Niners’ win helps league office


In a roundabout way, Sunday night’s victory by the 49ers, which came after San Fran blew a 28-point lead to the Pats before emerging with a 10-point win, has helped the NFL avoid an exercise in dot-connecting that could have begun with the Packers-Seahawks replacement-ref debacle and ended with the Seahawks landing in the Super Bowl.

I’ll explain.

A loss by the 49ers would have opened the door for the Seahawks to steal the NFC West, by beating the Niners next Sunday night at home and then taking down the Rams, also in Seattle.  The difference for the division title, if the Niners beat the Cardinals in Week 17, would have been the win that the Seahawks didn’t deserve in Week Three.

And here’s where it gets even more interesting.  One loss by the Packers in their final two games (vs. Tennessee, at Minnesota) would have allowed the Seahawks to catch the Packers at 11-5.  The tiebreaker for the bye week would have been — you guessed it — the head-to-head outcome from Week Three.

So without many crazy things happening, the Seahawks could have finished as the No. 2 seed.  If Seattle had held serve in the divisional round, and if the Falcons had been upset at home in their playoff opener, Seattle would have hosted the NFC title game.

The Seahawks still are highly likely to nail down a wild-card berth, and unlike past Seattle teams they could possibly win on the road in January.  But it’s far less likely for any postseason success by the Seahawks to feel tainted, given that they won’t be getting the No. 2 seed via the lingering taint of the final game of the referee lockout.

That said, there’s still a chance that the win the Seahawks shouldn’t have earned will provide the difference between getting in to the playoffs and not getting a shot at a championship.

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  1. I like how the Seahawks didn’t “deserve” to win. Yeah, it should have been an interception BUT:

    1.) Many people forget the defensive holding call on Kam Chancellor that shouldn’t have been called. That continued the Packers drive that got them their only touchdown.

    2.) The Seahawks played well enough to win that game. If the Packers had played better, it would have never came down to that last play.

    Bottom line is, there were many calls before the last play of the game that many people just seem to forget about.

  2. It would be a bummer if say they made it in over my Redskins cause of that one. But I wouldn’t hold a grudge against them if they did. It’s not their fault the refs blew the call and gave them a undeserved victory.

  3. Well, we all know the Seahawks should have one less win. Odds are, it’s going to matter to some team on the outside looking in when the playoffs start.

    Not that it really matters, though, as none of the teams that are on the outside looking in right now would be much of a factor, except for the Giants, who will still probably get in anyway.

    And fo reals, this seahawks team won’t win a playoff game on the road. It hasn’t happened in history, and a rookie QB isn’t going to change that.

    Packers/Falcons in the NFC Championship, the winner (probably the Packers) will end up winning the Super Bowl.

    The AFC is not good.

  4. Stupid article, I don’t give a crap what people say, the Hawks won that game. And they are playing as good as any team right now, so we deserve any playoff spot we get.

  5. Of course, all of this ignores the negative impact on the Packers that still exists. They will likely lose a first round bye as a result of the lunacy that took place in Week 3. Great reporting, as usual.

  6. funny you all have your panties in a bunch but ask the NFL what they did about the Super Bowl. All we got was Sorry…Had we got all the tue breakers and it would have boiled down to the GB game , I hope Paul Allen would of given the NFL a finger. I am sure the ref was just a Seahawk fan getting our due.

  7. Oh for the love of….

    You are aware, of course, that the 49ers currently hold a half-game lead for the #2 seed, which the Packers would have if they had won that game, right?

    If the Niners get the #2 seed by that half-game, will it be tainted, or is it “OK” since the Seahawks didn’t benefit?

    Regardless, there will be quite a few Packer fans cheering for the Seahawks to “make it right” next Sunday.

  8. Oh my god, the game was months ago and there are hundreds of plays and incorrect calls through out the year that have direct impact on results, let’s stop acting like this is the only one!

  9. This article really bothers me. As an avid Seahawks fan, I think they deserve a lot more credit than this article gives them. Yes, the “Fail Mary” was indeed a questionable call at best, but what isn’t mentioned in your story is that there were multiple “questionable” calls in that game and frankly I am so incredibly tired of hearing “the win they didn’t deserve.” Who knows what could and would have transpired if the game had been called correctly from the start. Too many people forget the 8 sacks on Rodgers in the first half.

