Latest Lions loss leads to talk of change


After losing in ugly fashion to a Cardinals team that had lost in very ugly fashion one week earlier to the Seahawks, more and more Lions fans are suggesting that coach Jim Schwartz should go.

The only problem?  He won’t — thanks to a contract extension he signed before the season.

And so the frustration is now finding its way to G.M. Martin Mayhew.

Mayhew, whose best argument for the ascending to the job was that he had a front-row seat to the Matt Millen debacle and the ensuing lessons of how not to run an NFL team, has led the franchise to a record of 22-41 since 2009.  Though that initial 2-14 mark flowed from the horrible roster he inherited from Millen, the idea that Mayhew is entirely blameless for the Millen morass makes little sense.

In Mayhew’s defense, the team made it to the postseason last year, for the first time in a long time.  But it could be a long time until they make it back, given that plenty of players will become free agents in March — and plenty of money will have to eventually be spent to turn the pre-wage scale contracts of top-two picks Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh into long-term deals like the one given to Calvin Johnson.

So Mayhew should get more time to reshape the roster.  But sooner or later both Mayhew and Schwartz will be accountable, if the postseason continues to be a once-in-a-decade aberration.

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  1. Enough of this “they deserve more time” garbage.

    This team has drastically regressed over the past year, finally getting to the point where they look like they’ve quit. Jim Schwartz has proven time and again that he has no ability to properly manage a game let alone his own players, even letting his own anger cost the team a game (Thanksgiving Day red challenge flag incident).

    Schwartz NEEDS to go this offseason or this team is just delaying the inevitable.

  2. Obviously it’s not (directly) my money, but I don’t care how long Schwartz’s extension was for – that dude needs to go.

    This team is just like him: undisciplined and egotistical with delusions of grandeur. There’s too much talent here for this kind of record. Calvin Johnson is wasting away in the prime of his career. Yeah, he puts up nice stats but I have no doubt he’d rather have wins.

  3. If they said “everyone is hurt, so we’re mailing it in, these recent debacles would make sense. The alternative is to look obvious, complete failure in the face and admit it as such.

  4. The draft watch is now on for my Lions. Where do you think they’ll be picking next year? I’m thinking around 4th or 5th. Just need to lose to the falcons and bears.

  5. As Lion fans I don’t think we can trust Mayhew with another draft. with the lions salary cap situation we they could not afford to be players in the fee agent market ant the draft was there only way to add impact players to help this year and he drafted project players.

  6. Mayhew is trash so is Schawtz, Linehan and Cunningham.

    However, Schawtz is safe because of his extension, but if two for the three others are not fired I am done with the Lions.

  7. I kinda wish they’d say “you know, everyone’s hurt. Stafford has to throw to the vending machine guy and we have the parking lot attendant playing DB, so we’re just mailing it in”.

    The alternative is to look obvious complete failure in the face and admit it for what it is.

  8. It’s Linehan that needs to go, not Schwartz or Mayhew – at least not yet. Linehan is responsible for the poor play-calling that is causing the offense to underachieve.

    But at 4-10, I wouldn’t be too devastated if Schwartz was let go.

  9. It’s never as bad as it looks just as it’s never as good as it looks. Mayhew and Schwartz just need to get over themselves. Stop believing you are the smartest guys in the room and start applying some common sense (drafting philosophy).

  10. Mayhew was trained by Millen and he does player procurement like Millen. Sure he has hit on a couple of great first rounders but look at his record after that.

    A collection of overrated, injury prone or inept picks. Guys with concussions histories, issues in college, tokers.

    His drafts are a disaster and last year he completely overestimated his team even thinking that Jacob Lacey was an adequate NFL starting CB!

    The 2012 draft was a classic. On a team that can’t run the ball their first round pick (a LT) can’t get starting reps. Their second round pick, a WR with a history of knee injuries is on IR with a knee injury. Thier third round CB was getting abused before they IR’s him. They drafted two LB’s neither of which can get a sniff of playing time although this team is miserable against the run. They have no pass rush yet a DE they drafted doesn’t even dress.

    Great job Mini-Millen.

  11. He should be fired for thinking it was a good idea to give Schwartz an extension. Time to clean house!

  12. Change philosophy from drafting high talent, low character guys. GM and coaching staff who picked Titus Young 20 picks ahead of Randall Cobb, 14 picks ahead of Torrey Smith, 15 ahead of Greg Little, 35 ahead of Leonard Hankerson – you get the picture.

