Jim Schwartz wants “100 percent” of blame for losing streak

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The Lions lost their sixth straight game on Sunday and did it in embarassing fashion with a 38-10 loss to a Cardinals team that snapped a nine-game losing skid of their own.

After the game, quarterback Matthew Stafford said the loss was on him because of three interceptions and overall erratic play but coach Jim Schwartz isn’t having any of that. Schwartz said Monday that he wants people to lay “100 percent” of the blame for that loss and the five that preceded it on his shoulders.

“I appreciate when our quarterback wants to take blame for it, but ultimately it’s the head coach’s responsibility,” Schwartz said, via the Detroit News. “I need to do a better job; 4-10 isn’t good enough.”

There’s plenty of blame to go around in Detroit this season so there’s no need for Stafford and Schwartz to fight over it. Everyone can get a slice and then there will be enough left for seconds.

A healthy portion of that blame was going to come down on Schwartz whether he asked for it or not. Coaches of teams that follow 10-win seasons with 10-loss seasons are going to endanger their job security. There hasn’t been a quick trigger finger in Detroit in the past, but finishing with an eight-game losing streak won’t do much to bolster Schwartz’s contention that things have only gone a little bit off the rails.

“We have, I don’t want to say setback, but we have been sidetracked this year,” Schwartz said. “We have gone off the rails a little bit, sidetracked. (We’ve) got to get back on track.”

The sooner the better for a guy asking for 100 percent of the blame.