  10. There have been plenty of other horrible calls by both regular and replacement officials that will probably affect the playoff seeding by the time everything is said and done. If the Seahawks manage to fight all the way to hosting the NFC championship game then good for them, they deserve it, ref debacle or not. Believe me I’ve got no love for the Hawks as a Rams fan in the Pacific Northwest, but they have been absolutely killing teams over the last couple weeks.

  11. Teams win games (or given momentum that leads to a win) they don’t deserve on bad ref calls all the time. This bad call just happened to come at the very conclusion of a MNF game with the whole world watching. Stop overblowing it. Let it go. It’s only 1 game out of a 16 game season.

  12. If the playoffs started today, your last claim would ALMOST be true. Say Seattle lost to Green Bay. That would make them 8-6, making a six-way tie between Seattle, Wash, Dallas, NY, Chicago and Minnesota.

    Washington would win the NFC East and the 4 seed. Dallas would eliminate NY based on divison record. Also, Minnesota would eliminate Chicago based on division record. It wouldn’t matter, because Seattle beat Dallas, Minnesota and Chicago this year.

    Utterly pointless analysis, but interesting nonetheless.

  13. After the Hawks beat the Niners next Sunday , and then go on to win playoff games , I wonder what they’ll use for an excuse then ?

    … ’cause – you know – every win the Hawks have had this year is all because of the Green Bay game , right ? How freakin’ pathetic that that’s even being discussed still .

    And when it comes to losing a game because of the ref’s , cry me a river people ; welcome to the damn club Packers !

    GO HAWKS !!

  14. What the league office should be more concerned with is the fact that Hochuli and his crew were as bad, and probably worse, then most of those replacement crews we had. The game was simply butchered from an officiating stand point.

  15. Lol,
    Ya, one bad call would “taint” a Seattle season.
    You must watch a different league, they would have to take away at least half of the last dozen superbowls if you even set the bar at a team needing 3 or 4 horrible calls to have gotten there.
    The patriots would have none of their rings, the pass interference they used to get to superbowls before they learned to mount their own offence relied on half a dozen bad calls A GAME lol

  16. The immaculate reception and the snow job were much more blatant cases of ref rigging. They both occurred in the playoffs and the 2 teams (Steelers and Pats) that were beneficiaries of the rigging went on to win the Super Bowl when they should have been eliminated in the divisional round. The chances of a regular season game in September essentially gift wrapping the Super Bowl to the Seahawks is slim and none.

  17. Everyone the World over knows about the DEBACLE of Week-3…but the Seahawks have since proven they belong.

  18. Excuse me.
    The Seahawks DID deserve the game in Week 3, they EARNED it.

    They outplayed the Packers in all facets of the game.
    The late touchdown was admittedly reviewed by 2 different sets of eyes at the game, and then by 3 different sets of eyes the following day……………all agreed with the Refs on field call.
    The Packers also got their TD thanks to a obviously bad call.
    GET OVER IT. Seattle beat them fair and square.
    Stop allowing the crying, whining Packer fans to cloud judgement.
    BTW, are these regular Refs doing a better job? N O!

  19. That tainted win by the Seahawks over the Packers may be the difference between a 2 and 3 seed for the 49ers.

  20. Like I have been saying, they don’t deserve even playoff opportunity because they were gift wrapped a win they didn’t earn.

  21. Writers’ rule #217- Never pass up an opportunity to use the phrase “lingering taint” in your sports column.

  22. Because the Seahawk Packer game was the only one ever in the history of the game that was effected by poor officiating. Thanks for reminding us about the one call officials got wrong this year. Seattle should turn in their cleats so everything can go back to being completely fair.

  23. What would be great is if the Seahags have to go visit the Packers while leaving their fake NFL referee allies at home this time.I have a feeling the Packers would exact some sweet revenge on Carroll ,Tate&company.

  24. Man you Seattle fans are delusional. That same drive that ended up with a fail mary had two other very bad calls. One was one of the worst pass interference.calls I’ve ever seen. It was actually offensive pass interference instead of defensive. Don’t worry though. The niners will make it all better by smashing your mouth next week.

