Pete Carroll joins PFT on NBC Sports Network

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The Seahawks took their knack for dropping 50 on their opponents international this weekend with a 50-17 thumping of the Bills in Toronto.

Erik Kuselias will have a conversation with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about what his team has been doing to gain a 108-17 edge over their opponents in the last two weeks. Big as those wins might have been, there’s no time to dwell on last week for Seattle. They’ve got the 49ers coming to town this weekend and we’ll find out what Carroll’s thinking about that matchup.

Mike Florio and Rodney Harrison will be on hand to catch you up on everything that happened around the league on Sunday. Some playoff pictures got clearer and others are muddier, but the crew will shake everything out to see where we stand after most of Week 15 has been played. There will be a look ahead to Monday night’s game between the Jets and Titans as well as a visit from NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos to discuss some of Sunday’s questionable calls.

It all gets going at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

28 responses to “Pete Carroll joins PFT on NBC Sports Network

  1. Raise your hand if you think this interview will have everything to do with the perfectly fair and legal fake punt that Seattle ran, and very little to do with how incredible it is that the Seahawks have dropped 50+ pts. two weeks in a row?

  2. Two consecutive weeks of running the score up when you’re ahead by 40-50 pts in second half…………who wants to listen to anything this scumbag has to say. I would much rather hear what the 31 other NFL coaches have to say about Petey boy.

  3. Thejuddsir: your an idiot. Carroll pulled starters in the 3rd vs arz and threw 9 times after that. This is a young team and deserves to get as many reps before the playoffs as possible. This isn’t the lay down league. Carroll was simply getting young guys some reps in a blowout. Get over it.

  4. To the “Hawks are running the score up” crowd: What are the Seahawks, or any team for that matter, supposed to do when the opponent is laying down on defense??

    The Cardinals didn’t even show up. The Bills did better but the game was out of hand by the second quarter. So, I ask you again, what is a team supposed to do in that case??? Do you just trot out there and give up some TD’s? Do you punt it on 1st down until the opponent actually produces some offense?

    These games were well out of hand early on in the game. And last I checked there are 60 minutes to be played in every game. And this is professional football. If one team, ANY team, can’t defend their endzone then they deserve to lose by as many points as the other team can put on the board.

    Seriously. How “classy” would it be for the Seahawks to punt it away on every first down of the second half?? And people are acting as if no one has ever run the score up on the Seahawks. It happens, and teams need to man up or get out of the game.

  5. The “Running up the score” business is lame. For starters, the Seahawks had their 5th and 6th string CB’s out there for this game. Sure the Bills aren’t great but they have Stevie Johnson and were routinely sending CJ spiller down the field. They had the potential to make a few big plays and get right back in this game until late in the 3rd quarter once Seattle was able to capitalize on a few turnovers.

    Secondly, Seattle had been practicing this punt fake during the week. if you spend time on a play you’d like to use it and not have your guys spending time on it for no reason. “special teams” is a group of players like O or D that practices plays all week and is expected to execute them.

    Third, the new CBA is such that teams like Seattle have already used up their allotment of “padded practices” all week. They are a win away from the playoff birth, so now is as good a time as any to practice things they want to against a live opponent. Don’t want to be treated like another team’s practice squad? Don’t play like another team’s practice squad.

    Lastly, I didn’t see much outcry when harbaugh and the ravens faked a field goal, but everyone hates Pete. Why? I don’t know. Some seem to think Pete is a terribel person because someone bought Reggie Bush a used car. It also really seems to irk people that Pete actually gets excited and celebrates with his team. But I’m really not sure the venom directed at Pete is really all that deserved.

  6. I am a Seahawks fan and a Pete Carroll fan. Nevertheless, going for the fake punt was a poor decision. Thank God, nobody else on this site has ever made a poor decision. Now scoring more-than-50 2 weeks in a row is an outstanding decision.

  7. All a “SMART” fan needs to do is look at the 28 point lead the 49ers blew in the 4th quarter against the Patriots………There is no quit in the NFL. You keep your foot on the gas pedal and you don’t let off until the game is over. PERIOD

  8. chiefpontiac, please remind us, exactly when is it acceptable for a team to go for a fake punt? Is that something that a team should only ever do when they are losing? Is there EVER a circumstance in which a team that is winning can go for a fake punt? Exactly when does it become “bush” to go for a fake punt?

    This is a competition sport. If you can’t compete then you should participate. If you can get the fake punt to work then go for it 10 times out of 10 regardless of score.

    And when it comes to wild card rankings points actually do matter after a few other criteria are calculated, so it actually has a football purpose to score lots of points. This is not college ball but there is a place and time for scoring as many points as possible in the NFL. But that’s besides the point. The point is no team should ease up on any other team.

