Josh Freeman says Bucs are unified

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The Buccaneers lost a fourth straight game on Sunday and frustration boiled over during the game when linebacker Adam Hayward and assistant coach Bryan Cox had an altercation on the sideline.

It also boiled over after the game with a Buc player wondering whether they could send their coaches back to college. Taken together, they paint the picture of a team struggling to get on the same page. Quarterback Josh Freeman tried to shoot down that notion during a conference call on Monday.

“We are unified. I think that we still have a lot of young components, we still have a first-year system. We had some success. But at the same time, we’ve got to find a way to take it to the next level. You hate to see it come down to a game like that, but I think this is going to be a great time for our team to come together. We had a rough one. We dropped the ball yesterday. But it’s how we respond to adversity,” Freeman said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “When everything is going great, anyone can stand up and go to practice and have a high energy level and be up tempo, go home and want to study film, because you’re doing great. But it’s times like these where you really (find out where you are). Judging by the number of guys that are in the building on this off day, I think that mentally guys are not only unified but heading in the right direction.”

The grumbling is something you expect during a losing streak, although it’s hard to see signs that things are heading in the right direction right now. They were worse against the Saints than they were in the previous week’s loss to the Eagles and worse in that one than they were against the Broncos. Coach Greg Schiano almost certainly isn’t going anywhere after one season, but it still wouldn’t hurt to show some more readily apparent signs of progress in the final weeks.

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  1. Coincidentally (or not), the Bucs slide began around the time Josh started playing like Ryan Leaf. I mean did anyone see his pics yesterday? Two of them might have been the worst I’ve ever seen, there wasn’t a receiver anywhere near the ball.

  2. Now that we have Schiano, lets continue to bring in the right personnel. Let’s either get rid of Mark Dominik or have someone help him select better players, get Kirk Cousins from Washington (he’ll never get to be a starting QB there), and bring back Monte Kiffin!

  3. They didn’t run the ball. The play calling was terrible. Freeman was forcing the ball Where he shouldnt of been. Run run run!!!!
    It would also help if the defense would show up. That’s that happens tho when you have 2 undrafted rookies at the CB position and no pressure from the D-line. Bree’s was having all day to throw.

  4. Nice Freeman. When things stink it’s a “we” deal. When things are positive it’s an ‘I’ deal. That may be the outlook on life and work that appealed to Morris. Now it’s time to take a hike.

  5. Every team going to have good days and bad days, but the main thing is to keep on moving. New Orleans Saints are my team and yes they been to HELL and back but they are determined to keep running, yes people’s are going to talk but as a player you must stay focus and keep moving. Tampa Bay you played a team that has been through so much this offseason, a team that’s playing without their head coach this by itself is a hurting feeling for the Saints but they are not giving up. Yes they been draged through the mud but they still have that determination to run for that goal and crazy enough to believe that they will make a playoff spot now this is determination. So you guys hold your heads up and keep running until the end.

  6. Two games left to show what type of character this young team is developing. The Bucs need to win or at least keep it real close. The Rams will be the test. The Falcons may be coasting now.
    So show up and do your job Bucs! Let’s end this on a positve note! GO BUCS!

  7. why would you want to get rid of Mark DOMINIC. Apparently you dont know anything about the Bucs. Maybe you need to do your research… Mark has been with the Bucs longer than you’ve been a fan. We won a Super Bowl because of him. I bet you can’t even tell me what position Mark had then. Before you talk about the Bucs do your research. Looser

  8. Many of the problems with this season’s Bucs can be summed up by the biggest mistake of the Schiano era. Hiring the worst defensive coordinator in the history of the NY Giants to be their defensive coordinator was idiotic.

    The year the Giants won their first of two Super Bowls the Giants held opposing QBs to a 76.7 rating, sacked opposing QBs 42X. They ranked 5th in the league. Then Spagnuolo left and Sheridan took over.

    The next year Sheridan led the Giants to allowing the most 40+ point games in their history on defense, including 3 of their last 4. Opposing QBs had a 95 rating and took QBs down only 32X. They ranked 30th in the league. Sheridan was rightfully shown the door and Perry Fewell took over.

    The Giants D rebounded by allowing opposing QBs an 80 rating and taking them down 46X. They rose back into the top half of the league.

    The Bucs hire this joker and opposing QBs have a 95 rating, they have taken down opposing QBs only 25X and they are set to allow the most passing yards ever by opposing QBs….

    The biggest problem here is Bill Sheridan and his alleged defensive coordinating.

  9. Schiano will get to pick his guys this offseason, and I think he will get Ed Donatell for DC and John McNulty for OC. That coaching staff was just thrown together because teams blocked the Bucs from interviewing these guys. These were Schiano’s first choices, and both Sullivan and Sheridan’s play calling has cost numerous games this year.

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