performance enhancing to 4-10 is even worse than just being 4-10.

  2. This season will prove to be an especially sad note for Andy Reid to end his long tenure on. The Eagles became a feared team under his guidance, but change is a dire necessity at this point for the organization. There’s the team that wins the superbowl, and then there’s everyone else…and it looks like the Eagles might be falling into that 2nd category for a little while longer.

  3. How hard is it to connect the dots here? If all those steroids were for Reid’s personal use you’d hope he’d look like Vernon Davis by now.

  4. Garrett wasn’t distributing steroids to the Eagles players and he wasn’t using them himself. My bet is that he was selling them for money to support his habit. If the Eagles players had been using them it would have been a bit more apparent..

  5. This had been the rumor locally for a few months now. It certainly doesn’t look good, but if the NFL is testing, and he was supplying players, wouldn’t there be at least one or more positives on the team? Seems to me it would be more incriminating if they had found some sort of masking agent.

    I’m sure even if the NFL wanted to test the whole team tomorrow the NFLPA would put up a legal road block and it would end up being a moot point.

  6. So they found steroids in his possession, but no one thought to test if they were in his system? Contributing factor to his death? Now the D.A. can’t determine if it was for personal use? Seems like a poor investigation.

  7. This shouldn’t be looked at as “Andy Reid’s son” but as “NFL strength and conditioning assistant” had steroids in his possession at time of death. Of course if any players test positive they will just say they thought he was giving them vitamin injections like they always do.

    You don’t end up with two sons in prison and a “father-son” relationship with dog-killer Vick if you are a nice guy!

    A coverup shouldn’t surprise anyone. What are they going to say? A college campus police force and a DA from a small PA town aren’t equipped to take on a $1.6 billion NFL team.

    Just one more nail in Andy “Mike Holmgren Jr.” Reid’s coffin and I hope he “takes full responsibility” like he always says at every press conference and resigns tomorrow.

  8. I’m not going to comment on Garret Reid, other than to say how terribly sad it makes me to know what Andy is going through, both personally and professionally. I can’t imagine what Andy must feel in having to now apologize to the eagles organization, the media and the public for his deceased son. I am sorry he’s had to endure this loss/humiliation. This coming from a Giants fan who very much dislikes the Eagles, and up until this year, Andy Reid.

  9. miller517 says:
    Dec 17, 2012 3:45 PM
    This is a non-story. The players would have tested positive, right?

    If they didn’t have advance notice of the tests, maybe. Got to love unions. Why are players being busted for pot in their possession in the middle of the season? Because they’re not worried about testing. Only someone gullible would believe the coaches son, at training camp, working with the strength coach was packing steroids and “dozens” of syringes and not believe it was to juice the players. What would you say if it was the Cowboys? I fully believe the Eagles are pumped up on steroids. I think the whole NFL is. I don’t expect the “authorities”, and especially the league, to delve too much into this incident. It’s already being swept under the rug. I think if the full truth of how widespread this is then the NFL would go through what professional cycling is going through. The worst PR nightmare imaginable.

  10. Just another awful decision by Reid over the previous two years. He brought an addict into the inner circle of his team. He wanted to babysit his grown son and under his watch his son brings along a duffle bag full of steroids. There was way too much for just one person, so was he giving them to his buddies on the team or was he dealing to other people? Either way, it’s just another example of Reid losing focus.

  11. It is true that none of this sounds good. Although I was listening to WIP One day and I heard either Les Bowen or Jeff McClane talk about how Garrett wanted to be an strength and conditioning and was thinking about going to school for it. Trainers or Strength and conditioning coaches Possessing steroids is not that uncommon. Many trainers like to use them to stay strong and, ironically, have a good sense of well-being when they combined them with human growth hormone. after hearing about him possessing steroids and remembering him being talked about as someone who is “looking good” in those WIP segments I was not surprised, But still saddened and somewhat depressed by this when I heard it.

    In 2012 everything around Andy Reid has been Dreadful or depressing to watch. I hate seeing this happened to him, but now I really want this era. You can’t feel good anymore when something that involves him comes up.

  12. extremely unfortunate about his struggles and illness with addiction and obviously for the reid family to deal with both sons over the years, but, is he kidding? mentioning his relapse with drugs and concealing it in regards to the steroids. sounds like a cop out and basically saying “nothing to see here, my drug addict son couldnt stop using drugs” what heroin addict is on steroids? most people with a brain understand the effects of heroin and how you act and feel on it. Not too many strung out heroin abusers are hitting the gym and putting on mass.
    Think of this as any other professional sports team, imagine a trainer or someone from the strength and conditioning staff dying? and then find him with tons of steroids and steroid syringes? come on.

  13. Actually I just heard Jeff McLane on WIP and he said that he thinks That the steroids for bodybuilding rather than performance enhancing. Knowing him and his credibility I tend to believe him.

    People do have to realize that all steroids are designed differently. If people looked at the steroid that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for in 2003 in major league baseball they would find out that his steroid Would help him get lean unlike the typical anabolic steroids That make users gargantuan.

  14. Recreational drugs like heroin? Pot is a recreational drug, heroin is a serious problem don’t characterize that way.

  15. Somehow, this kid got messed up and wants to bring down his Dad; it’s a very sad situation for the Reid family.

  16. patssteelersorgiants says:

    You don’t end up with two sons in prison and a “father-son” relationship with dog-killer Vick if you are a nice guy!


    You don’t make horrible, wild accusations if you’re a nice guy, either. There is no evidence that he distributed them to the organization. None. Zero. Until there is, keep it shut.

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