London Fletcher’s family reportedly in altercation with Browns fans after game


It was a happy homecoming on the field for Cleveland native and Redskins linebacker London Fletcher as his team beat the Browns 38-21 to give themselves control of their own destiny in the race for the NFC East title.

Things reportedly didn’t go quite as well for some members of his family who were in the stands watching the game. Nita Ashford, a relative of Fletcher’s who lives in Cleveland, told WEWS-TV that she and other members of the family were assaulted by Browns fans on their way out of the stadium after Sunday’s game. Ashford said that Cleveland police broke up the altercation, using Tasers to subdue some of the participants, and made several arrests.

Deadspin has video that appears to be from the fracas, although it doesn’t shed much light on who started things or what exactly went down during the incident. Per the WEWS report, three members of Fletcher’s family were arrested although the television station hasn’t been able to get any confirmation from the police or the firm that handles security for the stadium about names or arrests.

One of Fletcher’s aunts reportedly suffered a heart attack during the melee and had to be taken to the hospital. There’s been no update on her condition.

UPDATE 10:01 a.m. ET: During an appearance on the NFL Network Monday, Fletcher said that his aunt actually was taken to the hospital for a neck injury and did not suffer a heart attack. He also said his 13-year-old cousin was punched shortly after arriving at the game.

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  1. Wow, I started tailgaiting at 6am and never had any problems. As I was leaving game I only had 1 group of browns fans say anything to me and they immiediatly said they were just joking. I had a great time and personally thought the browns fans were fine.

  2. People on Twitter that were sitting near the Fletcher family says they were very aggressive in the stands, and was doing the taunting. A photo has been posted of the family doing just that.

    Funny how three members of the family were arrested…but they want to blame on Browns fans. The truth lies within the details, not the families accusations.

  3. Not a Redskins fan, but news like this makes me sick. There is no reason why NFL fans and even the craziest fans have to act like a bunch of malicious d-bags to fans of the visiting team. I hope they are all prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and are permanently banned from attending any NFL game in the future.

  4. That would typical of some of Cleveland fans i’ve been there a few times and probably won’t go back. They have no respect for opposing fans. I’m from Ohio but you cannot go there an enjoy a game if your a fan of the other team. This isn’t all fans, but it’s a occurring thing in Cleveland fans are bitter because there team has sucked for so long, but don’t blame on opposing fans. It would be a boring world if we all rooted for the same team.

  5. fedupincleveland says:

    People on Twitter that were sitting near the Fletcher family says they were very aggressive in the stands, and was doing the taunting. A photo has been posted of the family doing just that.

    Funny how three members of the family were arrested…but they want to blame on Browns fans. The truth lies within the details, not the families accusations.


    I sat fifty feet from them and can confirm. They were being obnoxious and taunting others, but nothing to the level of a fight. Somehow, I missed all the fight.

  6. My greatest memory as a Steeler fan!.. I was standing in line in the restroom waiting my turn. This drunken clown dressed head to toe in hunter safety orange decides he wants to dump his beer on me. Well this drunken clown thought it was a good idea to scream at me before he did so. With me not being drunk it is kind of hard to miss a 350 drunk man dressed in bright orange screaming at you. Just as he tosses his beer at me I take one slow step to my left and boom his beer hits a another drunken clown dressed head to toe in orange. This one happenes to be an off duty police officer.

    I get out of there unscathed, freshly relieved, with a memory that will never die. Moral of the story is simple. If you plan on dumping your $9 beer on a visiting fan you want to avoid wearing bright orange, avoid screaming at him, and avoid being 350 pounds. Stay Classy Cleveland!

  7. I love the way people on here don’t let little things like “knowing the facts” get in the way of their opinions.

    There appears to be at least some evidence that it wasn’t the Cleveland fans that started this. Heaven forbid you wait for more information before condemning an entire fan base.

    What fun would that be?

  8. and the taunting that he was showing on the field after his interception was okay? just imagine if this was the 80’s browns town when people really got hurt?