  25. For the umpteenth time, stop whining about what happened in Week 3. The Packers benefited from a bad call in that game to set up a touchdown. Also, the Packers have benefited this season and for years from bad calls and even incorrect calls by officials that have impacted the game. Besides, the Seahawks have been playing a lot better games lately than the Packers and look like the better team heading into the playoffs. If those two square off at Lambaeu Field in January, my money is on the Seahawks.

  26. It wasn’t a catch, but its way over and done. Everybody that’s anybody knows its never the best team that wins the Super Bowl, it’s always the hottest team. So in the long-run, nobody really cares.

  27. The refs giving that game to the Packers is the best thing that could have happened to them.
    The refs have made every attempt possible to make up for that call ever since. Giving the packers the edge in several close games. Whether its the league telling them to do it or the refs doing it on their own is the only question.
    They would have won yesterday without the calls because they are a better team then the bears. But that was one of the most obviously rigged game of officiating I have seen since the seahawks/ pitt. superbowl.

  28. It’s hard to move on but there is nothing that can be done now. Both these teams will make the playoffs. I’m a Niner fan and they would already be NFC West champions if not for that game. The Packers still have a good chance to get the #2 seed. But the Hawks game aside, if the Pack really wanted the #2 seed, they should have beat the Niners week 1 in Green Bay.

  29. I respect the Seahawks fans who admit it was a bad call. Yes, they outplayed the Packers that whole game and it shouldn’t have come down to that, but it did.
    The fans who saw the play through neon green colored glasses who say it was a catch…you know nothing about football. At minimum it was the worse case of offensive pass interference in the history of the NFL, and in reality, it was not a case of simultaneous possession.
    The Seahawks look tough right now, I admit. They are a good team and I’m a fan of Wilson and Rice. All that being said, week three was a debacle.

  30. Didn’t anyone learn anything of temporal mechanics from Doc Brown? If you skew the timeline at a given point, all subsequent events are subject to change. Had the call been made correctly, there is no way of knowing if the Packers or Hawks seasons would have progressed the same way.

    Personally, I think a Packer team without a chip on their shoulder might not have gone down to Houston and won so handily. They often play their best when their backs are to the wall and people are doubting them. If they have a win vs Seattle at that time, they might not have been quite so motivated. And they might have lost.

    Maybe the Hawks would have used “the one that got away” as a motivator and been even better now.

    What happened in week 3 is ancient history. While it does have a bearing on the playoff picture now, it is a specious argument to say it is the only thing.

    But I guess stirring the pot is fun.

  31. Why are people in denial? Had the NFL said it wasn’t a catch but the result was final, this article would make sense. BUT, A BIG BUT – THE NFL SAID IT WAS A CATCH, and the refs called it right.

    Consider this – all the refs heard the NFL say that, so it means refs will call that play a catch from here on out.

    Move on – its a catch.

  32. That game is going to effect potential playoff seedings for the byes and who the last playoff team is – yeah, the NFL offices should be really happy with that.

  33. Wait…so does that mean the Packers NFC North Division crown is tainted because those Offensive Pass Interference calls on Alshon Jeffrey yesterday were horrendous!

    Just curious how Bears fans feel about that should they miss the playoffs by a game…

  34. What’s funnier than people who think it was a catch is Seahawks fans who think no one respects their team. Drop the “we don’t get no respect” act, OK?

  35. Look the Seahawk’s win and the Packers win out the Packers will be the number 2 seed. So a fail-mary or no fail-mary as a Packer fan I want the seahawks to win.

    That is all.

  36. Mr. Wright – The 49ers are 1/2 game ahead of the Packers. 2 wins the Packers are 12-4. 49ers will be 11-4-1 with 1 win and 1 loss. Packers will be the 2nd seed.

    Game over.

  37. Oh yeah, you’re counting on the 49ers losing to Arizona? I thought we were all informed enough here.

    You’re also counting on the Lions to beat the Falcons.

    You aren’t that bright.

  38. 9rs just need to lose 1 of 2 while the Pack win both… Falcons have the 1 seed, why do you think they need to lose to the Lions? You are Not That Bright my friend….

  39. Packer fans are only slightly less annoying than steeler fans. And this is coming from a guy who cares nothing about the NFC or some small market back water like green bay.

    You lost. Get over it.

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