  9. “It helps to play a couple really bad teams.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but there have been bad teams in the NFL for the last 60+ years, and this is the first time since then that a team has scored 50+ in two consecutive weeks.

    Did the seahawks just luck into playing the two worst teams in 60 years back to back?

  10. The Pete Carroll rhetoric grows tiresome. Take your complaints back upstairs to your mom. No one wants to hear them any more.

  11. You “running up the score” guys are clueless. It was an automatic call. That means if you get a certain formation in a certain down/distance situation, the play (in this case a fake punt) is run automatically, with no input from the sidelines. That’s exactly what happened on this play. The 11 guys came to the line of scrimmage, saw the exact situation, and ran the play that was called probably in Thursday’s game plan meetings. Carroll probably wasn’t even aware of the situation until it was run.

    This is today’s lesson in how the NFL actually works.

  12. Seahawks are the real deal – no doubt about it. A solid defense and a smart efficient mobile quarterback and a beast of a running back makes for a competitive football team.
    Having said that – Carroll is an arrogant jerk and he will lead this team to defeat. All you have to do was watch him after the Green Bay game – Understandable that he jumps around as if he won a superbowl but he couldnt even pretend to acknowledge the PI or the bad call after the fact. He just said – “yup, great play, great call, what a catch…”
    Mike McCarthy would have gone to the podium and said, “close calls are a part of football and I like how our football team hung in there and well, we were fortunate that in the end this one went our way. The Seahawks are a great football team…”
    Eventually, the Seahawks, just like USC, will regret they ever got in bed with Pete Shallow.

  13. “but he couldnt even pretend to acknowledge the PI or the bad call after the fact.”

    Listen, as a Seahawk fan I have dealt with a lot of bad calls going against the team I love. So let me help you out. You just have to deal with the reality of the situation. That’s all you can do.

    And as for the PI by Golden Tate during the “fail Mary”, no REF is going to call that. That is not a new thing that Tate “got away” with. There is pass interference on EVERY single hail mary. Like when kids play Fly-Up, you just claw, kick, push, and jump on each other until someone comes down with it. That’s how hail marys work. NO ONE EVER calls PI. It just doesn’t happen. If I were the REF I would have ruled it an interception. But I would not have called the PI. Because refs just don’t call that!

  14. All these fans of other teams need to quit whining, that gets old. Anything can happen in a game.. ie 49ers/ patriots you have to Keep playing to win. I’m sorry your little feelings got hurt, but it’s big boy football grow up!!! Your a bunch of little girls! Go hawks

  15. Going for a fake punt up 30 late in a blowout is bush. For the guys above who say they practice it all week so why not use it , is just plain dumb. They do it in that situation now they wont be able to use it when they could really use it.

    Running up the score, I dont have a problem with, but Pete cant contain himself, he has no patience and that is part of the reason he has mostly no success in the NFL

  16. In football there’s an offense and a defense. With that said the defense needs to stop the offense. That’s their job. I can’t stand when fans whine and cry that teams are running up the score. The offense’s job is to score get over it.

  17. The niners are comong to town, The hawks can use all the swagger they can get. I don’t care if thay faked a dozen punts as long as they win. And for all you nay sayers, how often does your women, or other fake it for you?

  18. I haven’t watched any of the last two seahawks games , But I just bet the Ref’s helped them out a bunch. After all the lost to GB and the ref’s gave them that game as well!!!!!!

  19. This fake punt when up by 30 wouldnt be so egregious if not for the fact that Pete Carroll cried like a baby when Stanford ran up the score on USC a few years ago. So to all the Hawks fans who dont know that tidbit of history, get educated first so you’ll realize why he is getting criticized.

  20. First, running up the score in the NFL doesn’t exist and for people to say that it does need to find a another sport to follow.

    Would the media and NFL followers be praising Pete if he would have punted the ball and J.Rogers returns it for a TD which gives the Bills a spark and they comeback and beat the Seahawks?

    I’d rather as an NFL coach have to explain why my team ran a fake punt in a certain situation instead of explaining why my team lost a game they were in complete control of to that point.

  21. As a Seahawks fan since day one I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we have had the score run up on us.

    Maybe it’s our turn.

    How sweet it is!!!

  22. I have suffered through all of the Seahawks coaches starting with Jack Patera. Pete is having fun and has made the Seahawks better. No they are not going far in the playoffs but they are much improved. So leave Pete the hell alone. As far as running up the score, the Seahawks have been on the wrong end of this game for years. Nice to be on the right side for a change.

  23. The scumbag of all scumbags, the leper of all lepers, Pete Carroll.

    You Seahawk fans that have aligned yourself with this turd just remember, you’ll be wearing his stink for a very long time after he’s gone.

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