Jermichael Finley: I want to be a Packer for life

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Tight end Jermichael Finley had five catches for 61 yards in the Packers’ 21-13 NFC North-clinching win against the Bears on Sunday, a game that followed a report that Green Bay has decided to move on without the tight end in 2013.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the team will either trade Finley or release him before paying a $3 million roster bonus due on the 15th day of the league year. Finley told Josina Anderson of ESPN that the Packers haven’t said anything to him about parting ways after the season and that he’d like to remain with the team for the rest of his career.

“I didn’t check it out,” Finley said when asked about the report. “It’s a business, and I would love to be here my whole career. I’m comfortable here, and I want to be a Packer for life. That’s all I can say about that.”

McGinn cited “financial, competitive and behavioral reasons” for the Packers’ decision to end their relationship with Finley. Taking Finley off the roster would create cap space to use on extensions for other players and, as we heard when he decided to share his opinions on the Bears defense last week, Finley has a habit of saying things that make more waves than the Packers might like. That would likely be a lesser problem if Finley was putting up huge numbers, but he hasn’t done that and that might prove to be the final straw for Finley in Green Bay.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s to late for him in GB or not but if there’s any chance he needs to just shut up and play.

  2. The NFL is full of guys with tons of talent….that’s why they’re there. But to get to the next level you need to put it all together upstairs, and Finley can’t seem to do that. He’s had flashes, but cannot ge over the hump. One thing I know that Aaron Rodgers requires is that you put in your film time; show up early to meetings; ask questions; seek out the QB for advise on the offense, etc, etc….

    He doesn’t do that.

  3. Funny. To me it looked like he was playing for a contract somewhere else. Had he been playing for a contract in GB he would have shown up in the previous 13 games. He might be a Packer for life… Backing up Thomas Crabtree and for much much less than what he thinks he would make.

  4. NOW he wants to be a Packer for life! oh that makes it all better. You can talk trash all you want and drop everything thrown your way. As long as you want to be Packer for life, it’s OK.
    Rogers and the whole organization walked on eggshells for this kid for the last 2 years. All that got us was him complaining about garbage. Its like he doesnt care that he’s on a SB caliber team.

    Kudos to the Packer front office for not signing this fool up for the long haul.

  5. Each dropped pass is one more straw.

    Each ill advised comment from his mouth is one more straw.

    The histrionics after each catch is one more straw.

    That’s a LOT of straw.

  6. McGinn cited “financial, competitive and behavioral reasons” for the Packers’ decision to end their relationship with Finley.
    Financial–he makes too much money for what he does. Not worth his paycheck
    Competitive–He drops too many balls and hurts the team. Basically he sucks and the other guy is a better fit.
    Behavioral–Dumb as a brick and runs his mouth. Creates controversy by placing himself above the team and trashing teammates/management in the media.

  7. Finley’s periodic silly comments to the media are the coup de grace to his downfall in Green Bay.

    Even if he goes silent, Finley will need to take a pay cut to stay, given he’s lower priority for re-signing than other important players on the team.

    This scenario won’t happen, so people should accept the fact that Finley is a goner.

    It’s too bad, given his considerable talent that is not easy to find at the TE position and GB will be hard pressed to replace the receiving talents of Finley.

  8. As much as I hate to admit it… He will play a huge role in determining how far we go in the post-season. Jennings and Nelson can’t hold up so we need him. As he continues to mature, his behavioral issues should also fade away….

  9. Finley is capable of having solid games more likely against the Bears.

    They defense they play is vulnerable in the seam. Even when he didn’t get the ball he ran a hard route, which opened the underneath for Cobb(?) who made a nice play of it.

    If he is willing to rework his contract, keep quiet, and work on improving his focus as James Jones did this off-season.

    I would be open to keeping him. If he did all of that, other words TT will find a suitable replacement. Kind of like they have in place if Jennings isn’t around next season.

