London Fletcher blames Browns security for incident with family


Redskins linebacker London Fletcher is a Cleveland native, so when he played against the Browns on Sunday, he had a whole lot of friends and family in the stands. Unfortunately, things got ugly when multiple members of Fletcher’s family were involved in an altercation with Browns fans.

Now Fletcher is lobbing an accusation at the Browns that makes this situation even uglier: Fletcher says it was the Browns’ security staff, people who are paid to keep things safe in the stadium, who caused the incident on Sunday.

What led to the whole ruckus was something that happened with stadium security,” Fletcher told reporters today. “As opposed to defusing the situation, they were more instigators. They didn’t defuse the situation. It wasn’t even with the fans at that point in time. I think one of the stadium workers, he went overboard with what his job responsibilities were.”

Fletcher’s accusations are serious, and both the Browns and the NFL should investigate. It’s bad enough that the stands at NFL games are filled with drunks getting into fistfights. If the very security personnel whose job it is to defuse such situations are the ones starting the incidents, that’s a major problem. Every fan who enters every NFL stadium deserves better.

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  1. “It’s bad enough that the stands at NFL games are filled with drunks getting into fistfights.”

    If only…

  2. If I were working Brown security I’d be pissed too that we didn’t get RG3. And I’d be more pissed that the QB the skins took in the 4th round is a lot better then the 28 year old the Browns took in the first. Browns are a joke.

  3. This is exactly why I like to stay home.

    I have all the comforts of a couch, big screen, HD, all the snacks I can eat.

    Oh and no IDIOTS.

  4. I was at the game Sunday and drank 3 beers while in my seat. At $8.50 a beer I wanted to fight everyone.

    That might be because your an idiot!

    And the beer cost more than your ticket was worth. All to see that garbage team get run over by the SKINS! Nice

  5. I was at the game Sunday and drank 3 beers while in my seat. At $8.50 a beer I wanted to fight everyone.
    It’s $9.50 for a bud light and $10.00 for Heineken at the Barclays Center

  6. Attention spearsnva,

    Your vs You’re

    You might want to figure out the difference if you’re going to call someone else an idiot.

    Ah, the internet.

  7. Drunks in the stands getting into fist fights?? You are saying that at the home stadium of a team that has a losing record every year there are discouraged fans that have taken in too much alcohol?!?! SHOCKING!!

  8. Fletcher only telling the story his family told him to save face. His family was the drunks that didn’t know how to act at a game. London needs to apologize to city of Cleveland and its fans

  9. Browns fans are just mad that KC hasn’t taken their coach yet. And us Chiefs fans are mad that the Browns aren’t training their coaches well enough. Seriously, if you’re going to hire these guys, teach them something before my team gets them.

  10. sewalters79 says:Dec 17, 2012 6:31 PM

    London, stop being a cry baby! It’s a Browns game and anything can happen.


    Yeah, I’ll bet you’d call Fletcher a baby to his face too, big guy.

    He was defending his family, that included children. He’s a man and he’s going to defend his family, not give a bunch of hooligans a free pass…

  11. The nfl has a serious problem protecting other teams fans period. Go to a Ravens game sometime and you will see some kind of creature on their big screen in the fourth quarter. He says we must protect this house and beats his fists on the ground . Automatically the intoxicated fans turn around wanting to fight anyone in opposing teams colors. It happened to me and my 12 year old daughter. We had coats on and didn’t show our colors. We didn’t cheer or say anything to anyone and still felt threatened. Pitiful

  12. “Fletcher’s accusations are serious…”

    “accusations” …

    I definitely agree with the drunkeness part. Sick of drunks.

    Do not like private security companies, either. They are a joke.

  13. London appears to be a very classy guy. I’m sure that stems from his family upbringing. However:

    1.He wasn’t there.
    2. I’m surprised he wasn’t flagged after his pick for excessive celebration.
    3. Security guards get $9.00 an hour to put up with drunk, adrenaline rushed knuckleheads. Even cops can be out-manned.
    4. This is just another reason to never go to an NFL game or any sporting event.
    5. This is the same thing that happened to Clinton Portis’ family in Philly in 07.

  14. Of course like most athletes is nothing is his fault.

    Fletcher is a trash talking mediocre player who like to draw attention to himself. He incited the fans yesterday & is family got beat up cause of it & cause they were acting like jerks…just like him.

  15. 6. I’m sure those guards don’t have Dr. Andrews examine them if they get hurt either. They get no healthcare from the team. Therefore, if they get hurt breaking up a fight , all they get is a “Good luck with that” from the team.

  16. Not saying who did what to whom but if the NFL can’t figure out why people prefer to stay home and watch it on HD after this…

  17. Be interesting when whole story comes out so we can see what happened.

    If fletcher is mediocre what is ray lewis ? Did anyone see stats comparison for the 2 during the game ?

  18. The NFL is going to have a problem drawing fans in most stadiums that they never imagined.

    People who nhave been hitting the tailgating a little too hard should not be allowed in the stadium period! Let real fans and their families enjoy a game without having to worry about drunken cretins ruining their day.

    Their should be more responsiblity put on the beer vendors to make sure they dont over serve or serve intoxicated people any booze

  19. This is a case of a famous person using the media to beat the Browns to the punch. London was not there. He is telling his relatives side of the story. I cannot wait until these facts come out. The family was out of line.

  20. Fact: MULTIPLE accounts of the Fletcher family “entourage” being aggressive and provoking have been reported.

  21. I’ll bet you a million dollars his family started it, just like Lebron’s mom always is starting shenanigans. Bet you the exact same thing happened.

  22. How does Fletcher know what happened….wasn’t he on the field?

    And yes, I have no idea why people even go to games. Spend a lot of money to have a drunk fall all over you and cuss like a sailor in front of your kids. No Thanks!

  23. Fact: no one who posted here has any idea what happened so shut up already.
    When I was young I lived to see games live. Now I feel like a bad parent when I take my kids to a game because 50% of the crowd acts like its a dive bar.

  24. I’ve heard that he had like 40 people at the game (He’s from the area), they were all wearing jerseys signed by him and were they were drinking and antoginizing Cleveland fans that were already pissed off to begin with. I’m fine with him backing his family, right or wrong. It really doesn’t mean that they weren’t acting like fools though.

    That’s the most packed the stadium had been in a long time, there was a lot of excitement about the way the team had been playing, and they folded in the second half. If you don’t wanna get in a fight, dont wear your gear to somebody else’s house and act like a fool.

  25. The part of the story that’s missing here is that hid 13 yr old cousin was punched in the face before they even got into the stadium, uh yeah so what’s your excuses now Browns fans, what did a 13 yr old do to get punched in the face? Yeah that’s what i thought

  26. Yes, Fletcher know the real story. He was on the field staring into the stands watching and listening to every word as his family interacted with security.

    Sorry London, I’m going to have to side with stadium security on this one. Most, if not all, NFL stadiums have video cameras pointed all around the crowd to make sure nobody’s rights are infringed, plus there are numerous personnel assigned to each section as well. I’m pretty sure the stadium security guards have more to lose by making up random stories about your family than your family does by not blaming somebody else for their actions.

  27. boyshole25 says: Dec 17, 2012 9:07 PM

    Don’t wear someone else’s colors and never go to Philly buffalo Cleveland if you aren’t a fan of those teams it’s that simple
    How about “never go to Philly, Buffalo, or Cleveland”? Shouldn’t it be that simple?

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