  9. Former Browns season ticket holder here.

    We used to have a “fan” who’d sit behind us and provoke people wearing the other team’s gear. He was a real ringleader, and he’d whip up the section against the visiting fans. When security would arrive, he and everyone around us would blame the visiting fans for provoking us, and they’d take away the visiting fans.

    Well one day, we played Oakland. And the ringleader showed up to the game dressed as Darth Vader.

    I was like, dude, WTF?

    And he said, I’m a Browns fan except when the Raiders are in town, then I have to go with my Raiders.

    We gave him a dose of his own medicine. Got security to throw him out. Did it again the following week even when he was dressed in Browns gear again. Never saw him again after that.

    Yeah, it’s stupid. Can’t we all just enjoy the game? No, everyone has to taunt each other, and then someone gets Tasered or something.

  10. @jjb0507: You walked into an opposing team’s stadium and expected their fans to give you respect and an enjoyable game? I don’t know who you root for, but your team must have some pretty pathetic fans if that’s your expectation of normal fan behavior. Certainly, violence is uncalled for. But I would take pride in being told I ruined the game experience for an opposing team’s fans.

  11. Not surprising. It gets like that in the crowd when alcohol and fans of BOTH franchises which have struggled for years start going back and forth.

  12. Yet another example of classless Philly fans! They threw snowballs at Santa and cheered when someone was inj…. wait? This wasn’t in Philly? It can’t be! The only terrible people in the WORLD are in Philly! Just ask anyone in the media!

  13. I was born and raised in Cleveland, but this is uncalled for. I mean, come on. Fletcher was born and raised in the Cleveland area as well, and even if he weren’t there is no reason – absolutely NO reason to accost members of anyone’s family or even anyone wearing another team’s jersey/colors. We are not gangs, which even then I believe is stupid.

    Being that Pittsburgh & Michigan are so close I constantly see people wearing Steeler or Wolverine garb, and though I may give them some friendly crap, it ends there. To hear that one of his aunts suffered a heart attack? I am deeply saddended and if anyone from his family are reading this I want to send my deepest sympathies to your family because a few idiots got out of hand. This in no way reflects all of Cleveland or all of the Browns fans.

    I am embarrassed for my hometown.

  14. Fletchers family was the ones arrested. Article says “several arrested”, but does not mention Browns fans. They specifically said three members of the Fletcher family. They were obnoxious, rude and taunting inside game. It is very safe to assume they were doing the same on the way out.

  15. The cameras caught Fletcher taunting Browns fans after he made his into yesterday. He taunts the fans and then his family gets in an altercation, what does he expect?

    Fletcher is a trash talker and self promoter whose talent does not match his mouth. He hasn’t been to the palyoffs in what 10 years?

    Just another athlete who doesn’t get it.

  16. This stuff happens every week at every stadium hosting an NFL game. The only reason this made the news is because it was a players family involved. Dont dump on Cleveland and its fans unless you can prove there has never been a drunken altercation at your home stadium.

  17. Truth being reported by Washington Post. Family was unruly with Cleveland Browns Stadium security. The scuffle was between security and the Fletcher family, NOT FANS.

    The Fletcher family also told media the aunt had a heart attack, and the stadium security just started attacking them for no reason…right.
    If they lied about the heart attack, who’s to say they’re not lying about how the events unfolded.

  18. I heard the same thing – that the Fletcher family was unbearably annoying. Shame too because here in Cleveland, we really like London Fletcher.

    As for the boo hooing and whining that Cleveland is a rough place to go watch a football game….get over it. It’s a FOOTBALL GAME. If you want the happy go lucky feeling of a kids soccer game where everyone gets a trophy, buy your seats in the family sections. Otherwise, we’ll continue to do and say what we want in our own stadium. Lord knows we pay enough money to do so.

  19. Different stadium, different Browns team, different ownership- same Browns fans from when I used to live in NE Ohio and would go to many games at the “Mistake by the Lake.” But always watchful for the goons.

  20. i was a season ticket holder for five years and trust me ive seen it go both ways. for some reason the steeler fans are the worst at starting trouble. i know it isnt all of them. i know a lot that are good people and friends.

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