  10. I’m more likely to believe McGinn’s article than Finley’s comments on this topic, not to mention have been a huge Finley basher this season. BUT, Yesterday wasn’t a “great” game but it certainly was a “good” game for him. The Pack needs him to help break that Cover 2 D and they’re not doing anything with him till after the season so if this helps to motivate him (either for new team or change TT’s mind) I’m all for it.

  11. Player that talks a lot but sure doesnt back it up. No one cares what you think so maybe after they dump you, you’ll learn to play instead of talk. Doubt it. Someone is getting a fine one year player. Better pay him like it too.

  12. “Kudos to the Packer front office for not signing this fool up for the long haul.

    Ted Thompson — thank you!

  13. Finley may not meet “Packer Fan’s” expectations on or off the field for that matter, but the guy hasn’t done anything illegal and doesn’t even lead the team in drops (R. Cobb).

    Besides the same so called fans wanted James Jones out of town 2 years ago for drops, thankfully the Packers have him now.

    Bears still suck.

  14. Packers who will be in the last year of there contract next season.
    1. Clay Matthews
    2. BJ Raji
    3. Ryan Pickett
    4. James Jones
    5. Morgan Burnett
    6. Marshall Newhouse

    Not to mention Greg Jennings is a free agent this year and Rodgers is being way underpaid.

    I would guess GB makes tough decisions and decides to restructure Woodson’s contract and cut Finley, Crosby, AJ Hawk, and Saturday to make room to resign some of guys listed above.

  15. Finley is listening to his agent more than the Packers coaches and his agent surely told him its time to light it up on the field cause no one is going to be gaga over a tight end who is rated number 22 on the dept charts and is being let go for being a malcontent.
    His, I want to be a packer for life is bull. He just wants other teams to think he actually cares about something besides his big payday.

  16. It is too early to say what Ted Thompson will do with Finley. He did have a shoulder injury earlier in the season.

  17. If you start making plays that match your potential and do that consistently…. I’m sure the Packers would like to have you around long term too. gotta shut your trap too though kid

  18. Finley, you blew it by not catching critical, well-thrown passes and then having the audacity to throw your quarterback under the bus. You have yourself to blame for your ticket out of Green Bay and the NFC North.

  19. If Finley’s hands could do as well as his mouth he wouldn’t have anything to worry about but ……asta lavista Mr. Mouth. Wherever you might land next *hope it’s not my team”, you might be well served to remember “talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey”.

  20. As an owner if he can play the way he has the last few weeks I would love for him to stay. Plenty of players in the league say dumb things when they’re frustrated since he’s been getting his looks he hasn’t been problem. Keep playing your game Jermike and earn your money.

  21. ketchupaholic says: Dec 17, 2012 2:00 PM
    I hope he stays a Packer, he’s a head-case and a distraction.
    I was wondering where the Steelerz fans were hiding? You just hiding in the shadows after another loss ketchup?
    Shut up, go back to Pittsburgh, and cry about missing the playoffs! Blame it on the Refs, or someone else, like Steelerz and Lions fans always do!

  22. longhairdontcare66 says: Dec 17, 2012 5:33 PM

    As an owner if he can play the way he has the last few weeks I would love for him to stay. Plenty of players in the league say dumb things when they’re frustrated since he’s been getting his looks he hasn’t been problem. Keep playing your game Jermike and earn your money.
    An owner? An owner of what? I’m sure your advice will be noted! I own several of those pieces of paper too, conversation pieces is all they are, and I don’t pretend they’re anything but just that! Read the fine print son, when it comes to team decisions what you and I own is toilet paper! But it’s a nice thing for kids like you to brag about!

  23. Without a doubt the most overrated player in the league. Just Look up his stats. Potential does not equal talent.

    Can’t catch, can’t block , never shuts up.

  24. IMO u cut or trade Finley then u cut Crosby,Starks & either Benson or Grant. Resign one of them for the vet minimum give Driver the chance to retire before cutting him. Packers NEED to draft a top tier RB no later than round 2. Montee Ball looks like a good guy to draft. Packers will need to double Rodgers paycheck. Saturday will be back for 1 more yr & Hawks having a good season this year. I’d keep him. Drafting a really good C wouldn’t hurt either.

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