  13. Well, you can easily see that if the Lions don’t make some significant changes, they will remain the same old Lions.

    As a Vikings fan I’d hate to see this, but the one thing the Lions need to do:

    Offer Sean Payton whatever he wants. He’s the only person that can turn around an organization like the Lions.

    Everything else that needs doing will flow from that.

  14. I am generally pissed off about this season, but drastic change can set a team back even more sometimes, so I’d like to see one more season with these guys.

  15. Funny how the “average fan” can see things before the owner and a team’s top brass can. Even an average football fan has said for the past two years that Schwartz is undisciplined and egotistical with delusions of grandeur. He is however a great snakeoil salesman and he understands that it took a decade for the Ford family to figure out that Matt Millen was fleecing them blind for his so-called “expertise”. Schwartz is in way over his head. His flare up last year with Harbaugh after a game shows he can’t even discipline himself so how do you expect his players to respect what he says?? His futile attempts to show that he is a tough discipinarian by cutting or suspending fringe players for bad conduct but not having the courage to discipline guys like LeShoure, Suh-sie, Fairley etc. shows the team that it’s ok to be an azz if you’re a star player. He has totally overestimated the skill level of several players for what they are getting paid….Suh-sie in particular. His clock mgmt skills and in-game decisions are baffling to a novice fan. You can’t say he has lost control of his team or the locker room because I don’t think he ever had it. Too many owners show their stupidity by giving out long contract extensions to players or coaches who had one decent year. Gotta feel for Lions fans, hopefully it doesn’t take another decade before the Ford family figures Schwartz out but I’m sure the rest of the NFC Central division would be in favor of keeping the status quo in Detroit.

  16. This team needs serious changes at the top, in terms of strategy, philosophy, and attitude.

    We will never accomplish our true potential until we admit that fact and choose to do something about it.

  17. Unfortunately what the Lions need they are not going to get. They need a significant mindset change of the head coach and that won’t happen because Schwartz truly believes he is the smartest guy in the room. Look, I give the man credit; he took them from 0 wins to competitive, but he will not be the coach to take them to a championship level. They will not get a guy like Gruden, Cowher, even Reid without giving them full personnel control. And Mayhew won’t do that. Neither will the crypt keeper WCF nor Billy boy Ford.
    The roster is talented in spots but not holistically and that is on Mayhew’s absurd stubborness of drafting the best player available. How about drafting the best player available AT A POSITION OF NEED? Drafting the pure best player available only works if you match it with a coaching staff that can truly outcoach, outscheme and outadjust other staffs. This Lions staff has shown absolutely NO ability to do so. I am so sick of being so emotionally attached to this team….just rip the band aid off and move to LA already (LA Lions sounds nice) so we can all become Colts fans.

  18. Schwartz is out of his depth and his team has taken on his traits…zero leadership, accountability or discipline. No way to win with that combo. The Lions need a hard-ass to come in and crack the whip. Another receiving target and a couple decent defensive backs/LBs and this team can be formidable again.

  19. Linehan is the one that needs to go but we don’t need to change systems his is fine we just need a younger coach with some good ideas to fleshing up the offense also Gun needs to go along with that wide 9 now I can say on the Defensive side of the ball were probably goin to have to change systems but I’m fine with that as long as its someone who will use the talent we have & not try to make out players into something there not

  20. As a long time fan, I never saw the team so unprepared. Please bring in Bill Cower and a whole new coaching staff. This effort was totally unacceptable. It’s time for big changes. It is too obvious Schwartz is not the answer. Don’t stay with him like you did Millen and hope things get better.

  21. Schwart needs to go. I respect him for taking an 0-16 team and make them competitive. However, he has reached his full coaching potential which clearly is not good enough to win a championship. He does not command the respect of his players. For example the Suh stomping incident. After Suh was ejected Schwartz couldn’t even look him in the eyes. Do you think Belichick, Coughlin, Tomlin (recent Superbowl winning coaches) would allow that behavior ? The Lions need to let Schwartz go and take the hit to the wallet caused from his. contract extension.

    Some posts suggested Sean Payton as a replacement. This would be great but would never happen. If the Saints don’t get him back he will go to the Cowboys. The Fords are too cheap to battle Jerry Jones financially. Plus Payton’s family is from Dallas.

    The best available option is Bill Cowher. He commands respect and he demands discipline which is what the Lions need. Plus his play calling is on the agressive side which suits the Lions well.

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