Lack of contract talks sparks speculation about Ireland’s future


In past years, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has shown no inclination to end the employment of G.M. Jeff Ireland.  But in the midst of another disappointing season, the fourth straight without a playoff berth, some see hints about Ireland’s future in the lack of players having their own futures secured.

The Dolphins aren’t signing any of their looming free agents to new contracts.  For a couple of the big-name guys like running back Reggie Bush and tackle Jake Long, multiple league sources tell PFT there aren’t even any talks.

And so, as the theory making its way through the NFL grapevine goes, Ross possibly as told Ireland to do nothing, given the possibility that Ross will replace Ireland after the season ends with someone who would then be making the decisions about the roster going forward.

That said, not many teams are negotiating new contracts right now, so the perception may be inaccurate.  But the perception nevertheless exists.  Within a couple of weeks, we’ll start to find out which perceptions are right and which are wrong about the future of every NFL franchise that fails to get to the playoffs.

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  1. They didn’t resign solia, and everybody was saying the same thing this time of year. Leaving the media to predict Solia would leave for Denver.

    Ireland is here at least 1 more year. We have a lot of picks and cap space next year

  2. They’re not talking to Reggie Bush because they aren’t going to bring him back and they’re not talking to Jake Long because he’s injured and they may want to overpay for one year with the franchise tag rather than lock up money long-term on a declining, injury-prone player.

  3. The Dolphins were trading veterans and collecting draft picks in the beginning of the season giving the impression they were going to rebuild through the draft. It’s reasonable to assume veterans aren’t getting new contracts because they are building for the future.

  4. Granted, I haven’t seen the phins play a lot this year, but I think it would be a mistake to let him go. It seems like they are on their way up with a promising young QB.

  5. Why buy now Bush is on the decline and Long is hurt and is not the same. Looking at the current roster of free agents none are worth the franchise tag. I am trying to find out if a team has to use this tag. A lot of money to spend and a lot of picks. Why rush.

  6. Ireland will be back next year and all will be forgiven when the team begins to make the turn next year at 10-6. Expect lots of crying by Miami fans every time they lose a game though.

  7. Jeff Ireland, from Head of NFL scouting with the Cowboys to GM with the Dolphins..How can a person make this sort of jump with no skins on the wall…Talk about a recipe for disaster!

  8. Next year is a big year for Miami and Jeff Ireland there has to be forward progress the pieces have to fit new players / rookies have to slot in very quickly minimum record next year shall be 9 & 7 and their after a consistent play-off team. 5 / 6 years is plenty for a GM to cast his spell. Every fan expects his team to dip for a couple of years but this is has gone on for far to long. We know Ross and Ireland took over a wreck but the great thing about the NFL is that with the right leadership in place anybody can get there so it remains will the Ireland era be boom or bust ?

  9. As much fun as it is to speculate, I don’t see this going anywhere. Ireland receives too much blame for the Dolphins’ struggles the past 5 years. Parcells and Saban came in, took their money, and ran, leaving behind a mess of a roster. Ireland has cleaned up, while quietly building one of the better young defenses in the league. With the additions of Pouncy and Martin through the draft, our O-line is solid. The Daniel Thomas/Lamar Miller combo will be solid. I have only 2 complaints with Ireland: It took too long to finally stop trying to win with journeymen QBs and draft a franchise guy, and he didn’t get a viable replacement for Marshall. Tannehill’s growth has been slowed this season due to his lack of weapons to work with (You know there is a problem when your kick returner is catching passes). All that said, after more than a decade of suffering, I am very pleased with the team Ireland has put together. He will/should back next year.

  10. They have been negotiating with Hartline though, who is honestly more important to the team going forward. For what it’s worth, his agent Drew Rosenhaus said that the two sides are close to a deal. They probably would have begun talks with Jake Long if his play wasn’t so poor prior to his injury. And I think ever since they drafted Lamar Miller, the plan was to let Bush let walk unless he wants to take less than he’s worth. In the end, RB’s are a dime a dozen, unless your Adrian Peterson or something.

    The Dolphins have close to $50 million in cap space and five early draft picks (made possible by Ireland), so next season will be the deciding factor on JI’s future.

  11. The Dolphins are a lot closer than one might think to challenging for their division. Tannehill is well ahead of where you’d expect him to be in his development considering his short amount of time at the position. Their defense is tough, and will only improve with the addition of some players in the secondary. A big play wideout will push their offense over the hump, letting Hartline work the slot and with Bess as the possession receiver.

    They have plenty of draft picks and cap space. They can make some moves in the draft and fill their holes. As much as big free agents are avoiding Miami as a destination, that’s helping them overall build a young team with a good core of talent instead of relying on over-priced, aging vets.

    Ireland hasn’t done that bad a job with the team. Another year should be in the works and the Dolphins should start working on contracts after the season ends, paying close attention to how players play out the string.

  12. “That said, not many teams are negotiating new contracts right now, so the perception may be inaccurate. But the perception nevertheless exists.”

    The perception may exist but solely because you just created it. I’ve seen no article arguing the same based on the same logic. Yet at the same time, you admit that the logic being applied to create this perception is unsupported and illogical.

  13. So let me make sure I understand this correctly, you guys are stating the Fins are leaning toward firing an employee because they have not had contract talks with impending free agents? I am not a rocket scientist but is it possible those players do not require in season contract talks? I mean, Bush and Long are not coming off great years. Dont get me wrong, I think the Fins lack of talent is alarming but unsure how the lack of contract talks have anything to do with Ireland’s future.

  14. The lunatics just just keep looking for reasons to dig this guys grave…… He’s not going anywhere…. Stop ignoring the facts people. Owner Stephen Ross leans heavily on his buddy Carl Peterson. Peterson loves him some Jeff Ireland… Gave him his first shot in the league, was his prized scout, and was furious when Jerry jones stole him away.

  15. Oh Steve Ross…please please do not hand the ass clown the stock pile of draft picks we “finally” have to turn this team around. Fire him as fast as you can…and dont waste one second looking back.

  16. Ireland has not been a good decision maker of talent for skill positions. He and former boss, VP of Operations Parcells made decisions to draft lineman that were later released, hurting the teams salary cap. Most Dolphin fans including myself would be elated if someone else started making the decisions for the upcoming F. A. market and 2013 draft. The Dolphins have five picks in the first three rounds and need a better talent evaluator than Ireland has been since Parcells left.

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