Percy Harvin’s “minor surgery” was an appendectomy


On Saturday, Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin sent out a tweet saying that he was going to have “minor surgery.”

With Harvin out for the rest of the season thanks to an ankle injury, many people likely assumed that the procedure was related to his recovery from that injury. It turned out to have nothing to do with his ankle, however.

Ben Goessling of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that coach Leslie Frazier said after the game that Harvin needed to have an emergency appendectomy. While that certainly would have impacted his ability to remain on the field if he was otherwise healthy, it shouldn’t play any role in Harvin’s recovery from the ankle injury for next season.

The Vikings didn’t need Harvin to beat the Rams 36-22 on Sunday, lifting them to an 8-6 record and a playoff spot if the season ended today. It doesn’t, though, and they’ll need to find a way to win games against the Texans and Packers in order to advance to the postseason.

13 responses to “Percy Harvin’s “minor surgery” was an appendectomy

  1. He blew out his guts after carrying the team the fist 6 games. Let’s hope AP has had his appendix removed already.

  2. Harvin is the Farthest thing from a Bust I have ever seen!! I would argue when he is healthy he is the most dangerous player the Vikings have on the whole team!! Ya is said it, including AP!!

  3. As a Green Bay fan, there is no one I fear more on the Vikings than Harvin. Yes, more than famine, famine, famine, feast Adrian Peterson. Harvin can score in so many different ways.

    No way the Vikes let him go. They don’t have enough playmakers as it is.

    Here is what the Vikes SHOULD do this off-season: Trade with Seattle for Matt Flynn (a second round pick?) and sign free agent WR Jennings from the Packers. With those two, Harvin, and Peterson, the team would be a play-off contender for years.

    Thankfully, the Vikes seem committed to Ponder, so it will be T-Jack all over again for then next three years, until they start over again. Thank you, Rick Spielman.

  4. Harvin is a special talent, but after watching Randall Cobb the last two years, I would rather have him on my team than Harvin. He not only shows up for every game, he makes plays and he has a much better attitude.

  5. the last guy-the cheesehead, ha is right. Jennings would need a attitude adjustment. Why is carlson NOW catching passes? 5 mil this year for what? good lord. I’m afraid percy is gone, doesn’t wanna put up with this nonsense here in mn, especially ponder. That dang run into the endzone probably sealed ponder STAYING here. ick. Trade him and get a vet in here but no vick. flynn was hot as packers qb, did better than rodgers.

  6. Anyone who says they’d rather have Randall Cobb is a liar and a Packer Homer. Unreal. Cobb is the generic version of Percy Harvin – and Randall Cobb is a pretty damn good player.

  7. Percy Harvin, pain in the butt that he might be, is probably the best slot WR in the NFL right now. This is coming from an NFC east fan, so I have no bias whatsoever.

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