Ravens putting Jameel McClain on IR with spinal contusion


At  this point, the Ravens don’t just need Ray Lewis to come back.

They might need Peter Boulware, Jamie Sharper, Duane Starks and Chris McAlister and several other old hands just to get them through the season.

After losing yesterday without four of their top five tacklers, they’re now without Jameel McClain for the season.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, they’re placing the inside linebacker on injured reserve with a a spinal contusion.

McClain didn’t play in yesterday’s loss to the Broncos, after injuring his neck against the Redskins the week before. Linebacker Dannell Ellerbe was also sidelined, leaving them incredibly thin inside.

Lewis is now eligible to return from IR/designated for return, but hasn’t been added to the active roster yet. If he comes back, there’s certainly a need for him, but it’s unclear when that will happen.

18 responses to “Ravens putting Jameel McClain on IR with spinal contusion

  1. 8 of 11 defensive starters are now injured yet they still have performed better than the steelers to earn a playoff birth. You must be proud Pittsburgh, 7-7, .500 winning percentage. Laughable.

  2. Cowboys are staying competitive with the injury report looking like a mash unit, stop the complaining already!

  3. He hurt himself trying to tackle Morris. He just bounced right off of him and onto the ground hurt.

  4. LOL I knew the Steelers would be Mentioned somewhere even though they have NOTHIN to do with the topic! #obsessed

  5. Poor Cam Camron..another NFL coach taken the bullet for a Elite Quarterback. New coach same results a “L” with 2 more on the menu.

  6. blackngold4life says: Dec 17, 2012 5:20 PM

    LOL I knew the Steelers would be Mentioned somewhere even though they have NOTHIN to do with the topic! #obsessed

    “Obsessed,” says the Steeler fan with multiple comments on a story that has NOTHING to do with the Steelers.

    Oooooh the irony.

  7. Geeez! How many guys are we gonna lose to injuries?!? At least for the ravens, a down year in which we are plagued with injuries, we still make the playoffs…

  8. Ravens are very likely lose to the Giants and then at the Bengals. Steelers are likely to win against the Bengals and the Browns. Result? Both end up 9-7. And Steelers win the conference.

    Raven fans are whistling quite loudly past the graveyard. And they know it. The writing was on the wall when they lost to the Steelers with Batch, a 3rd stringer, as QB.

    Flacco has a QB rating of 86.2. That is worse than Andy Dalton and Cam Newton.

  9. All these Ravens and Steelers fans crying and moaning about injuries…almost like they had no idea injuries are a part of football before they started to happen to their teams. Geez..

  10. Really wish Harbaugh would bring Nigel Carr up from the practice squad, but fear he’ll go FA for ILB instead

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