Playing for Todd Haley in K.C. helped Brandon Carr get crucial pick

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When Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr stepped in front of a Ben Roethlisberger pass early in overtime on Sunday night, it set the Cowboys up for a win that vaulted them into a three-way scrum for the NFC East title.

It also might have been a message to Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley that it is time to change up some of the plays in the playbook he’s compiled over the years. Carr said after the game that he came up with the interception because of his familiarity with Haley’s tendencies while playing with the Chiefs while Haley was their head coach.

“I just stayed in my zone and I trusted myself this time. He made a throw behind, so I went and got the ball. I’ve been dealing with coach Haley for three years, so I finally got a chance to play against him. It worked out that some of his tendencies held true,” Carr said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It helped a lot just to know how a person thinks on the field. I had a chance to figure out how he thinks and how he’s going to attack me — know how he coached me up in Kansas City. Basically, it helped me play to my weaknesses and make them my strengths.”

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was critical of Haley’s play calling after the game, although he didn’t mention that particular call. It wasn’t the best throw in the world, but it probably would have been caught if Carr had stuck with the Cowboys’ intent to take away the deep ball. Carr made an educated guess on what Haley would call, though, and the Cowboys reaped the benefits.

21 responses to “Playing for Todd Haley in K.C. helped Brandon Carr get crucial pick

  1. im a cowboys fan and yes very much true about everyone having tendencies…..look at Jason Garret and the damn 3rd down draw! did anyone else see that coming?

  2. I thought Ben was suppose to go through his ‘reads’ and pick the best. Watching the replay cam behind Ben, a blind man could see the coverage and Ben should have gone to the 2 or 3 receiver then. On Ben, not the play call.

    Let me ask you this… Is every OC on every team going to make 100 good play calls?

    Come on man

  3. Haley’s tendencies didn’t have anything to do with the pick. Ben throwing the ball way behind the receiver at a crucial time in the game did.

  4. Still, the pass was behind Wallace making the play a littler easier for Carr. I recall the Chiefs said something about tendencies and knowing the play based on the formations the Steelers showed. Haley needs mix up his playbook and his play calling.

  5. He’s correct. Ben has thrown many late-game sideline interceptions this year attempting a comeback drive.

    Haley needs to go but he won’t. Steelers too chicken to make the move after 1 year.

  6. Lets see…. Ben was scrambling more in that game… duh the offense line is in what generation of alignment with all the injuries… come on man.

    Answer these questions:

    The Steelers got retired Bruce and we wanted to ‘re-establish’ the run game (after how many times do management say it the past couple years, got your ears on Bruce?). Have we re-established the run game?

    Ben (and Bruce) loved to golf and pick out some plays and then played backyard football, Ben loved to scramble and throw… getting knocked down a heck of a lot. Question.. Is Ben ‘standing’ much more this year?

    Then Haley has given BEN great numbers, kept him more healthy…

    Ben has shown his IMMATURE side. I hope his wife chews his butt out, like what good was that when the Steelers need the last two wins and ‘TEAM WORK”.

    Haley has done a MUCH BETTER JOB than Bruce and we all called for his head year and year.

    We need Wallace to catch better along with some other players improving….

    I don’t mind a transition year getting use to the new OC.

    I remember Bubby complaining.. until he through 4 TDs or was it 5 one game and then Hal luya ! Am i right?

  7. That pick was awesome. Not only did it lead to a steeler loss, it also gave the Ravens a 5th straight playoff birth. The pick could not have happened to a more deserving team or a more deserving player. 7-7 is so laughable and mediocre, I almost feel bad for this team, but I don’t. Baltimore is in, Pittsburgh is out, congrats on your middle tier draft pick. The ultimate sign of a lousy, under-performing season. Cheers!

  8. Playing for Haley had nothing to do with getting that pick. Big Ben just barely under through the ball, 9 times out of 10 he makes that pass and its a completion. Doesn’t really matter, two wins and the steelers are in the tournament and then its a brand new season.

  9. Give credit to Carr for being in position and making the catch, but the throw was clearly to the wrong side of the receiver.

  10. @citizenstrange …

    Last night’s pic has been bothering me all day, and now I know why–the Tracy Porter pic. My biggest complaint with BA was predictability–that’s the last thing I want from Haley.

    But that wasn’t the only problem. We wouldn’t have been in an OT situation if not for Antonio Brown’s butterfingers. When you watch the Pats overcome a 28-point deficit playing in sleet, but their receivers manage to keep their hands on the ball, it makes you wonder why our players can’t hold on in perfectly dry weather. Former Jets receiver Wayne Chrebet used to keep a football in his hands everywhere he went just to increase his surehandedness. That’s why he rarely dropped or fumbled during a game. It’s time our players started doing the same.

  11. Flacco’s 98 yard pic 6 was awesome ! Not only did the Ravens lose in dismal style, but Flacco looks exactly like a QB that’s never been to the Superbowl and never will ! Cheers !

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